In this review article, you will learn more about the cities of Montenegro. I will tell you which of them are the center of attraction for tourists, and which are industrial centers. You will learn about the cities of the coast, there will be a lot of useful information that will help you choose a resort for vacation, for entertainment and more.

Table of contents:

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The ancient center of all cities along the Bay of Kotor looks approximately the same

Cities of Montenegro: general information

The history of Montenegro has more than 2000 years. As a result, some cities and architectural buildings are at least 20 centuries old. Details about the history of the country, everything that will be interesting to the tourist, read in a separate article at the link.

Below are a few facts so that you can get an idea about the cities of Montenegro:

  • The population of all Montenegro is only 600 thousand people. This is 15 times smaller than London.
  • The largest city in Montenegro is its capital, Podgorica, with a population of only about 180 thousand people.
  • There are no large metropolitan areas in Montenegro.
  • All other cities are much smaller than Podgorica in terms of population.
  • More than 82% of the entire territory of the country is occupied by mountains, and the construction of buildings in the mountains is quite problematic. Therefore, all cities are very compact, with narrow streets, problems with parking.
  • It is quite difficult in such conditions for parents with small children and people with disabilities.
vacation cities in montenegro
This is the promenade and the beach of the city of Petrovac

Rating of cities in Montenegro: comparative table

Below you will find a table of all major cities in the country. There you will also find out the age of each city and the permanent population of the city. And from the table it will be clear which cities are interesting for tourists, and which are located on the seashore. Reviews of tourist attractions in each city are available via the links. You will also learn how to get there, about accommodation and restaurants.

CityFoundedPopulation, thousandsOn the coast?For tourists?Comment
Podgorica1326180NoNoCapital city
Niksic4th century BC58NoNoIndustrial centre
Pljevlja25NoNoOn the border with Serbia
Herceg Novi138216YesYesBay of Kotor
Cetinje15th century AD15NoYesThe first capital of Montenegro
Bar6th century AD14YesNoMajor transport hub
Kotor168 BC.14YesYesBay of Kotor
Budva5th century BC11YesYesAdriatic Sea
Ulcinj5th century BC10YesYesAdriatic Sea
Tivat3rd century BC9,5YesNoBay of Kotor
Petrovac3YesYesAdriatic Sea
Sutomore3YesYesAdriatic Sea
Perast3rd century AD1YesYesBay of Kotor
Dobra voda1YesYesAdriatic Sea
Zabljak18101NoYesIn the mountains
Becici1YesYesAdriatic Sea

The table shows that not every city on the coast is suitable for vacation. For example Bar: there is a beach and the sea, and there is a promenade. But this is a major transport hub of Montenegro, there is a huge cargo railway terminal, a large port with daily ferries from Italy, and in addition a military base. There are no significant sights in the city and the beach is not the best one.

Carefully study the information about the city where you plan to go on vacation. Not always a city by the sea can be good for a beach holiday.
best cities in montenegro
And this is the central beach and the promenade of the city of Bar.

Cities of Montenegro for seaside holidays

Below is a list of cities that are definitely suitable for tourists for a beach holiday, and they are all on the seashore. I will list them in order: from the north – from Croatia, to the south – to Albania. All these cities are also in the table above, there are also review articles for each city.

I will also add two ratings to each city for your convenience: the rating of beaches and beach holidays on a scale from 1 to 10. As well as the rating of tourist attractions, architecture, the old city, also from 1 to 10.

  • Herceg Novi: beaches (5) / attractions (8). So it will be further: the first point – for the beaches, the second – for tourist attractions.
  • Perast: 1/8
  • Kotor: 3/10
  • Tivat: 3/3. The only city in the Bay of Kotor that does not have an old town and a historical part. But there is an international airport 4km away.
  • Budva: 6/10
  • Becici: 7/2
  • Petrovac: 7/7
  • Sutomore: 6/2
  • Bar: 4/2
  • Dobra-Voda: 5/2
  • Ulcinj: 9/7

This subjective rating of the author (me) should give you a general idea about the cities of Montenegro. More details about the beaches, resorts, features of each in the article: resorts in Montenegro or where it is better to spend a vacation.

Personal opinion:

Of the entire Montenegrin coast, I like the cities of the Bay of Kotor, although there are no good beaches, but they have very beautiful architecture and a medieval atmosphere. I also like Ulcinj more than other towns on the Adriatic Sea. It is a beautiful small hillside town with good beaches. Ulcinj has only one drawback: it takes a long time to get there, since it is located farther than other cities from international airports.
cities of montenegro on the coast
Ulcinj and the view from the apartments. This view can be from almost any apartment in the city.

In conclusion: there are cities in Montenegro for every taste. If you want cultural and recreational activities, fortresses and medieval architecture, or you need the sea and the beach, there are such cities. And since the country is small, you can easily travel around Montenegro. If you rent a car, then during the day you will get to any corner of the country.

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