A general article about tourism in Montenegro, about travel trends, what a tourist can expect from this country and what to be prepared for. There will be a lot of useful information that will help you get an overall picture of your future holiday. The article is first of all for those who have never been to Montenegro and know little about it.

Table of contents:

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tourism in montenegro
Montenegro has both the sea and the mountains and all this is nearby. Perfect match. In the center of the photo – the town of Becici on the coast.

Tourism in Montenegro: general points

  • Montenegro is a small mountainous country on the Balkan Peninsula with access to the Adriatic Sea. Why mountain and not beach? Because more than 80% of the country is mountains. There are many of them, they are beautiful. There are many amazing roads and hiking trails.
  • Official currency – Euro, which is very convenient
  • Tourists are absolutely safe here. In the article on the link you will find more information about travel safety in Montenegro, about pickpockets, car thefts and what you need to be prepared for.

Important point:

Although the country is small, traveling around Montenegro without a car is very difficult. And public transport is well developed only along the coast. According to statistics from the Ministry of Tourism in Montenegro, more than 70% of all tourists travel around the country in a private or rental car.

In Montenegro – excellent and almost free roads, polite local drivers, low traffic. The police, who rarely bother tourists, good prices and small deposits for car rental – all this makes car rental a must for every tourist. Especially for those who never did it abroad. Montenegro is the perfect place for your first car rental.

tourism in montenegro types
There is no public transport to these places. You can get here only by car. Pictured is the mountain pass Sedlo in Montenegro.

And one more important point: types of accommodation in Montenegro. In the article on the link you will find not only where you can stay in Montenegro, but also what to expect and how to prepare for this. Since some features will be in 99% of hotels and apartments.

Tourism in Montenegro: Travel trends and types of recreation

There is an interesting point here. Most of those who plan their trip to Montenegro initially come here only for a beach holiday. Everyone wants to go to the sea, and choose countries for vacations because of the warm and beautiful sea to swim and sunbathe on the beach.

And when they have already chosen Montenegro, tourists begin to read more information about the country to find out what else they can see besides the beaches.

  • A detailed large article: TOP 25 of the most famous sights of the country, with a map, prices and the author’s personal assessment of visiting or not. After this article, you will understand what you want to visit, where it is, whether you need a car. And now you can make your own itinerary and vacation plan.

And now I’ll tell you about tourism in Montenegro and travel trends, what type of recreation is here, why do tourists come here at all:

  • Beach holiday. 200 km of coastline and a huge number of beaches and resorts, clear azure sea, 300+ sunny days a year.
beach holidays in montenegro
The beaches in the country are good, especially in November when there is no one here.
  • Cultural and historical tourism. The history of Montenegro has more than 3000 years. There are a huge number of medieval attractions in excellent condition. For example the old city of Kotor or Budva. And there are a huge number of excursion routes.
montenegro sea vacation
In the old town of Kotor or Budva, such views open around every corner. Many tourists completely forget that they came to the sea, and spend days walking around the cities.
  • Holidays in Montenegro in the mountains. In the country, 4 out of 5 national parks are located in the mountains. The picture that opens before your eyes when you visit these parks is amazing. Hundreds of routes in different parts of the country are available to lovers of mountain trekking and hiking. For example, in the Prokletije mountains or Durmitor park. You need at least 5 days to visit only the main attractions of Montenegro in the mountains.
montenegro vacation
This is certainly not a beach and not a beach holiday. But there are travelers who prefer such a holiday in the mountains to a beach holiday. Pictured is Durmitor Park and Black Lake.
  • Religious tourism and tours of monasteries and temples. 3000 years of history, of course, have left their mark on the religious life of Montenegro. There are a huge number of shrines, where thousands of pilgrims travel every year. For example, to the Ostrog Monastery, which was built right in a sheer rock.
holidays montenegro tour with flight
Ostrog Monastery is a landmark of Montenegro.
  • And tourism in Montenegro on the sea and in the mountains also means food tourism. National cuisine of Montenegro is beyond praise: a lot of vegetables and meat, large portions. I recommend tasting chevapas or grilled plescavica.
vacations in montenegro
Such a portion of cevaps (500g of beef) costs an average of 6-8 euros. It’s delicious.
  • Montenegro is one of the largest centers of yacht tourism on the Adriatic coast. Here you can rent a yacht with a captain not only for a couple of hours or a day, but for a whole week, for a very reasonable price, and sail away to the uninhabited islands. And anyone can afford it.
holidays in montenegro on the sea coast
It is not necessary to rent a 40 meter yacht for a million dollars. Here is a 10-meter yacht as in the photo, everyone can afford for 3-5 days.

You have already understood that tourism in Montenegro is not only a beach holiday. The vast majority of travelers combine several options. Sunbathing for two whole weeks on the beach is still quite tiring 🙂

Some people live near the same beach for two weeks of their vacation and go there every day to sunbathe as if they were going to work. And someone will travel the whole country in two weeks: they will go to sea on a yacht for three days, spend five days hiking in the mountains and only 6 days on the beach. What kind of holiday in Montenegro you choose – it’s up to you.

Tourism in Montenegro: winter or high season?

It is brief here, since there is a large review article on this topic: Montenegro in winter.

But in short, then:

  • Tourists come to Montenegro for holidays even in winter. Not as many as in summer, but often this is a great advantage. Prices are low, there are no crowds of tourists anywhere.
  • You probably won’t be able to swim in the sea and sunbathe. But in winter it is a great sightseeing vacation.
  • There are ski resorts in the mountains.
  • On the coast in the winter months the temperature is 10-15 degrees Celsius. It can get colder, but it doesn’t go below zero.
  • The low season is from November to March. There are very few tourists at this time.
  • But the high season when all the beaches are crowded is July and August.
  • The best month for a vacation in Montenegro for us is September. Still real summer, the water in the sea is warm, but there are much fewer tourists than in August. Since the school had already begun and families with children went home.
  • All about holidays in Montenegro with children.
montenegro beach holidays in winter
While on the coast the air temperature is +15, there can be so much snow in the mountains of Montenegro

Prices for holidays in Montenegro with a flight and not only

And of course, the most important question is what is the budget for holidays in Montenegro.

It’s important to know:

As of 2024, everyone understands perfectly the events of the last four years that have taken place in the world. Today, travel affordability and ticket prices have changed a lot. It has become more difficult for some travelers to get to Montenegro. And ticket prices and tours have risen in price.

Below are three articles that answer your question in great detail:

  • Tickets from European cities to Montenegro, prices, best route. If very briefly:
    • There are both direct flights (from London low-cost airline). Same with short stops in Budapest for example. And most of all daily flights to Montenegrin airports from Istanbul and Belgrade.
    • Prices for round-trip tickets for 1 person with luggage start at 100 euros (low cost, direct flight). But most often the flight for 1 person will cost 200-250 euros.
  • Holiday budget in Montenegro for two. Find out how much money to take with you and what expenses await you. How much will you spend on dinners in restaurants, and how much on sightseeing and trips to the mountains.
  • And for those who are looking for a package tour to Montenegro. Prices, where to look, what to expect from a package tour, a lot of tips and advice.
    • In 2024, a tour for two for 8-10 days to a 4 * hotel with high ratings will cost about 1500 euros. This price includes flights.
holidays in montenegro tours
4* hotel in Budva overlooking the old town. You can only get here with a package tour. So tours also have advantages.

Travel tips

Travel trends in Montenegro today are as follows:

  • Every year the country is visited by about 3 million tourists. The number of package and independent tourists is approximately the same. It doesn’t matter if you buy a ready-made tour or organize your own trip. Both options are open to everyone.
  • No matter how much I talk about the benefits of a holiday in the mountains, we all understand that most tourists come to Montenegro for a beach holiday. But how many days of your entire vacation you will spend on the coast is up to you.


Holidays in Montenegro are wonderful. It is safe here, no one looks at the tourist as a moneybag. There are no African refugees, illegal immigrants. Excellent climate and insanely beautiful sea and mountains.

In conclusion: holidays in Montenegro by the sea will not disappoint you. Sea, sand (or pebbles), sun, delicious food, cheap alcohol, mountains and a huge number of interesting sights throughout the country. Montenegro has only one drawback – there are a lot of tourists in the high season.

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    • Agoda – even more accommodation options in Montenegro
  • Tours, excursions and activities (including extreme ones):
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    • Viator – 780+ excursions and activities throughout the country
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