This topic isn’t widely discussed in society, but nudist beaches in Montenegro exist. If you’re interested, you can find them along the entire Adriatic coast. The main visitors to Montenegro’s nudist beaches are Germans, French, many Serbs, with almost 99% being European tourists. But there are hardly any locals. Below is a brief overview of this interesting topic.

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nudist beaches in Montenegro
There are plenty of secluded spots for clothing-optional relaxation in Montenegro, but there’s only one official nudist beach.

Nudist beaches in Montenegro: general information

Here’s a quick overview to give you a clear picture

  • There aren’t many nudist beaches in Montenegro, and there are also few tourists who come here specifically for this purpose.
  • There’s only one officially registered and equipped nudist beach: Ada Bojana in the south of the country. A review of this beach will be provided later in the article.
  • All other beaches are just small patches of land, on rocks, in secluded places where there are simply no tourists.
  • Often, there isn’t even access to the water. And since there are no tourists here, nudists started frequenting these spots.

It’s important to know:

Montenegro is a small country, yet it receives over 3 million tourists annually. During peak season, all beaches are overcrowded. Finding a secluded cove or a small beach is impossible unless it’s private.

When considering only nudist beaches in Montenegro, neighboring Croatia surpasses it. There are many more such beaches there, some of which are official nudist zones, hence more nudist tourists.

nudist montenegro
Nudists love to relax on such rocky shores, which are common in Montenegro and Croatia. Regular tourists don’t come here, and families with children don’t visit these places.

Good to know:

Another reason for the limited development of nudist beaches in Montenegro is religion. Firstly, Montenegrins are a very religious nation. Secondly, almost 20% of the population here adhere to Islam. While all religions coexist peacefully without any tension, Muslim women cannot go out without covering their heads, so talking about nudism among locals is unlikely.
  • Interesting fact: The main nudist beach in Montenegro is located in the most Muslim region of the country, near Ulcinj. Here, over 50% of the residents are Muslims. This is all you need to know about tolerance towards others.

TOP 5 nudist beaches in Montenegro: map

Below is a map of nudist beaches, it’s likely not exhaustive, but definitely the most well-known ones, where it’s more than just a rocky piece but something resembling a beach.

Pay attention to beaches like:

  • Buljarica near Petrovac. This is the country’s second-longest beach, over 2.5 km long. Towards the end of the beach, there’s an unofficial nudist section, where there are always few people, and families with children don’t come here.
  • Crvena Glavica, or Red Head. This beach has a reddish hue to its sand and pebbles. From this beach, it’s very close to Montenegro’s postcard attraction: the island of Sveti Stefan. You can walk there, but only clothed :).

Good to know:

Often, reviews claim that Yaz Beach near Budva and one of the beaches in Herceg Novi are nudist-friendly. I’ve been there many times; these are large, crowded beaches in popular tourist towns. There are no nudist beaches there. Well, technically, there is one on Yaz Beach, but to reach the supposed nudist beach, you have to scramble a kilometer over rocks. Tourists don’t usually go there anyway.

Ada Bojana – the main resort for nudists in the country

ada bojana montenegro nudist beach
This is Ada Bojana Island, and almost the entire beach is nudist. And on the horizon, beyond the distant river, lies Albania.

Let me tell you a bit about the country’s main nudist beach, which unlike all others, has an official status. It’s the only beach where I’ve seen signs prohibiting clothing.

Ada Bojana is a 2.5 by 2.5 km island located at the southernmost tip of the country. There’s nothing further south; the island’s southern border marks the border with Albania. On Ada Bojana Island, you’ll find

  • Hotel
  • Mini market only open during high season
  • Auto camp for nudists.
  • And a 2 km long beach. There’s a section of the beach for non-nudists. But the majority of the beach is clothing-optional.
  • Important: Ada Bojana Beach is sandy along its entire length! There aren’t many completely sandy beaches in Montenegro.
nudist village in montenegro
Sometimes people ask me where the nudist village in Montenegro is: here it is, on Ada Bojana Island.

Good to know:

Though people primarily come to the hotel and the campsite for clothing-optional relaxation, everyone walks around clothed on their premises. Only the beach is nudist.

A detailed review of Ulcinj, the island of Ada Bojana, its pros and cons, how much it costs to enter the island, and how to get in for free, read the article in the link. (Spoiler alert: Entrance to Ada Bojana Island costs 3 euros, but it’s very easy to get here for free)

In conclusion: nudist beaches in Montenegro exist. There aren’t many, and most of them can hardly be called beaches. But if you’re looking for a tan without tan lines, you’ll find it here. And those tourists who specifically seek clothing-optional relaxation come to Ada Bojana, the main nudist beach in Montenegro.

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