This is one of the first questions of any traveler who is going on a trip to the Balkans. I will tell not only about the location of Montenegro on map of the world and Europe. You will also learn everything about borders, neighbors, the sea in Montenegro. There will be a lot of useful information to start planning a cool trip.

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Montenegro on map
Here you can see the location of Montenegro on map of Europe

Montenegro on map of Europe

Although Montenegro is a very small country, it occupies a very good place on the map of both Europe and the Balkan Peninsula. Here are some facts:

  • Montenegro is located in southeastern Europe
  • This is the country of the Balkan Peninsula.
  • Montenegro was part of Yugoslavia. The state union of Serbia and Montenegro was formed after the breakup of Yugoslavia. But it did not last long.
    • And since 2006, Montenegro on map appears as an independent state. This is a very young country, which is not yet two decades old.
  • The population is just over 600 thousand people. It is the smallest country in the Balkans both in terms of area and population. Only Kosovo is smaller, but this is a difficult topic, since Kosovo is an unrecognized republic.
  • By the way, the area of the country is only 13.8 thousand square kilometers. This is the 155th place out of 195 states in the world.
  • Read even more interesting facts about Montenegro in a separate article at the link.
Montenegro on map of Europe
Map of the Balkan Peninsula and all the countries that are located here

At the link you will find dynamic Google maps, where you can explore Montenegro on map in great detail.

What country is Montenegro in?

If the title of this short paragraph already looks strange to you, feel free to skip it. It is for those who write this phrase in Google search. Not everyone is strong in geography, so we do not blame anyone.

According to Google, the query: “what country is Montenegro in” is searched by several thousand people every month

I can answer: Montenegro is an independent country. Montenegro is located in Montenegro. And the reasons for such questions are in the history of the country. Older people remember a very big and strong country in the 90s of the last century: Yugoslavia. Montenegro was part of Yugoslavia.

breakup map of yugoslavia
Map of the breakup of Yugoslavia

But don’t worry if you’re the one looking for the answer to this question. You are not the only one. Every month, thousands of people are looking for: “What is the sea in Serbia.” But the sea is not there and never was. I am happy to help everyone improve their knowledge of geography.

Montenegro on map: borders and neighboring countries

Everything is simple here. I will tell you about the neighboring countries with which Montenegro has a land border. I will give its length, and a few facts. Let’s start with the northwestern neighbor and move clockwise.

  • Croatia – 25 km
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) – 226 km
  • Serbia – 125 km
  • Kosovo – 79 km. I already wrote above and I will write again here. The issue is debatable, since Serbia considers Kosovo its territory, but Kosovo does not. And today it is an unrecognized or partially recognized republic. Therefore, I write the border with Montenegro and Kosovo, but I don’t even raise the issue of ownership.
  • And in the south of the country, the border with Albania is 172 km long.

The length of all land borders of the country is only 625 km.

montenegro neighbors and borders
Here you can clearly see all the neighbors of the Montenegro on map
Montenegro has only 25 km border with the European Union. I’m talking about Croatia. So it is, Montenegro is not in the European Union, not in the Schengen, but only in the Eurozone, but illegally. How it happened, how it all differs, read the link below.

Montenegro in the EU or not and why the national currency here is the Euro.

And I also recommend the article for those who are just choosing where to go on vacation. Where is the best vacation: in Montenegro or Croatia?

Briefly about the sea and mountains of Montenegro

I will write only the most important in order to complete the picture. And you can read more about everything on the pages of this guide.

If we consider from the point of view of the relief, then the answer to the question: where is Montenegro on map is simple. The country is located on the Dinaric highlands (Dinaric Alps) and is washed by the waters of the Adriatic Sea. Below are some facts about it:

  • The length of the coastline of the sea – 225 km
  • More than 65% of the entire area of the country is occupied by mountains
  • The highest peak of the country Bobotov Kuk – 2522 meters

Another interesting point about the highest peak. There is still a lot of controversy on this issue. Since in Montenegro there are about a dozen peaks whose height varies within 20 m. Some of them are located exactly on the border with their neighbors. There are such peaks on the border with BiH, and Serbia, and Albania. And in different sources they indicate a different peak as the highest. More about this in the articles:

In conclusion: here you have better learned the location of Montenegro on map of the world, Europe and the Balkan Peninsula. This is a very small country with a very rich history, ancient architecture, insanely beautiful mountains and a gorgeous sea. Well, flying here is much closer than it seems. How to get to Montenegro and flight time read here.

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