A big rating awaits you: “The best beaches in Montenegro”. There will be not only the TOP-10 beaches of the country, you will also learn about the types of beaches, wild, nudist. For each beach there will be a photo, a map and tips for visiting.

Table of contents:

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Beaches are everywhere in Montenegro, even under the walls of the old city

The best beaches in Montenegro: general information

I will briefly give general information about the rating of the best beaches in Montenegro, so that you have a complete picture of a beach holiday in this country.

  • All beaches in the country are public (almost all). This means that the beaches are free, anyone can relax.

But there is one fine point:

Local residents can rent a beach area from the city, put up sun loungers and rent them out to tourists. At the same time, you can walk and swim everywhere, it is not prohibited. But you will hardly be able to lie down to sunbathe with a towel on such a site, since there is no place. There is always a part of the beach not occupied by sun loungers, the only question is its size, sometimes it’s not big at all.
  • Montenegro also has private beaches that are inaccessible even for money, or it is very expensive. They will not be in the review. Only free beaches were included in the rating of Montenegro beaches.
  • A very important point: in Montenegro, in the high season in July-August, there are crowds of people on all the beaches of the country. It is impossible to find a deserted beautiful beach even outside the city with a good water entry without people.

Below, for example, there will be one photo of what any beach in Montenegro looks like in August. But then I will take all the photos in the low season so that you can see the beach without crowds of people. And see in more detail the beach itself. Because for many it is important.

montenegro sand
The usual occupancy of the beach in season in any city in the country. Pictured is Ulcinj
  • The most standard price for renting two sun loungers and an umbrella for the whole day in the high season is about 15 euros. On popular beaches – up to 20 euros, at the beginning / end of the season – from 10 euros.

TOP 10 best beaches in Montenegro: sandy and pebbly

Montenegro is washed by the Adriatic Sea. For those who don’t know, the Adriatic is characterized by rocky shores. And there are almost no long beaches. But most of the beaches of Montenegro are located in sheltered bays, where there is no wind and waves, the water is always clean and the sea is calm.

There are hundreds of beaches in the country. Every year, about 30-40 of them are awarded the international Blue Flag award. This is a prestigious status that is given for the purity of the water and the beach itself.

For a general understanding of the situation and for those who are looking for a sandy beach to relax:

  • About 80% of all beaches are pebbly
  • 10% sandy
  • And another 10% are beaches on concrete platforms within cities. Such beaches are common in the Bay of Kotor. There are almost no other beaches.

Map of the best beaches in Montenegro


There is no beach in Montenegro, looking at which you can say: this is the best beach in the country. This can be said about every second beach. Therefore, the list below includes the best beaches in Montenegro, but I will not give them ratings.

All beaches will be sorted by location on the map: from north to south.

And two more important points that the attentive reader has already noticed, looking at the map above:

  • There are no beaches from the Bay of Kotor in this list. There are almost no beaches there. Good beaches begin only near Herceg Novi. And Kotor, Perast, Tivat are not all beach resorts.
  • Most of the best beaches in Montenegro are located in the Budva Riviera. This is a strip of land 35 km long in the center of the country. No wonder Budva is the most popular resort. There are a huge number of beaches for every taste and budget.

1. Zanjice Beach

The northernmost beach of this rating. It is located near the entrance to the Bay of Kotor. The beach is relatively not crowded, since there are no large cities nearby, and you can’t get here by bus. If you have a car, be sure to come.

  • Coordinates: 42.39919131593003, 18.580388100156785
  • Beach length: about 300 meters. The width of the beach is about 20 meters
  • Pebble 100%.
  • There are 4-5 restaurants, sun loungers in season.
  • Sheltered from the wind.
  • Suitable for children, good water entry.
Zanjic beach in Montenegro
Žanjic beach in november

Author’s tip:

This beach is also good because it is very close (15 minutes by boat) to the cool Blue Cave attraction and an abandoned submarine base (without the boats themselves). Very fascinating locations that you can visit while relaxing on this beach. And at the exit from the bay, the island-fortress Mamula, which can be seen from any part of the beach.

Read more about these attractions in the review of the city of Tivat.

2. Jaz beach near Budva

Another beautiful beach in Montenegro is JAZ beach. This is already the Budva Riviera – a real beach resort. Jaz Beach is located a little outside the city, 5 km from Budva, although there are a lot of people during the season, but still less than on the main city beach of Budva. This is a large, wide and infrastructural beach.

  • Coordinates: 42.2837300499107, 18.805447702521025
  • Beach length: about 1500 meters. The width of the beach is about 50 meters
  • Almost all over it is a sandy beach. Sometimes mixed with pebbles.
  • There are dozens of restaurants, a mini promenade, sun loungers in the season.
  • Sheltered from the wind on all sides.
  • Suitable for children, good water entry.
Montenegrin beaches
Jaz beach near Budva, look at the sand

Author’s tip:

Great, clean, big beach. There is all the necessary infrastructure. To get there you need a car.

3. Mogren 1 and Mogren 2

Two small beaches separated by a narrow cliff. In fact, this is a single Mogren beach. Located in the city of Budva. For me personally, these are some of the best beaches in the country.

  • Coordinates: 42.27706, 18.83259
  • The length of each beach is about 300 meters
  • This is a completely sandy beach. The sand grains are quite large.
  • There are two restaurants, sun loungers in season and even wi-fi for those who rent a sun lounger.
  • Sheltered from the wind on all sides by sheer cliffs
  • Suitable for children, good water entry.
best beaches in montenegro
The nearest beach is Mogren 1, and the far one is Mogren 2. There is a beautiful path in the rock between them.

Author’s tip:

Montenegrin beaches Mogren 1 and Mogren 2 are not just a beautiful bay. The peculiarity of these beaches is that it takes 10 minutes to walk here from the old town of Budva, but along an insanely beautiful path along the sea under the rocks. The trail is pedestrian. Mogren beaches cannot be reached by car. Not a beach, but a fairy tale.

Follow the link for a large overview of Budva for tourists, read about this beach, there is also a photo of the walking path to the beach.

4. Beaches in Montenegro: Hawaii – a beach on a desert island

The only representative of this rating on the island. Hawaii Beach or St. Nicholas Beach is located on St. Nicholas Island. This is a large uninhabited island right in front of the main beach of Budva, 700 meters from the coast. A detailed review of the beach is also available at the link about Budva (it was a paragraph above).

  • Coordinates: 42.2707, 18.84608
  • The length of the beach is about 400 meters
  • Pebble 100%. Moreover, the pebbles are large and very large.
  • There are two or three restaurants, sun loungers in season and even wi-fi for those who rent a sun lounger.
  • For 5 euros (back and forth) from the main beach of Budva, a boat runs every 15 minutes. 5 minutes trip.
  • Not the best place for kids.
Montenegrin beaches photo
Hawaii beach. This whole area in the photo above is Hawaii.

Author’s tip:

It’s nice to relax on the beach: you sunbathe on a desert island overlooking old Budva, you drink a cocktail, all the infrastructure is at hand, and there are relatively few people. Among the shortcomings: you can’t walk especially anywhere. But sunbathing and swimming is great. There are few vacationers with children, for those who do not like other people’s children running around – a great place 🙂

5. Kamenovo – Budva Riviera

A small, clean and cozy beach on the outskirts of Budva, within walking distance. Only 2.5 km from Budva. The beach itself is not long, but wide. A special highlight of the beach: if you walk from Budva, there will be two long pedestrian tunnels along the road, very unusual.

  • Coordinates: 42.27552009571346, 18.886865600526445
  • The length of Kamenovo beach is 200 meters
  • Small pebble beach mixed with sand
  • There are two or three restaurants, sun loungers in season, water activities for children (catamarans, boats)
  • Suitable for children, good water entry.
sandy beaches of montenegro
Here is such a cozy beach and a very cool tunnel to it

Author’s tip:

Great beach for tourists with children. The road through the tunnel only adds points to this beach. The beach is popular with those who rest in the resort of Becici (a satellite city of Budva).

6. Montenegrin beaches: the island of Sveti Stefan and the royal residence of Milocer

Read more about this place in the article the island-hotel Sveti Stefan and how it became the hallmark of Montenegro. There’s a lot of interesting information there. You have definitely seen these beaches in various photographs and in the world ratings of the TOP private hotels in the world.

  • There are three beaches at once (marked on the map): Sveti Stefan, Sveti Stefan 2 and Milocer beach.
  • Here are the coordinates of the first beach: 42.25561658477089, 18.894786382027583
  • All three beaches are 100-200 meters long
  • Coarse sand or very small pebbles – difficult to determine. Let’s consider a pebble-sand beach.
  • Today the island-hotel is closed, you can not get there if you’re not the guest of the hotel.
  • There are cafes and restaurants.
  • Clean and excellent water entry. Great for kids.
montenegro beaches for relaxation
One of the best beaches in Montenegro: Sveti Stefan.

Author’s tip:

This place is included in all possible world rankings: the best beaches, the best hotels, the best places to stay. This is the hallmark of the country. My opinion: the place is really beautiful and the beach deserves to be included in the rating of “the best beaches in Montenegro”, but I cannot say that it is head and shoulders above other beaches.

7. Perazica Do and abandoned hotel

A beach that got into the rating not for its beauty, but for its unusualness. Perazica Do is a beautiful beach with blue water on the outskirts of the resort town of Petrovac. About 20 years ago, they started building an elite five-star hotel with a closed territory. The hotel was not completed; today it rises above the beach and is its symbol and hallmark.

  • Coordinates: 42.21036, 18.92589
  • The length of the beach is 500 – 800 meters, and the width is only 50 meters. Quite narrow beach
  • There are areas with small pebbles and some with large stones.
  • In the season they put sun loungers, there are several cafes and restaurants, but not many
  • Here, tourists relax with children, but in my opinion, this is not the best beach for them. A lot of large stones and not the best water entry.
  • And on the way to this beach from Petrovac, you will pass through three small pedestrian tunnels.
montenegro sea beaches
Perazica Do beach: view of the hotel and the view from it

Author’s tip:

In sunny weather, the water is azure blue like in the Maldives. The beach is located far from large cities, usually there are fewer tourists here than on the city beach of Petrovac. And the abandoned 20-story hotel only adds to the charm of this place.

8. Lucica – on the outskirts of Petrovac

Probably one of the best beaches in Montenegro for families with children. Small, cozy, located in a bay and protected from wind and waves. It is also a beach near the resort town of Petrovac on the Adriatic coast.

  • Overview of one of the most Mediterranean cities in Montenegro – Petrovac. There will also be an overview of all the city’s beaches, restaurants and attractions.
  • Lucica beach coordinates: 42.20051, 18.95087
  • Beach length 200 meters
  • Sandy. Very good water entry and closed from the wind on all sides. Along the edges of the beach there are large stones and in the water too. But everyone rests in the center.
  • There are sun loungers, a restaurant, a cafe. During the season you can rent a catamaran and other water activities for children.
  • Walk from the center of Petrovac for about 15 minutes along a beautiful road.
lucica beach in montenegro
A small yet well-equipped beach, Lucica Beach is characterized by its infrastructure.

Author’s tip:

Good place to relax. If you have chosen the city of Petrovac for your vacation, then you can sunbathe on the beaches of Lucica and Perazica Do. Both are within walking distance of the city.

9. Montenegrin beaches: Devacen (Devocen)

The most controversial beach in the ranking of the best beaches in Montenegro. Not sure if it’s even in the top ten. But this is a unique beach of its kind, and this should be in this rating. Wild, small, unequipped. Right on rocks and boulders.

  • Coordinates: 42.13705, 19.03714
  • The length of the beach is 50 meters. The width is 15.
  • There are no sun loungers, restaurants, wi-fi. This is a real wild beach. And it’s definitely not for kids.
  • Located near the resort town of Sutomore. Follow the link for an overview of the city, all the beaches in the area, restaurants and attractions.
unique beach with a tunnel in montenegro
You can only get to the beach through a tunnel, you can see it in the first photo. And on the second photo, find a white dot in the center – this is the light at the end of the tunnel, go there. Looks not high, but you can go to full height

Author’s tip:

This beach is unique because there is no road to it. The only road is a small long tunnel in the rock. Moreover, the tunnel was built not for people, but for sea water, so that it would flow into the city. Today there is no water in the tunnel and you can walk through it, you just need a flashlight. Unlike other wide and illuminated pedestrian tunnels in Montenegro, this one is completely wild. A flashlight on your phone is enough.

10. Beaches of Montenegro: Velika Plaza- 13 km long

And finally, the cherry on the cake in the ranking of the best beaches in Montenegro. Velika Plaza, which translates as Big Beach. Its length is 13 km. Moreover, all 13 km is a continuous line of sand. Yes, all 13 km are completely sandy.

  • The coordinates of the most infrastructural part of the beach: 41.894943888356195, 19.290097136277367
  • The length of the beach is 13 km. Width 200-300 meters! The beach is very wide.
  • This is a completely sandy beach, and the sand is fine and black, almost like volcanic.
  • The most infrastructural part is closer to Ulcinj at the very beginning of the beach, the first 1-2 km. But there are also a lot of wild deserted parts of the beach, even in season.
  • This is the main center of kiting and windsurfing in Montenegro.
  • This beach is not protected by mountains, so there are winds and waves.
  • The beach is located in the very south of Montenegro on the outskirts of the city of Ulcinj. A detailed overview of the city, this beach, attractions, restaurants, how to get there.
velika plaza is the longest beach in montenegro
One of the best beaches in Montenegro: pay attention to the width of the beach

Author’s tip:

The beaches of Montenegro are rocks on all sides, blue water, Mediterranean pine trees and small bays. And the beaches themselves are almost always several hundred meters long. Velika Plaza stands out from this list. The beach is so atypical for this region that if you don’t know, you won’t say that you are in Montenegro. You need to come here with your kids. There is space for everyone here. Among the disadvantages: there are dirty areas where there are many cigarette butts, plastic cups and beer cans in the sand. Most of the beach is clean though.

By the way, here is the main nudist beach of Montenegro, on the neighboring island. If this topic is of interest to you, then in the article at the link there is an overview of the country’s nudist beaches and, in general, everything you need to know about them.

In conclusion: this was a subjective rating of the best beaches in Montenegro. I tried to tell you about the most unusual and definitely cool beaches of this country. The ranking contains the best beaches in Montenegro, and not just the surroundings of Budva. I can’t single out any beach from all and put it in the first place. In this country, about 10-20 beaches, we can safely say that they are worthy of your attention.

Come to Montenegro for a beach holiday, it will not disappoint you!

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