One of the most useful articles for any traveler. Find out what prices in Montenegro for different categories of goods and services that tourists are interested in. I’ll tell you about food, alcohol, prices in cafes and restaurants, transport, excursions and much more.

From the article you will find out the prices for:

All prices in the article will be indicated only in euros. By the way, the euro is the national currency of Montenegro.

  • Read everything about money in Montenegro, where to exchange dollars, whether you need cash, how to pay for accommodation, and much more, read the link.

Important to know:

The purpose of the article is to give an idea about the price level in Montenegro specifically for travelers. For those who have been living here for a long time, prices for some categories of goods and services may be lower.

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food prices in montenegro
Chilled sea bass in a supermarket – from 10 euros. But fish dishes are not common in Montenegro

Food prices in Montenegro

NameWeight/VolumePrice, euro
Milk1 l1.5
Sunflower oil1 l2
Пршут1kgfrom 11
Water1.5 l0.6
Ground coffee100g1
Cheese1kgfrom 4
Cheese Gouda1kg12
Black olives1kgfrom 5
Canned tuna180g1.5
Ice creamcone1
Meat: fresh beef/pork1kg8
Meat: fresh chicken fillet1kg5
Sausage salami/servelat1kg12
Sea fish1kgfrom 8
Consumer basket prices in Montenegro
Montenegro is expensive
There are a huge number of varieties of pršut in the country – prices start at 11 euros

There are three large grocery supermarket chains in the country: Voli, Franca, Aroma. There are shops of these chains in absolutely every city. The choice of goods and prices are generally the same everywhere. Sometimes there are good promotions for a particular product. Recently, Aroma had prsut for 8 euros per kg – a good price.

Prices in Montenegro for alcohol and cigarettes

prices in Montenegro for alcohol and beer
These are low prices for beer, usually the cost of a can of beer starts from 0.69 euros
NameQtyPrice, EUR
Table wine Vranac1 1from 2.7
Wine Vranac (pro corde)0.75 16
Beer in a can, local0.5 l~0.7
Beer in glass is not available for tourists
Imported beer0.5 lfrom 1
Rakia0.5 l9
Liqueur Gorki List0.7 l11
Pelenkovac0.7 l8
Prices for cigarettes and some alcoholic drinks in Montenegro
montenegro cigarette prices
Winston up to 3 euros, Sobranie at 3.8, there are cigarettes at 2.5 euros also

There are no special problems with alcohol in Montenegro. There is everything your heart desires. Imported alcohol (whiskey, gin, etc.) are expensive, from 20-30 euros a bottle. Anything local is cheap.

  • In the article at the link you will find a large overview of Montenegrin alcohol. And you will also find out why tourists cannot buy local beer in a glass bottle 🙂

Prices for Montenegrin fast food

Turkish doners, Greek gyros and other types of fast food are popular in many countries. Montenegro also has its own fast food. Grilled fast food dishes are popular here. In Serbian and Montenegrin, grill is “rostilj”. This is the national Balkan fast food.

I advise everyone to try it, it is very tasty. A lot of grilled meat is put in a pita or a bun.

fast food prices in montenegro
I recommend everyone to try Montenegrin fast food. Delicious, cheap and big portions
NameWeightPrice, EUR
Gurmanska pljeskavica (with cheese)250g3.5
Kobasica (sausages)200g3
Vešalica (pork loin)200g3
Pomfrit (french fries)100g1.5
Rolls with fillings1pc0.7
Burek (puff pastry pies) with meat/cheese/spinach1pc1.5
It is important to know that the weight of the dish is only the weight of the meat. There will also be a bun, salad and sauces, and as a result the whole dish is very large

Also in such cafes you can order a large dish for many eaters – “Mešano meso” – “meat mix”. This is 1 kg of of each type of meat: and Ćevapi, and pljeskavica, and kobasica , and vešalica . The price for a kilo of such grilled meat is usually about 15 euros.

Prices in Montenegro for car rental, toll roads, parking and gasoline

NameVolume or periodPrice, EUR
Car rental (low season)1 dayfrom 15
Car rental (high season)1 dayfrom 25
Toll roads40 km3
Petrol euro-951 l~1.4
Diesel1 l~1.6
Paid parking1 hour0.3-0.8
Paid parking1 dayfrom 3

Paid parking is not in every city. There are many cities with free parking in the center.

Personal opinion of the author (me)

A car is needed just like air in Montenegro. It adds a lot of mobility, and even if you took a car for 3 days, you will visit more than two weeks by bus. I believe that there is only one reason why you can refuse to rent a car – you do not have a driver’s license. Everything else is just excuses.
petrol prices in montenegro
Prices in Montenegro for gasoline are on average lower than in many European countries.

Car rental in Montenegro: affordable, low deposits, quiet traffic, polite drivers. Distances are short, transfers between attractions are also short, the road surface is excellent everywhere. A long article about car rental, where it is cheaper, all the pitfalls, traffic rules, police and so on, read this link.

Prices in Montenegro for taxi and public transport

Quite a small paragraph, since taxis are not very popular with tourists. Guests of Montenegro order a taxi only as a transfer from the airport to the hotel and back.

  • All cities in Montenegro are very small. The largest city on the coast – Budva – can be walked from one end of the beach to the other in 30 minutes.
  • In cities, taxi services are not very popular with tourists. But if you want, then a trip around the city will cost up to 5 euros.
  • From the airport to any coastal resort, a trip will cost you from 30 to 50 euros. Depending on the distance of your vacation spot from the airport.
  • There is no single carrier of bus routes in Montenegro. Each direction can be served by its own carrier. But the prices are not high. Bus ticket from Podgorica to Zabljak – 8 euros. Perhaps this is the longest route.
  • A bus from Kotor to Budva, for example, costs 4 euros.

In this article, follow the link in detail: about public transport in Montenegro: types, tickets, routes

Prices in Montenegro for accommodation (hotels and apartments)

It is impossible to give a clear number here. Prices can range from “almost free” to “every day champagne bath”.

  • Modern apartments with kitchen up to 300m from the beach – 30-40 euros per day.
  • The average price of a room in a 3 * hotel is about 40 euros.
  • During the high season (in summer) the price may be higher.
  • Hotels 4-5 * – from 80 euros.
  • The link is an overview article about accommodation in Montenegro for tourists. Find out what features there are, what to be prepared for, which may surprise you, where to look for accommodation.
  • And here you will find a rating of the best hotels in Montenegro on the first line by the sea
montenegro prices
Apartments with seaview in a small town – about 30 euros per season

Prices in Montenegro for entrance tickets to attractions

There is one interesting feature of Montenegro. Be prepared that ticket offices will be everywhere, even to any small tourist attraction. It seems inexpensive everywhere, but the extra 200 euros must be included in the travel budget.

Here is a beautiful chapel, the entrance costs 2 euros. Here is just a room, and inside there is only a model of the old city, pay 0.5 euros and you can see it. But the oldest olive tree, of course, it was surrounded by a fence and they take 1 euro for entry. Although in Montenegro olives are everywhere. You came to the national park to admire the mountain peaks, pay for the entrance to the park itself, and then after 500 meters pay more to go up to the observation deck.

  • In general, entrance to all attractions costs from 1 to 3 euros. This is the most common price.
  • And the most expensive tickets that I paid, probably – the entrance to the fortress in Kotor. 8 euros per person.

To be fair:

A tourist can also find free attractions, there are also enough of them. And the entrance to the old town of any city is always free.

Prices for excursions in Montenegro

In short, there is a huge difference in prices. Programs and excursions are absolutely different. Even the same route may differ in price from different tour companies. Some serve lunch, some have more comfortable buses, and so on.

ExcursionPrice per person, EUR
Tour of the Bay of Kotor on a boat / yacht (in group)from 20
Tour of the Bay of Kotor on a boat / yacht (individual)from 50
Yacht charter with captain, full day~300
From Budva to Lovcen Park (in group)from 20
From Budva to Durmitor Park (individual)from 200

If the excursion is along the coast and not far from your city, then 20-30 euros is the standard price in a group. If you want to go to Durmitor or the Prokletje mountains, it is better to book individual excursions by car, where prices start from 200 euros per day.

Prices for tours to Montenegro

  • Detailed information can be found in the article: tours to Montenegro
  • The most common tour for two for 10 days with a flight from London, a 3 * hotel with breakfast. Such a tour will cost about 1000 euros.
  • And then the price can increase depending on your wishes.

Do not forget that the all-inclusive system in Montenegro is not really needed. There are thousands of cafes and restaurants where delicious food is served, and portion sizes are very large. And independent tourism in this country is more popular among travelers. The entire infrastructure is developed for independent tourists. And you will find answers to all questions on the pages of this guide.

Prices in Montenegro in taverns, restaurants and cafes

On the first line on the beach, prices are always higher, portion sizes are smaller. If you want to find a good cafe, you need to move further from the beach and from the tourist centers. The menu in all cafes is similar: three types of salad, two types of soup (chorba), four or five grilled dishes, pizza, pasta, risotto.

Below in the table are the average prices in a cafe in Montenegro

DishPrice, EUR
Gril (Ćevapi, pljeskavica)5-10
Fish or other seafood15
Beer, 0,5l2-3
Homemade wine, 100g1

My wife and I have favorite restaurants. Dinner for two with alcohol costs us about 30 euros. But since the portions are very large, sometimes we order one salad and one main course for two, the cost of such a dinner will be less. But that’s enough for a good meal.

Prices in Montenegro for souvenirs

There are no original Montenegrin souvenirs here. All tourists bring home a standard set:

NamePrice, EUR
Magnetsfrom 1
Cupsfrom 5
T-shirts with Montenegro printfrom 8
Prsut, kgfrom 11
Olives, kgfrom 5
Cheese, kgfrom 5
Alcohol – prices previously mentioned in the article

Perhaps these were all the most basic prices in Montenegro for services and goods that are of interest to tourists. If something is missing from the list, write in the comments, I will add it.

For a better understanding, I recommend reading the article – Vacation budget in Montenegro for two independent travelers. There you will find out how much money to take with you and in general how much your vacation will cost you.

In conclusion: prices in Montenegro cannot be called high, it is a rather budgetary European country. It is much cheaper here (2-3 times) than in neighboring Croatia. In any case, it is easy to spend a vacation in this country for both budget tourists and in a big way. It all depends on your wallet and desires.

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