Information that is becoming less and less necessary, thank goodness. But for some tourists it might still be useful. Find out everything about COVID-19 in Montenegro. About COVID-19 restrictions today and where you can do PCR in Montenegro.

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PCR test in Montenegro
Here in such state clinics (Dom zdravlja) in Montenegro, you can even try to do a PCR test for free. But more on that below.

Covid-19 in Montenegro: how it all happened

Everything happened very quickly in early 2020. Here it is very briefly:

  • All countries in the world began to stop tourism and close borders from March 2020.
  • Montenegro became the last country in Europe where the first case of COVID-19 was officially recorded.
  • The country completely closed its borders only by the end of May 2020.
  • However, Montenegro’s borders reopened less than 5 months later in October 2020. But either PCR or vaccination was required to enter the country.

Interesting to know:

There are 3 million tourists annually in Montenegro for 600 thousand inhabitants. Tourism is not just an important part of the country’s economy – it is a critical industry without which the entire economy will collapse. For example, Montenegro today is not a member of the EU and it is not in the Eurozone, but the official currency here is the Euro. How so, and why is it all thanks to tourism, read the article: Montenegro in the EU or not?
Tourism GDP-ratio in Montenegro is more than 70%. Imagine what happened to the economy and the standard of living of ordinary citizens after the closure of the borders.

It is one of the first European countries to open its borders. The Montenegrin authorities understood that without tourism in the country, citizens would be completely broke.

History reference:

The President of Turkey in 2021 said: either we will die of hunger or of covid. I will not let my citizens die of hunger, so the borders will be open.

So not only in Turkey acted out of such logic. There were countries in the world that wanted to open borders as quickly as possible, since a lot depended on this. And countries could not afford a prolonged lockdown. Montenegro is one of such countries.

Here are more examples: Brazil, Tanzania, Belarus (the presidents of the last two countries denied the existence of Covid-19).

What restrictions exist today related to COVID-19 in Montenegro

  • Before the next tourist season in March 2022, Montenegro completely lifted all restrictions and opens its borders.
Covid-19 in Montenegro
The official date for the lifting of absolutely all covid restrictions
  • Since that day, all entry rules have returned to as in the pre-Covid period.
  • No more covid restrictions have been introduced in the country since March 2022
  • Number of deaths for the entire period of COVID-19: 2800 people. For Montenegro, this is slightly less than 0.5% of the population. But in general, in Europe and throughout the world – the mortality rate is higher. The government of Montenegro did the right thing by opening the borders early or not, it’s not for me to judge. But hundreds of thousands of Montenegrins had no source of income with closed borders.
  • The mandatory requirement to wear a mask has been lifted. In general, life has returned to its former course.

Good to know:

As of 2024, there are not many places left in Montenegro where you can be asked to wear a mask: pharmacies, clinics. Therefore, it is better to have it with you, but the mask may no longer be useful.
montenegro requires pcr tests
Map of world countries with covid restrictions. The entire Balkan Peninsula is fully open


As of the beginning of 2024, Montenegro is fully open to tourists from all over the world. Without PCR tests and vaccinations.

Where to do a PCR test in Montenegro for traveling abroad

The question is not really difficult.

  • Almost the entire healthcare sector in the country is private.
  • There are a huge number of private laboratories, medical centers, pharmacies and so on.
  • However, there are also state institutions.
  • The government does not regulate pricing in private medicine. Therefore, prices for a PCR test in different places may differ.

Good to know:

Today, all neighbors of Montenegro are also open without PCR and vaccinations. There are no countries where PCR is required. How to buy tickets from Montenegro in the article at the link.

Therefore, below is the information for those who need to do a PCR test in Montenegro:

  • PCR test: price from 35 to 50 euros. The result is prepared within a day, usually the next day.
  • Antigen test: 15 euros. Result in an hour.
  • Antibody test: 15-20 euros. Result within a couple of hours.
covid in montenegro
Standard prices for PCR, antigen and antibody tests in Montenegro

Where can you do a PCR test in Montenegro:

  • In any city, go to a pharmacy or clinic and ask. They even do it in some pharmacies.
  • In public clinics – Dom zdravlja. It’s free. You need a ticket from Montenegro, and a receipt for paying the tourist tax for accommodation, which your hotel makes. Receipt can also be obtained by paying the tax at any tourist center. 1 euro per day per person.
    • Look for all the information on the website of such clinics. For example, the website of the clinic (Dom zdravlja) in Kotor:
  • There are Mojlab private laboratories in almost every city:
  • Here are private clinics Dr. Zenilovich:
coronavirus in montenegro where to do pcr
Addresses of laboratories where to do a PCR test in Montenegro

In conclusion: fortunately, we are starting to forget about the coronavirus. This disease is slowly fading away. In general, the coronavirus in Montenegro went relatively quickly. The country exited the lockdown after 5 months and no longer closed its borders But even today, for those who are looking for where to do a PCR test in Montenegro for traveling abroad, the choice of options is huge. All clinics, laboratories and medical centers make it already without queues and appointments.

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