For those who need a one-word answer to the question: what sea in Montenegro, then you know – the Adriatic. The same sea washes the shores of not only Montenegro, but also Croatia, the northern part of Albania and the eastern coast of Italy and a very small part of Slovenia. The Adriatic Sea is the water area of the Mediterranean Sea. Read on for this short article and you may find out more.

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montenegro sea
The Adriatic is a relatively calm sea, without big waves on the coast. And as in the photo – the beaches are mostly pebbly.

What sea in Montenegro: general information

You will be surprised, but according to Google data, almost 9,000 people search for information on this query every month. Some believe that Montenegro is washed by several seas. In fact, the entire coastline of the country, about 200 km long, is washed only by the Adriatic Sea.

At the same time, the coast is divided into two different zones, both climatic and resort. The beaches on each of them are different. Below are the two zones:

  • Boka Kotorska Bay and all the cities that are located on the coast of the bay
  • The rest of the coast from Budva to Ulcinj and the island of Ada Bojana

What are the differences in these zones, what is the weather, water temperature – you will read in detailed articles on the links below:

seas in montenegro
View from the observation deck to the Bay of Kotor. Along the coast – cities and villages

Good to know:

I want to note that the Adriatic Sea in general and near the coast of Montenegro in particular is distinguished by water transparency up to 60 meters and a turquoise color.

Features of the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro

With the question of what sea in Montenegro, we figured it out. Let’s talk a little about the beaches and the coastline. Those who have already been to the coast of Croatia can say that the beaches and the coastline are very similar. It’s hard to tell right away what country you’re in.

Coastline in Montenegro

The coastline is almost all indented, rocky. The mountains come close to the Adriatic Sea on almost the entire coast of the country. There are two small flat areas where the resort towns of Budva and Bar are located.

A lot of Mediterranean conifers and olives grow along the coast.

where is the sea in montenegro
This photo represents the Adriatic. Rocks, needles, transparent azure sea and medieval architecture

Most of the coastline is occupied by steep cliffs. Many places can only be reached by boat from the sea. At the same time, there is an excellent road along the coast, which runs from Ulcinj in the very south to Herceg Novi in the north.

Sea in Montenegro: the beaches

If you look in general, then in Montenegro there is a problem with the beaches. This is the Adriatic, and here’s what you need to know about it (by the way, everything is the same in Croatia)

  • There are very few sandy beaches in the country. Sandy beaches are more common in the south of Montenegro.
  • All beaches are pebbly. Moreover, the pebbles are of various sizes. Or concrete slabs in large cities. These two types of beaches occupy probably 90%. Another 10% are sandy: coarse dark sand, often mixed with small pebbles.

Good to know:

I know that there are many who like sandy beaches, because it is more comfortable (softer) to lie on the sand. But I personally prefer pebbles. Because you never bring sand on your shoes to a hotel room, there will be no sand in your clothes either. And the sea is always clean and transparent.
Where is montenegro
The beaches within the Bay of Kotor are all the same. In summer, hundreds of people sunbathe here.

The standard length of the beach in the Bay of Kotor is 30-50 meters. From Budva and to the south, there are already beaches and 300 meters long. But most are still quite small.

The largest beach in Montenegro is located in the very south of the country on the border with Albania. It is called Velika Pla┼ża (Big Beach). Its length is 13 km.

Sea in Montenegro: popular resorts

Each resort has its pros and cons. I personally have not found the perfect one for myself. Below is a summary of the features of the main resort towns (from north to south):

  • Herceg Novi: here and in all other cities of the Bay of Kotor there is no beach (there are concrete slabs). You will sunbathe where it will be convenient in urban conditions.
  • Kotor: the same as Herceg Novi, in addition, 1-3 cruise ships sail here daily in the summer. Each has 1.5 thousand tourists and they all go for a walk in the center in the old city. Lots of people, high prices.
  • Tivat: just drive by
  • Budva: perhaps the largest city on the Montenegrin coast. And the most popular resort among tourists. There is excellent infrastructure and already good beaches by Montenegrin standards. But during the season there are just crowds of tourists.
  • Bar: a port city where all cargo ships from Italy arrive. And the main railway station of the country is also here. The beach here is three points out of five.
  • Ulcinj: as for me the most ideal city and beach. However, it is far away, many sights are far to go. From the airport, especially Tivat – almost 2 hours drive.
beaches in montenegro
And this is the central beach of Ulcinj. The photo was taken in November, so there are few tourists.

For details about choosing a resort and where it is better for a tourist to spend a vacation with all the pros and cons, read the article at the link.

Travel Tips

This is a general article that was supposed to give you only a general idea and answer a question about the sea in Montenegro. More detailed information is on the links above.

Good to know:

If we compare all the seas of the Mediterranean basin in terms of water temperature, then the Adriatic Sea will not be the warmest sea. Since the sea is deep enough, there are no warm currents, the coast is rocky and steep, the water warms up slightly during the day. And icy mountain springs, streams and rivers flow into the sea from the mountains.

In conclusion: I hope you not only got an answer to the question of what sea in Montenegro, but also learned a little more about the beaches, resorts and coastline of this country. And now you know what to expect on vacation.

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