Useful article for independent travelers. How to get from Montenegro to Serbia, from Bar or Podgorica to Belgrade. I’ll tell you about two interesting options: about a two-propeller plane and a train in the style of the “Orient Express”. You just have to choose and enjoy the trip.

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bar to belgrade train
Although the locomotive is quite new, the cars of this train from Montenegro to Belgrade remember Yugoslavia

Podgorica to Belgrade: general points

How to get from Montenegro to Serbia is a frequent question for a traveler. In this article I will not talk about the car. I will talk about two cool ways: one is a small twin propeller plane, and the second is a train through mountains and canyons. Both options have pros and cons, so the choice is yours.

Here are some general points:

  • Serbia and Montenegro are neighboring countries.
  • The distance between the capitals of Podgorica and Belgrade is only about 400 km.
  • Details about Montenegro on the world map, about neighbors and borders.

Good to know:

The entire southern part of Serbia is mountains. And in Montenegro, mountains occupy more than 80% of the country’s territory. No matter the train or plane you choose, you will have a trip with a view of the mountains.

How to get from Montenegro to Serbia: by plane

There are two international airports in Montenegro: Podgorica airport in the capital, and Tivat airport on the coast. Details about these airports, infrastructure and much more in the article at the link.

But it does not make much difference which airport to choose. Here are some facts:

  • There are only 80 km between two Montenegrin airports
  • From Podgorica airport to the coast – 50 km.
  • Tivat Airport is located on the coast.
  • What is the sea in Montenegro and everything about it.
podgorica to belgrade plane
If you choose the right flight, then fly on such a propeller-driven aircraft.

Every day, two airlines fly on the route from Montenegro to Serbia to Belgrade. These are Air Serbia and Montenegro Air. The flight time of both is about 40-50 minutes. A ticket costs approximately 40-90 euros. There are good discounts, and you can fly for 30 euros.

I advise you to choose Podgorica Airport and Air Serbia. They have 4 daily flights on this route (Podgorica to Belgrade). But the most interesting thing is that the flights are carried out by a twin-rotor ATR 72 aircraft with a capacity of 50 people.

podgorica to belgrade by plane
This is the ticket you need to look for. Air Serbia – direct flight. This is the standard price, but it can be cheaper

Good to know:

Flights on this aircraft take place at an altitude of up to 4 km, which means that the land and mountains are clearly visible.

How to get from Montenegro to Serbia: train from Bar to Belgrade

This is a train that may be older even than our parents, well, certainly older than most readers. He remembers not only Yugoslavia, but it seems to me that the Ottoman Empire as well.

Route: Bar – Podgorica to Belgrade. Two trains run daily on this route, but read more about this below. The train journey takes about 12 hours.

views on the road from montenegro to serbia
You will see such views almost all the way from the train window if the train travels during daylight hours

Good to know:

The train route passes through mountains, canyons and dozens of tunnels. This is one of the most breathtaking train routes in Europe.

Train timetable Bar – Podgorica to Belgrade

Daily, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (in winter, one train may be removed from the schedule due to the low season):

  • Train number 430 (daytime) leaves Bar at 9:00. From Podgorica it departs at 9:54. A arrives in Belgrade at 20:02. The full schedule and route of this train is in the photo below.
Train timetable Bar to Belgrade number 430
The schedule of the morning train Bar – Belgrade No. 430
  • Train number 432 (night) leaves Bar at 19:00. From Podgorica – at 19:58. A arrives in Belgrade at the central railway station at 6:08 am the next day. Route and timetable in the photo below.
Bar to Belgrade timetable
Timetable of the night train Bar to Belgrade 432

The train makes about 20 stops along the route, in different cities of the country. Read a detailed review about the cities of Montenegro here. Find out which of them are interesting for tourists, and which ones you can skip.


We have ridden this train several times now and it has never arrived at its destination on time. The average delay is 1.5-2 hours. And in winter, when the mountains are covered with snow, this train is late for 4 hours. Keep this in mind if you plan to go to the airport in Belgrade. But the departure from Bar (or from Belgrade) is always on schedule.
  • Read about the time in Montenegro, about working hours, about the punctuality of the locals, about the clock change and much more at the link.

Prices and carriages of the train Bar – Podgorica to Belgrade

On this train you can choose: seats or compartments. Moreover, there are two important points: there are no couchette cars, and compartment cars are for a different number of passengers. Therefore, you will have two options: either take a seat or accommodation in a compartment, and the more expensive the ticket, the fewer passengers will be in the same compartment with you.

  • Seat from Bar to Belgrade: 21 EUR
  • Same place from Podgorica to Belgrade: 19.2 EUR
ticket prices train bar to belgrade
Train prices from Montenegro to Serbia per seat

And then the most interesting. If you want an accommodation in a compartment, you need to pay extra:

  • Sleeping place in a 6-berth compartment: 8 EUR
    • This compartment has three beds on each side.
  • Place in 4-berth compartment: 12 EUR.
  • Place in 3-berth compartment: 16 EUR. There are three beds on one side of the compartment. The other side is empty.
  • Place in double compartment: 24 EUR.
  • If you want single compartment then you need to pay 48 EUR extra.
prices train bar beograd sleeping car
Amount of extra payment for a seat in a sleeping car

Interesting to know:

As you have already learned, a compartment can have 3, 4 or 6 beds. If you book a bed in a single compartment (21 + 48 euros), then these three beds will be in your compartment, but they will be closed, since you paid for a private compartment for 1 person. If you book one bed in a 3-seater compartment (21 + 16 Euro), then the other two beds may be occupied by other passengers.

My wife and I always book a double compartment on the night train. It costs 21 + 24 = 45 EUR per person or 90 EUR for a couple. And there will be no other passengers in our compartment.

By the way, seated cars come in two comfort classes: first and second. First class is more expensive, there are slightly fewer passengers. But sleeping cars are always only second class.

From Montenegro to Serbia: what the compartment looks like inside

These are very old trains that you are unlikely to find in your country. I will not now tell about 4- and 6-berth compartments, as well as seated cars. Because everything is pretty similar to ours. Only in the 6-berth compartment there is also a sliding ladder so that you can climb onto the top – third bed.

I’ll show you what a 1-, 2-, 3-berth compartment looks like. In addition to three beds, you will find here:

  • Table
  • Washbasin under the table
  • Under the washbasin – trash can
  • Above the table is a mirror
  • There is one 220v socket
  • Important: bed linen is already included in the price of the bed. All beds are already made when you enter the compartment, and there is no need to remove and return linen at your destination.
bar to belgrade train timetable prices what it looks like
This is how 3-berth compartment looks like, but my wife and I booked it for 90 euros and it is double for us
single compartment in the train podgorica to belgrade
This is also a triple compartment (3-berth), but if you fold the beds, it becomes a single. Pay 21 euros + 48 euros – and you will got it.
compartment car in the train bar to belgrade
And if you raise the table, you will even find a washbasin.

Travel Tips

How to get from Montenegro to Serbia is up to you. But here are some points you need to know or I can advise:

  • If it is a day train, then you can take a seat in a second-class seated carriage. The views will be amazing.
  • If you are traveling at night, then choose a sleeping car. In which compartment – depends only on your budget.
  • The night train is convenient because you save on accommodation in a hotel or apartment, which is 30-40 euros.
  • The fastest way from Montenegro to Serbia is by plane.
  • The train departs and arrives from the railway stations in the city center, that is convenient. But the airports are always outside the city.
  • You won’t be able to take a lot of luggage on the plane, but on the train you can carry as much luggage as you want.

I also advise you to read a useful article: how to get from Montenegro to Albania.

In conclusion: after reading this article, you know how to get from Montenegro to Serbia. I prefer the night train of course. You can sleep, and in the morning you are already at your destination. The only negative: at night, the border guards will wake you up for passport control, but this cannot be avoided.

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