A great overview of mobile communications, where to buy SIM cards and Internet in Montenegro for a tourist. There will be a lot of useful information about mobile operators, about rates and packages, there will be tips and tricks.

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SIM card with 500 GB of Internet – mobile operator One

Mobile communication and Internet in Montenegro: general points

It’s evident that today, the internet serves as a vital means of communication. While a decade ago, we might have switched off our phones and embraced a tech-free travel experience, nowadays it’s nearly impossible to do so. Whether it’s Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, or other essentials, connectivity is a must even during vacations.

Below, you’ll discover key scenarios in which having internet access in Montenegro will greatly simplify your experience:

  • Many cities allow parking payment through SMS using a local SIM card. This article covers everything related to car rental, traffic regulations, parking guidelines, and potential pitfalls.
  • While traversing the country and moving between cities, you’ll require internet connectivity to communicate with apartment owners, confirm addresses, and tackle any household issues that arise.
  • Book a taxi through a messenger or a website. All about taxi and transfer in Montenegro.
  • Access opening hours, prices, menus, and more for supermarkets and cafes with the help of the internet, predominantly through Google.
  • Chat with a doctor. Now there are insurance policies with the service of an online doctor by video call 24/7. The Internet will help to contact the doctor in a non-emergency before visiting the clinic.

Furthermore, it’s rare to encounter tourists in Montenegro nowadays who opt out of utilizing internet and mobile communication services.

Good to know:

Montenegro currently features three mobile operators: One (formerly Telenor), T-mobile, and M:tel.
sim card store montenegro
In such a store you will definitely buy a SIM card with the Internet in Montenegro

All three operators cover over 98% of Montenegro’s territory, boasting 4G (LTE) coverage in urban areas. The internet speed and communication quality from each operator are nearly indistinguishable.

For a tourist visiting for a two-week period, any operator can be a suitable choice. Now, let’s delve into the details of tariffs and pricing.

Complimentary Internet Access

In line with European standards, Montenegro experiences no significant hurdles in providing widespread internet access. If you don’t require constant online presence but rather intend to catch up on news once a day, a SIM card might not be necessary. You’ll conveniently find free internet in several places:

  • Hotels or apartments. Today, Wi-Fi is as essential an amenity as a comfortable bed or a kettle in various types of accommodations.
  • In almost every restaurant or cafĂ©.


If you’ll be stationed in one city throughout your vacation, consider visiting multiple cafes or eateries within the first few days. Sip coffee in one, have lunch in another, dine at a third, and connect to the Wi-Fi in each. In a couple of days, you’ll have internet coverage across most of the beach area or around your lodgings. Montenegrin cafes tend not to change their Wi-Fi passwords for years.
  • In larger cities like Bar, designated zones offer free city Wi-Fi in the city center. While the speed may be limited and quality less optimal, it can come in handy when needed.
internet in montenegro operators
M:tel communication store, rates for tourists are exactly the same as One

International and virtual SIM card in Montenegro

Drimsim International SIM card

An international, universal SIM card that functions across 190 countries worldwide is available. While not tied to any specific operator, this card provides preferential rates in all countries.

Naturally, a local operator’s SIM card might be more budget-friendly, but this international option is considerably cheaper than the roaming charges of home operators.

This SIM card is known as DRIMSIM. Its key advantages, which have come to my aid multiple times (I solely use it for travel), include:

  • You can order a SIM card with delivery, or you can even buy an e-sim
  • No subscription fee. Load 10 EUR into your account, and it remains there indefinitely until used up, with payment solely for utilized data.
  • No expiration date for the SIM card; it remains active for 5 to 20 years.
  • DrimSim automatically connects to networks upon insertion.
  • A particularly beneficial feature: the moment your plane lands, you’ll have internet in a new country. This allows for immediate taxi bookings and communication with friends and family. No need to search for a telecom store or navigate SIM card purchases in a foreign land.

Most importantly, the price for 1 MB in Montenegro is a mere 0.015 euros for Drimsim. 100MB costs just 1.5 euros. This makes it a fantastic choice if you’re not seeking extensive YouTube use but rather wish to stay in touch and sporadically check your email.

drimsim in montenegro
Great offer for those who do not need a lot of Internet

Airalo eSIM

This option is cheaper than DrimSim, but it has its own peculiarities.

Getting Internet in Montenegro from Local Operators: Purchasing and Activation

Let’s delve into the details here. We’ll break them down for better understanding:

  • All three operators within the country adhere to the same state regulations.
  • Buying a SIM card requires a passport; all SIM cards must be registered.
  • Tourists can only access prepaid packages. These operate solely on full prepayment, ensuring no negative balance. If the balance is depleted or the package expires, services cease. No need to deactivate these SIM cards upon returning home; you can simply discard them.


Notably, you can acquire a SIM card from any Montenegrin operator either at their official stores or at kiosks known as “Tobacco Press.”
internet in montenegro
In these kiosks, you’ll find SIM cards from all three Montenegrin operators, as indicated by the yellow highlights in the images.

And here is one thing:

  • Telecom operator stores are relatively scarce across the country, usually situated in major cities with just one store per operator. These establishments often see long queues.
  • However, purchasing a SIM card from such a store ensures proper adherence to regulations, including immediate input of passport data into the operator’s system.
  • Conversely, buying from a newsstand (abundantly present in every city) is more straightforward. They offer SIM cards from all three operators, but these are unregistered. The seller must record your passport details, create a copy, and submit it to the operator within 7 days for inclusion in the system. Failure to do so results in the SIM card deactivating after 7 days of activation.
    • To reactivate it, you’ll need to visit the operator’s store with your passport or acquire a new SIM card.
Tip: When purchasing from a newsstand, stress the importance of registering your data with the operator to the seller. Some kiosk sellers might overlook, forget, or opt not to send data to the operator.

Internet in Montenegro: packages and pricing

Now, let’s explore tariffs and prices. The landscape is straightforward, and differences are minimal. My personal preference is the One operator, which I consistently opt for during my Montenegro trips.

Key Points:

  • All operators offer tariffs for 7, 15, and 30 calendar days.
  • Hotspot functionality allows sharing internet traffic with other devices.
  • Packages: 500GB – 1TB.
  • Every summer, all three operators introduce promotions and tourist-specific tariffs, typically featuring comparable prices and traffic volumes.
  • In 2024, all operators offer:
    • 500GB for 7 days at 10 Euro.
    • 500GB for 15 days at 15 Euro.
    • 1TB for 30 days at 20 Euro.
where to buy a sim card in montenegro
Even in such a tiny kiosk you will be connected to the Internet in Montenegro. These stalls are all over the country.

Travel Tips

  • Opt for a SIM card from any operator. If given the choice, One operator is a better bet.
  • If you come across an operator’s store, purchase your SIM card there. However, don’t waste time searching for a store; buying from a newsstand yields the same prices.
  • Make sure to remind the newsstand seller to transmit your passport data to the operator and retain a record. Neglecting this step leads to SIM card deactivation within 7 days.
  • A single One SIM card can suffice for the entire family, with leftover traffic from the package.
  • I recommend an article for those who are going here on vacation: general facts about Montenegro

In Conclusion: Mobile communication and internet access in Montenegro are now more accessible than ever. Cost-effective, excellent communication quality prevails across all operators, even in mountainous regions. Generous internet allocations are standard in packages. Denying yourself a local SIM card purchase holds little merit.

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