A useful article for any tourist about hotels and apartments in Montenegro. Learn about hotels in Montenegro, what types of accommodation in Montenegro are, how they differ. There will be features that are unusual or unfamiliar to us. I will give advice on what to look for when choosing apartments in Montenegro and hotels so that your vacation goes smoothly.

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These are standard apartments in Montenegro. As for me it is more comfortable than a hotel room.

Hotels and apartments in Montenegro: general points

I want to note right away that this article is for tourists who come here on vacation for 1-2 weeks. But even if you plan to move to Montenegro for permanent residence, you will also learn some useful points from this article.

Good to know:

The choice of hotels and apartments is huge in Montenegro. There are options for every taste and budget. Independent travelers often choose apartments, but a tourist who buys a package tour chooses hotels.

I will tell you the main differences between the apartments and the hotel.

  • A standard hotel room is usually a large room with a bed, wardrobe, table, armchair or chairs. Bathroom with all amenities and a balcony / terrace or just a window.
  • The main difference between a hotel room and an apartment is the kitchen. In fact, a rental apartment is a real apartment like we have at home. Having a kitchen is very convenient.
apartments in montenegro
Here is such a mini kitchen with everything you need – the main difference between a hotel room and an apartment

Good to know:

If in hotels a standard room is most often one room – a bedroom. The apartments often have a bedroom + living room combined with a kitchen.

My wife and I prefer to stay in apartments, there are more spaces and we often use the kitchen. But hotels also have one big advantage:

  • If you booked not the cheapest hotel in the resort, then you will most likely have a large pool. But finding apartments in Montenegro with a pool will be extremely difficult, or it will be very expensive.
There is another option between a hotel and apartments: apart-hotels.

Apart-hotels are also very common in Montenegro. This is a classic version of a hotel with standard rooms, but each room also has a mini-kitchen with the most necessary appliances: a kettle, several plates, cutlery, sometimes a stove and other utensils.

If we consider the apart-hotels of Montenegro 2-3 stars, then they will not have a pool. But 4-star apart-hotels will almost always have a pool.

rent a house in montenegro
Small family apart-hotel in Budva. Each room has a mini kitchen and such a pool for everyone. Perfect!

What to choose is up to you. But the kitchen in the room is definitely a big advantage, especially if you are on vacation with children. All about the features of holidays with kids in Montenegro at the link.

Below are two articles that will help you calculate your holiday budget:

Features of accommodation in Montenegro or what a tourist should be prepared for

In this chapter, you will learn about local features of accommodation. And then these features can surprise upon arrival.

Perhaps 90% -95% of hotels and apartments in Montenegro will have these features.
  • There is no central heating in Montenegro. Even in the mountains, where two meters of snow falls in winter.
    • On the coast, they use air conditioning in both winter and summer. In the mountains, stoves or wood-fired boilers are used.
    • Tip: if you are planning to travel to Montenegro in autumn and winter, it is better that you have an additional heater in your accommodation, they are more efficient.
    • In hotels, a central boiler is usually installed in the basement.
  • There is no central hot water supply in Montenegro. Everything is exactly the same as with heating. Each homeowner solves the problem on their own.
    • This is either a classic water-heating boiler or a flow-through one. There is not much difference, you will most likely have hot water anyway. But taking a bath in Montenegro is a luxury. Only shower is available. Be prepared for this.
montenegro hotels prices and apartments
Another small apart-hotel 3 * with a sea view and a pool for guests
  • And the following feature is typical for most warm countries in the region: there is always a tile on the floor in the entire room / apartment. In fact, tiles have a lot of advantages:
    • It is very easy to clean – sand from the beach and in general
    • Durable. Nothing will happen to her for many years.
    • Chilly in the summer heat.
    • But at the same time, for those who do not like cold floors, this is a problem. I advise you to take warm socks or slippers with you on vacation.
    • Tiles become a big problem in winter and in the off-season, when it’s already cool outside. Then the apartment or room is very cold.

Tips and tricks for choosing accommodation for your vacation

You already know everything you need to know about hotels and apartments in Montenegro. Here are some general points:

  • Choose accommodation with air conditioning. In summer it cools, and in cold weather it warms. Usually cheap rooms can only be with a ceiling fan.
  • If you don’t like cold floors, take warm socks, they don’t take up space in your luggage, but they will help a lot.
  • Whatever one may say, accommodation with a kitchen is very convenient, even if you do not plan to cook much. Cut fruit, make an omelette for breakfast, or make coffee. A standard hotel room will only have a kettle and two glasses. No knife, no forks.
  • Useful article: list of budget hotels in Montenegro
  • And here you will find a list of the best beaches in Montenegro and find out what kind of beaches there are and how much it costs to rent a sun bed with an umbrella for the whole day (15 euros)
  • Where to look for accommodation, where to book: useful links to major world resources immediately at the end of this article.

Good to know:

It doesn’t matter if you rent apartments in Montenegro or hotels, a tourist tax of 1-2 euros per person per day will be added. The tax rate varies by region.

In conclusion: now you all know about apart-hotels, hotels and apartments in Montenegro, about accommodation in Montenegro and what the rooms look like. Then you can decide for yourself what is more important to you, a hotel with a pool or an apartment with a kitchen. Each option has its own advantages.

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