If you search the Internet for “what mountains in Montenegro”, then we hope that you are going to this country not only to sunbathe on the beach. And you also want to see Montenegro from the other side. I’ll tell you, you won’t regret it. Although there are no high mountains in Montenegro, they are worthy of the attention of every traveler.

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Dinaric Highlands Sedlo Pass
This is the Sedlo Pass in the mountains of the Dinaric Highlands of Montenegro. Below is information about this place.

Mountains in Montenegro: general information

Let’s start with the general points.

  • 82% of the country’s territory is mountains
  • Actually, the name of the country is translated as Black Mountains
  • Highest peak: Bobotov Kuk (2522m)
  • There are 5 national parks in Montenegro. 4 of them are in the mountains, and they are created around certain mountain peaks.
  • The average height of the entire mountainous region of Montenegro is 1000 meters above sea level.

If you look below at the topographic map of the Balkan Peninsula, you can see that almost the entire territory of the country is covered with mountains. A small lowland in the form of a green spot is only near Lake Skadar, where the country’s capital Podgorica is located.

mountains in montenegro
Pay attention to this topographic map – almost the entire territory of the country is mountains

Good to know:

Roads in the mountains in Montenegro are mostly with good asphalt pavement. Gravel roads are found only in the most remote villages. Almost everywhere you can drive a regular car. It is difficult to travel by public transport in the mountains.

The most convenient option is car rental. In Montenegro, it is inexpensive, accessible to everyone, and driving is generally comfortable and safe. Read everything about car rental, traffic rules, traffic jams and other features at the link.

Dinaric Highlands: what tourists need to know

If we take all the mountains of Montenegro for 100%, then the Dinaric Highlands (also called the Dinaric Alps or Dinarides) is about 80-90%. Most of the country’s territory lies precisely on the Dinaric Highlands.

The highest peak – Bobotov Kuk is also in this mountain range. The main differences between the mountains in this part of the country from others:

  • Gentle slopes without sharp peaks. Almost all peaks can be climbed without climbing equipment.
  • Most of the slopes are covered with trees and shrubs.
  • In summer, all the snow on all the peaks melts. By September, there is no snow even on the highest peak.

Dinaric Highlands: what and where to see

Below are the main tourist places that will not leave anyone indifferent. Follow the links to read full reviews, how to get there, prices and so on.

  • Durmitor National Park: a big overview
  • Coordinates: 43.148473451512054, 19.097177769286002
  • Here you will see:
    • Black Lake: mountain glacial lake with turquoise water
    • The top of Mount Bobotov Kuk and the opportunity to make a hike
    • Tara River Canyon, one of the deepest canyons in the world
    • The Tara Bridge – an arched bridge, a masterpiece of engineering
    • The highest mountain pass Sedlo
    • Insanely beautiful mountain roads: P4 and P14
Mountain lake in Durmitor park
Mountains in Montenegro: Black Lake in Durmitor Park

what mountains in montenegro
Biogradska mountain and lake. You can rent a kayak or boat

  • Lovcen National Park: the most honest review
  • Coordinates: 42.39725148886088, 18.8425869447048
  • This park is the closest to the coast and popular tourist resorts, with the highest peak on the entire coast.
  • Only 30 km from Budva and Kotor.
  • Here you will see:
    • Breathtaking view of the Bay of Kotor from observation decks
    • View of Budva from observation decks
    • Two mountain peaks, one of which can be climbed
    • Mausoleum of Njegos – Governor of Montenegro
    • Ethno village Njegusi, where every family makes and sells homemade prosciutto
mountains in montenegro
Observation deck on the Bay of Kotor from Mount Lovcen

These are the main places in the Dinaric Highlands where you can visit the mountains in Montenegro. These three parks will be enough for you for 4 days, since no one comes to Durmitor for 1 day. You need at least 2 nights here to see the whole area.

Albanian Alps or Prokletije Mountains

In the humble opinion of the author (me) – these are the most beautiful mountains in Montenegro. They occupy only a small piece of the country and are located on the border with Albania.

mountain montenegro
This is the Albanian Alps.

This mountainous region of Montenegro is distinguished by high (over 2000m) impregnable cliffs. From the middle of the slopes there is absolutely no vegetation on them. And snow can still lie here in September. In winter, the entire valley is covered with 5 meters of snow, and no one is left here, even the locals.

  • The main place where you need to go in the Prokletije mountains is the Grebaje Valley.
  • Coordinates: 42.512933331480795, 19.779985925312037
  • There is a small village where all the houses are rented to tourists. At the end of the village there is a large field for campers and tents for free.
  • The main entertainment for travelers is hiking to various peaks for the whole day. There are more than 40 marked mountain routes here.
  • Great overview of the Grebaje Valley: how to get there, accommodation, prices, routes
mountains in montenegro valley grebaje
Grebaje Valley

Travel Tips

I recommend everyone to spend part of their vacation in the mountains. Because Montenegro is not only the sea and beaches. Montenegro is about mountains.

  • If you don’t have time at all, there is only 1 daylight, then you can only visit Lovcen Park.
  • From Podgorica in one day comfortably (if you have a car) you can go and return to the Biogradska Gora park. There is a toll road. Drive about 1 hour.
  • For 1 day you will not have time to visit anything else.
  • If you don’t want difficult mountain trekking, but you want to look at the mountains and live there, you want to visit interesting places by car, drive along beautiful roads and sometimes make small hiking trips, then Durmitor Park is for you. Here, all interesting locations can be reached by car.
  • Well, if hiking in the mountains for the whole day with a height difference of 1000m does not scare you and you are physically ready, then you only need to go to the Prokletiye Mountains.
  • I recommend staying 2 nights in both Durmitor and Prokletije. Not less, maybe more.
  • And everything about Montenegro in winter: weather, snow, ski resorts, read the article at the link.

In conclusion: many tourists who come here for the first time do not expect that the mountains in Montenegro occupy almost the entire territory of the country. And in fact, Montenegro is not a sea and resort country, but a mountainous one. But most tourists stay sunbathing on the beach and do not know about the beauties 1-2 hours from the coast. But now you know it 🙂

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