A small but useful article that will tell you where and how to look for London to Montenegro tickets. What are the best ticket prices today? Find out if there are direct flights to Montenegro from London and Paris. This article might not have appeared before the pandemic, because in those days everything was easy and simple. But everything that is happening in the world since 2020 has changed the world of travel a lot.

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By the way, you can get to Montenegro not only by plane, but also by cruise ship

Tickets from Europe cities to Montenegro: general points

Below are general points that will help you with choosing tickets to Montenegro:

  • There are two international airports in Montenegro where planes from all over Europe (and not only) arrive: Podgorica airport and Tivat airport
    • An overview of Podgorica and Tivat airports in the article at the link: there you will learn how to get there and where it is better to fly
  • In fact, it doesn’t really matter which airport to choose. Only 70 km between these two airports and both of them are located in the coastal area.
  • Buy tickets to the airport where it is more convenient or cheaper for you.
  • Montenegro has not yet joined the EU, and it is not in the Schengen area. The country has its own visa requirements.
    • In the article about visas to Montenegro, you will learn about entry requirements and much more.
london to montenegro price
Tickets London to Montenegro: we are going to land at Tivat airport, a view of Budva

Good to know:

Flight time from London to Montenegro is about 3 hours.

Direct flights from London to Montenegro and flights with stops from Amsterdam and Paris to Montenegro

Unfortunately, at the moment there are no direct flights from Paris to Montenegro and from Amsterdam to Montenegro. You can fly here only with transfers. However, there is a direct flight only from London to Montenegro.


There are no direct regular flights from Paris and Amsterdam to Montenegro. But tour operators will launch direct charters for the high season of 2024. Charter tickets are not available for free sale. You can get on such direct flights from Amsterdam to Montenegro and Paris to Montenegro only by purchasing a tour package.
  • Packages to Montenegro in detail: where to buy, hotels, all inclusive, cheap.
  • And now you can pick up a ready-made tour with a flight on the websites of major operator:
If there are no direct flights, most often independent travelers choose flights with stops in Warsaw (LOT airline), Budapest (Wizzair), Istanbul (Turkish Airlines) and Belgrade (Air Serbia).
  • Quite often it turns out that the tickets of the Polish airline are the most inexpensive. This is a convenient option if you are flying through Paris.
tickets to montenegro
Sometimes the cheapest flight option with a stopover in Warsaw.
  • Budapest is the transport hub of Wizzair. Tickets from Budapest to Podgorica usually cost up to 50 euros.
how to get to montenegro
Austrian Airlines is not the cheapest air carrier, but sometimes round-trip tickets are inexpensive.
  • Route – Istanbul to Montenegro. Planes fly from Istanbul to Tivat and Podgorica. Flights on this route are operated by Turkish Airlines. Excellent airline. The whole flight with a short stop in Istanbul will take about 7 hours. If you wish, you can choose a long connection and take a walk around Istanbul.

We like Belgrade for the following reasons:

  • The airport is very close to Belgrade, it is very easy to get to the airport by regular city bus.
  • We like Serbian cuisine with cevaps and pleskavica. Although Istanbul and Budapest are also gastronomic paradises.
  • And most importantly: most likely you will fly from Belgrade to Podgorica or Tivat on a propeller plane. Read about it in the article: how to get from Belgrade to Montenegro, there is still information about the train ride.
tickets to montenegro
Propeller plane to Podgorica from Serbia

Ticket prices, discounts, promotions

Search for tickets to Montenegro on aviasales. This search engine gives all possible connections and routes.

  • I advise you to immediately buy round-trip tickets with one airline, then you get a good discount of about 30-40%. For example, tickets from London to Montenegro per person can cost 100 euros one way. And if you take it in both directions, then the price will be about 150 euros.
  • Everything about the holiday budget in Montenegro: how much money to take, what expenses await the tourist

In conclusion: today, after the pandemic, you can again buy cheap tickets to Montenegro. We are sure that you will remember your trip to this country for a long time, and you will definitely want to come back here again and again.

Resources to help you plan your dream trip to Montenegro

  • Aviasales – Cheap Flights and best deals.
  • Car rental in Montenegro:
    • DiscoverCars – a large international platform.
    • LocalRent – works with local rental companies. Leader in car rental in Montenegro.
  • Hotels and apartments all over the country:
    • Hotellook compares the prices among dozens of other booking services and offer the best price
    • Booking – the most popular booking platform
    • Agoda – even more accommodation options in Montenegro
  • Tours, excursions and activities (including extreme ones):
    • GetYourGuide – more than 430 tours
    • Viator – 780+ excursions and activities throughout the country
  • Comprehensive travel insurance: EKTA
  • Internet and Calls:
  • Taxi and airport transfers: Intui.Travel