I’ll tell you about Montenegro travel budget. What expenses await you? How much a vacation for two costs? All prices will be average. Someone will find expense items where to spend more. A another tourist can easily find how to save money.

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Montenegro travel budget is highly dependent on the season

Montenegro travel budget: general points

As I said, I will tell you about the most average expenses that await a tourist in Montenegro. You decide what you give up and what you plan to spend more money on. All travelers love a different kind of recreation. Some people can spend two weeks on the beach. And someone wants to visit new places every day.

General things to know:

  • In Montenegro the currency is Euro. Read more about this in the article at the link. Find out where they accept only cash, and where you can pay by card. What to do if you came to Montenegro with a different currency and where you can exchange money, and much more.
  • Montenegro travel budget is strongly influenced by travel around the country. Someone will go on one or two main excursions, and someone needs to drive all the mountains and visit all the interesting locations.
montenegro vacation prices for two
There is no way to get to this mountain pass Sedlo without a car. I recommend to include the cost of car rental in Montenegro travel budget. For at least 3-4 days. It’s worth it

I will indicate in euros: all prices, expenses. Below we consider two options: you go on a trip on your own or you buy a tour to Montenegro. We will calculate for 10 days of rest, the usual rest time for tourists. And I take prices for the high season: June-August. This is the most popular time of the year for tourists.

Good to know:

The number of package tourists and independent tourists in Montenegro is approximately the same. It is easy to plan your own vacation here. You can also buy a package tour and have a comfortable rest at the hotel.

How much does a vacation cost for two: independent travel

So the expense items for two are as follows (we consider a tourist trip from London):

  • London-Podgorica tickets are about 190 euros round-trip per person with luggage (direct flight by low-cost airline). Total about 400 euros for two. You can save some money if you take one piece of luggage for two.
  • Accommodation. On average, standard apartments in Budva, Ulcinj, Kotor in the season cost about 30-40 euros per day. There will be a kitchen, a small terrace. Exactly the same apartment in May and October will cost 20 euros. Total: 10 days = 350 euros.
  • Car rental. Traveling around Montenegro by public transport is uncomfortable, there are a lot of transfers, and it’s not cheap. More than 70% of all tourists in Montenegro rent a car. 5 days is enough for many tourists to visit all places of interest.
    • Details about car rental in Montenegro: pitfalls, personal experience, police, roads, parking lots and more.
    • In high season car rental for 1 day with insurance is about 40 euros. +10 euros per day for petrol and parking fees is the maximum, here the distances are very small. Total – 250 euros for car rental for 5 days.
montenegro tour price for two
By car you can get to such parts of Montenegro.
  • A full dinner for two with alcohol in a mid-range restaurant is about 30 euros. Add another 20 euros for breakfast, lunch, snacks throughout the day. Breakfast is often included in the price when booking a hotel room and even some apartments. Total for two: 50 euros per day on average.
    • Total: 500 euros = meals + alcohol.
  • Other expenses: SIM card with internet, entrance tickets to attractions – 100 euros for two.
  • Souvenirs and gifts to take home – 50 more euros. Montenegro is not a country where you can spend a fortune on gifts. There are not many things to bring from here. You can find the full list of gifts from Montenegro here.
  • Another expense item is the rent of a sun lounger (sun bed) and umbrella. It is important for some tourists because the beaches are pebbly and it is uncomfortable to lie on a towel. But the beaches are very crowded during the high season at popular resorts, without a sun lounger it’s even difficult to find a place.
    • Two sun loungers, a table and an umbrella = 15 euros per day. If you spend 5 days traveling around the country, then another 5 days on the beach. Total 75 euros for two. Some hotels have private beaches where sun loungers can be used free of charge.
how much does a holiday in montenegro cost
For a place in the sun in an inexpensive country 15 euros a day?

Another 100 euros for incidental expenses that may be. Be sure to buy travel insurance, it is inexpensive, but in which case it will save you a fortune.

Total Montenegro travel budget is :

For two for 10 days in the high season for independent travelers will be: about 1800-1900 euros.

At the same time, there are some expense items where you can easily save money: food, car rental, sun loungers. And even in the high season you can have a rest without problems for 1500 euros.

And if you plan a trip at another time of the year, then accommodation and car rental will cost almost two times less. The beaches are half empty, the prices in restaurants are lower. And you can easily spend up to 1500 for the whole holiday.

Package tour: Montenegro travel budget for two

And now briefly about the package tour. A large article with prices, where to buy ready-made tours, what options – you can find at the link.

Good to know:

The tour already includes: flights, transfers to the hotel, accommodation, insurance, a beach with sun loungers or a pool with sun loungers, and almost always breakfast. Everything else will need to be paid.
  • A 10-day package tour from London in the high season of 2024 to a 4-star hotel with breakfast will cost about 1300 euros.
Montenegro travel budget
An excellent apart-hotel in Kotor, you can get here by purchasing a package tour.

We add here:

  • Dinners, alcohol – about 30 euros per day. Total 300 euros
  • Car rental 5 days + petrol and parking = 250 euros
  • Souvenirs to take home = 50 euros
  • Other incidental expenses = 100 euros
  • SIM cards and entry to attractions = 100 euros

Good to know:

I didn’t add excursions to any of the options. But if you don’t have the opportunity to rent a car, for example, you don’t have a driver’s license, then you will also spend these 250 euros on 3-4 excursions to interesting places in Montenegro.

How much does a vacation in Montenegro cost for two if you buy a package tour: 10 days will cost about 2000 euros. And if you find a tour at a discount and in the low season, then 1500 euros is enough for two.

Where to look for tours to Montenegro for early booking or last minute:

Travel Tips

It is important to understand a few things here:

  • In countries such as Montenegro, Croatia, Greece, it is easy to plan an independent vacation. And package tours are always more expensive. But the difference in price is not very big, it will turn out 300-500 euros for two.
  • Holidays in Montenegro today cannot be called the cheapest. However, everything is much more expensive in neighboring Croatia: food, accommodation, car rental. Where better to go on vacation: Croatia or Montenegro.
how much does a holiday in montenegro cost for two
The sea, coast and beaches in Montenegro and Croatia are very similar: they are one coastline. In the photo Croatia, but in Montenegro everything is exactly the same.

Here are some top tips for budget travelers:

  • It is not necessary to rent an apartment or a hotel room on the seafront. Accommodation within 500 meters from the beaches is much cheaper.
  • Come to Montenegro in May or September-October. There are fewer people, prices are much lower, but it’s still warm and everything is open.
  • Dinner at a restaurant on the seafront is usually twice as expensive, and the portions are half as much.
  • Never give up car rental. The car increases your mobility. And there are so many beautiful places.
  • Book in advance, it is always cheaper.

In conclusion: Montenegro travel budget is not easy to calculate. For some, 1,000 euros is enough, and for some, 3,000 is not enough. But on average, most tourists spend 2,000 euros on a trip to Montenegro. And how much does a vacation in Montenegro cost for package tourists? The question is even simpler: 1500 to 2500 euros. In the high season. But there are plenty of opportunities to save money here too.

I wish you all an unforgettable holiday in Montenegro, so you budget can take any kinds of expense!

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