I will tell you what to bring from Montenegro to families, friends and colleagues. Find out what gifts and souvenirs from Montenegro are popular and how much they cost. The article will help you better prepare for choosing a gift.

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The choice of magnets in Montenegro is huge

Gifts and souvenirs from Montenegro: general points

If you have already read other articles on this topic, then you probably know that everyone recommends shopping in Montenegro, especially buying branded clothes and accessories from Italy at low prices.

Firstly, what does such shopping have to do with Montenegro? A leather belt can be brought from Turkey, Albania, Montenegro, Italy, and they will all come from the same factory.

Secondly: I often hear that shopping in Montenegro is very cheap. Yes, it is cheaper than in many countries. But you will see exactly the same prices in any European outlet.

Good to know

Proximity to Italy, and indeed to Europe in general, low import duties made shopping in Montenegro affordable. There are many European brands, outlets and so on.

And this article is about gifts and souvenirs that are somehow associated with Montenegro. Those that will remind you of this country, and that you can bring from here as a gift.

Souvenirs from Montenegro

If you look in general, then in Montenegro there are no unique souvenirs that would be typical only for this country. When you see a gift and say – yes, it’s definitely from Montenegro.

Here are some souvenirs available to tourists here:

  • Magnets: from 2 euro
  • Plates, key rings, bells: from 2 euros
  • T-shirts with Montenegro print: from 5 euros
  • Scarves, shopping bags and so on: from 5 euros

There are a number of souvenirs with national symbols supposedly handmade, but most of these are also produced in factories.

  • National clothes: from 10: euro
  • Gusli (musical instrument): from 7 euros
  • Montenegrin caps: this is perhaps the most national gift from the country. About 10-15 euros
gifts from montenegro
Kapa (cap) – this is what the national Montenegrin headdress looks like
  • Wooden crafts: from 5 euros
  • Textiles with national symbols
  • Religious objects: all possible bowls, candlesticks, crosses and even icons. Read more about religion in Montenegro at the link.

Actually, this is all that you can bring from gifts and souvenirs from Montenegro. On the one hand, there are many souvenir shops, but there are not so many unique things for this particular country. And you will choose among a million magnets.

Another thing is when it comes to food. Here is something to bring home. Food gifts are much more attractive than a fridge magnet.

Food gifts from Montenegro

Montenegro is a paradise for a gastrotourist. There is delicious food, large portions and all this from healthy and local products. And almost everything can be brought home. Write down:

  • Prsut (Balkan analogue of Spanish Jamon): from 10 euro/kg
    • And on the slope of Mount Lovcen is the village of Negusi, where every family sells home-made prosciutto. This is delicious. About the village of Negusi, how to get there, read the article: Lovcen National Park.
  • Cheeses (from goat, cow, sheep milk): from 4 EUR/kg
  • Olives/black olives: from 3 EUR/kg
  • Extra virgin olive oil: from 5 euros for 0.7l
  • Mountain honey: from 5 euros / jar 250gr
  • Aivar: from 3 euros / for a jar of 500g.
    • Ajvar is a sauce (condiment) made from roasted bell peppers. Sold in any store. Ajvar is served with grilled meat and bread.
    • Be careful: if you see “Luty Ajvar” on the label, it will be very spicy. Do not like spicy, just take Ajvar.
souvenirs from montenegro
The choice of ajvars in any store is huge

And all these products will easily reach home. Most of them are already sold in a vacuum.

Good to know:

I am often asked about Montenegrin cosmetics. I don’t know where tourists get their information from, but there are no cosmetics manufacturers here. The country is very small, only 600 thousand people and there is no cosmetics manufacturer. Almost all cosmetics are imported from Italy or Serbia. Most cosmetics are represented by the brands Bioderma, Eucerin, Uriage, Vichy, La Roche Posay and others. Often it is even more expensive than in other European countries.

And what could be better than food gifts from Montenegro? Of course, alcohol.

Souvenirs from Montenegro: local alcohol

There are no problems with alcohol. This is a great souvenir from Montenegro for families, colleagues and friends. Here, each local family makes their own brandy (rakia) and wine, however, you will not meet drunken locals, only tourists. Montenegrins know how to drink and when to stop.

So, what to bring from Montenegro – national alcohol:

  • Rakia (in simple words moonshine). It comes from grapes, pears, apples, raspberries, blackberries, and so on. From 8 euros for 0.5l
  • Wines. The national wine, which is produced from local grapes, is Vranac and Krstac.
    • Vranac – dry red
    • Krstac – dry white
    • Price per bottle – from 2.5 euros
what to bring from montenegro
Cheap wine is on the bottom shelf, in the center – Vranac Pro corde – already more expensive and tastes better.
  • Gorki list: herbal liqueur 40%.
  • Pelinkovac: Another herbal liqueur, similar to Jägermeister, also strong.
  • Beer. From 0.5 euros for 0.5 liters. There is one local producer in the country – Niksicko. And they only brew regular pale filtered euro lager. So if you want variety, then buy imported beer. It is priced at 1 euro per 0.33l.

Details about wines, beer and other alcohol in Montenegro in the article at the link. There you will also find out why a tourist cannot buy beer in a glass bottle.

In conclusion: what to bring from Montenegro as a gift to families and friends is not a difficult question. Souvenirs from Montenegro are not very diverse. But most often, guests of the country bring home Montenegrin prsut, olive oil and local alcohol.

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