I’ll tell you about all Montenegro airports. You will learn a lot of useful information, IATA codes, an online timetable of departures and arrivals, and infrastructure inside airports. There will be information about transfers and taxis, as well as public transport and much more.

Table of contents:

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Podgorica airport
If you want to get from Belgrade to Montenegro, you can fly on a propeller plane as in this photo. The flight lasts only 50 minutes

Montenegro airports: general information

Let’s start with the fact that Montenegro is a very small country, and even the presence of two international airports is very surprising. And when you know their workload and the distance from each other, you understand that one would be enough.

Below are the general points:

  • Tivat Airport is located right on the coast, in the Bay of Kotor, 3 km from the city of Tivat.
  • By the way, the famous Budva on the Adriatic Sea is only 20 km away.
  • The distance between the two airports is only 70 km.

Good to know:

It doesn’t matter which airport you fly into. The country is small, airports are close to each other. You can get in 2 hours from any of these two airports to any point on the Montenegrin coast, even the most remote.

Where is it better to spend your holidays and which seaside resort to choose.

Podgorica International Airport

  • IATA code: TDG
  • Built in 1961
  • It accepts flights from neighboring countries, European low-cost airlines and tourist charters.
  • Most daily flights to Podgorica airport: from Istanbul and Belgrade.
  • Official site: montenegroairports.com/en/
  • The online timetable of departures and arrivals is at the same link.
  • Airport coordinates on the map: 42.36778955673737, 19.246601669757734
montenegro city airport
Podgorica Airport is quite small

Podgorica Airport is a very small one-story building. There are no large departure lounges and duty free areas. The airport is similar to smaller airports in Europe. For example Kaunas in Lithuania or Nis in Serbia. If 2-3 large planes land at the same time, there will be a collapse at passport control.

How to get from Podgorica airport

There are 3 options:

  • Bus: 6 trips a day with an interval of one and a half to three hours. First one at 8 am, last one at 8 pm. Stop right next to the entrance to the airport. Ticket price: a little less than 3 euros, you can buy from the driver.
  • Train: 6-8 trips per day depending on the season. Runs along the route Podgorica – Bar. You can go in any direction.
    • The railway station is called Aerodrom. Located 800 meters from the entrance to the airport.
    • Station coordinates: 42.36532926390265, 19.234507444379783
    • The station is a lonely stop. There is nothing else here, but the trains are stopping. Tickets can be bought on the train from the conductor.
    • It takes 13 minutes to the central railway station in Podgorica.
    • Less than an hour to Bar
    • The ticket costs: 3.6 euros.
    • There is a schedule, but it’s not kept.
podgorica montenegro airport
And this railway station is 800 meters from the airport. First impression is that it is abandoned.

Good to know:

Buses and trains do not keep the schedule. Trains are often 20 minutes or more late.

In fact, the train and bus are suitable for individual tourists (solo travelers) or those who want to save money. If you are traveling with three or four people, it is more profitable to take a taxi. Taxi is the most convenient option to get to the city.

A taxi from Podgorica airport to the city center costs 20 euros per car. But 20 euros is the starting price. If you know how to bargain, then you will go for 15. And the locals say that the best price from the airport is 10 euros.

  • I advise you to order a transfer from Podgorica airport on this service using the link. Prices are cheaper than negotiating with a taxi driver on the spot, while they meet you with a sign with your name.

Tivat International Airport

  • IATA code: TIV
  • Year of construction: 1957
  • Accepts flights from neighboring countries and European low-cost airlines
  • Official website, as well as the timetable of departure and arrival at the link: montenegroairports.com/en/tivat-airport/

In general, the airport is the same size, number of flights and infrastructure as Podgorica airport. Montenegro Airports are very similar to each other. You do not need to arrive here 3-4 hours before your flight. There is simply nothing to do here for so long.

montenegro airport
Montenegro Airports: in the photo is the baggage claim hall, it occupies almost half of the building.

Here it is still more difficult with transport to the city. There are two options: taxis and buses. Buses do not stop at the airport, but simply go along the road near the airport. If you leave Tivat airport, then 100 meters from the main entrance there is a busy highway: to the left – towards Tivat, to the right – towards Budva, Kotor and the rest of the coast.

Buses run along this route. The main carrier in this region is Blue line, these buses run near Tivat airport. You can stop the bus with a wave of your hand, you can buy a ticket from the driver.

Do not forget that buses run only during the daytime, approximately from 7 am to 8 pm.

For tourists, the easiest option is a taxi. Prices depend on the city where you need:

  • You can go to Tivat or Kotor for 15 euros
  • To Budva for 30.
  • And what is further from Budva – from 30.
  • You can find an official taxi at airport prices on the international service at the link.

Montenegro Airports : Travel Tips

If you are thinking which airport is better to fly to so that it is more convenient to get to your resort, then take tickets for a much cheaper or faster flight. Give the money you save to a taxi. And you will reach any corner on the Montenegrin coast in 1-2 hours maximum


I advise you to travel by bus or train only if you: travel without luggage, arrive in the afternoon, and you have a lot of time. Since this is not only the cheapest way to get from / to Montenegro airports, but also the slowest.

Duty free shops in Montenegro airports are very small, and the prices there are high. Therefore, do not wait until the end of the holiday, buy gifts in advance.

In conclusion: Montenegro airports are only two air harbors of decent size. However, they are both international and receive flights from almost all of Europe. The easiest way to get here is with a connection at Belgrade Airport. Every day there are about 10 flights from Belgrade to Montenegro.

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