Learn everything about travel safety in Montenegro. About theft, scammers, police and much more. What should a tourist avoid or be afraid of, where to be more careful. In short, Montenegro is very safe, but you need to know some points. As they say, forewarned is forearmed, and this is more than enough for Montenegro.

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The beaches are crowded in the high season as in the photo, beware of petty thieves and pickpockets

Travel safety in Montenegro: general points

Montenegro cannot be compared with the countries of Africa or Latin America in terms of safety. And this is not even Paris or Milan, where in the city center illegal immigrants openly sell weed to everyone, and the police do nothing. It’s much safer here.

Therefore, I will tell you the most basic about travel safety in Montenegro.

  • There are no illegal immigrants or refugees in the country. Since Montenegro is not in the EU and not in the Schengen area, they are not interested in it.
  • You will not be offered illegal substances in the evening in the main square at. There are also no homeless people and antisocial personalities.
  • You can safely walk in any area at any time of the day in Montenegro. Of course, there are some street fights between young people, but they definitely do not concern tourists. There is always a great attitude towards tourists.
  • The locals love children very much.
  • And they are absolutely non-conflict people, this is their national feature. Montenegrins, whether a cashier in a store or a waiter in a restaurant, will never allow themselves to raise their voice to a stranger.

About theft, auto robbery and petty crime

In this regard, absolutely everything is fine in Montenegro. No one will break glass for 3 euros left in plain sight in a rental car, as happened to us in Barcelona. The probability tends to zero that your things will be stolen on the beach.

At the same time, as elsewhere in the world, there are petty thieves here, especially in the high season. They are looking for careless tourists.

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Here are some top tips to help you save money and time:

  • Don’t show a lot of money in your wallet
  • Do not leave things unattended on the beach.
  • Hide all valuables in the trunk, leaving the car in the parking lot, even paid. Especially laptops, cameras and money.
dangers in montenegro
The center of old cities as in the photo is a favorite place for petty thieves. Although, to tell the truth, there are very few of them in Montenegro.


If you just follow simple safety precautions, then this is more than enough for Montenegro. Then the most unpleasant thing that can happen to you is that you will be shortchanged by 1-2 euros in the market.

Police in Montenegro

In this section – briefly, as you will find details about the police, traffic rules, parking in the article: car rental in Montenegro. But the main points you need to know:

  • There are few police patrols on the roads.
  • There are almost no speed radars at all. There are 4 radars throughout the country.
  • The police stop drivers rarely.
  • But if you are stopped, then know that the fine for speeding is from 60 euros.


Always communicate with the police politely and most importantly – with a smile, they will answer you the same. No one here will trick you out of money
what you need to know about the police in Montenegro
Montenegrin police are always ready to help tourists. Feel free to contact if needed

If you are stopped for a traffic violation, never offer a bribe. But you can say that the fine is very high and look at their reaction. Sometimes they can take 20 euros from you instead of an official fine and let you go. But that doesn’t happen often. Better not break traffic rules.

Dangers in Montenegro: snakes, sharks, jellyfish and more

We found out about travel safety in Montenegro. Now I will briefly tell you about the dangers that await you in this country in the mountains and in the sea.

  • There are several types of snakes here. There are only a few poisonous species. But they are extremely rare. Every year, only a few cases of snake bites are recorded in Montenegro, and those are only far away in the mountains.
  • There are no large predators in the natural environment in Montenegro. But only foxes and bears, which are also rare.
  • I am often asked about sharks in Montenegro. So, there are no sharks dangerous for humans in Montenegro. But at the same time there are several types of small sharks that are not dangerous. They can be found if you are diving. And these sharks live only at depths of 20-30 meters and far from the coast.
  • Jellyfish and sea urchins. And those and others do not interfere with your vacation. Sea urchins can only be found on very wild beaches. And jellyfish are more dependent on the weather and the season. Jellyfish are in the sea off the coast of Montenegro just a couple of weeks a year.
sharks in montenegro and other dangers
There are bears in this Durmitor National Park far in the mountains. But tourists have not met them for several years.

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In conclusion: travel safety in Montenegro is at a very high level. It is definitely safer here than in many European cities. Here is the police, which is ready to help tourists. But carefulness and caution will save you from meeting them.

Have a safe holiday in Montenegro!

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