Montenegro is a European country, and you can get here from various airports in Europe. I will tell you how to get to Montenegro from the UK, France, Germany, and other European countries, as well as the USA and Canada. How long is the flight. There will be tips and advice on how to save time and money. Find out which route is better to choose, and which airports have the best connection. And of course, there will be information about direct flights.

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How to get to Montenegro: general information

Let’s start with general points that will help you get an idea of ​​where Montenegro is in general.

You can also get to Montenegro by train from Belgrade (Serbia), by ferry from Italy, and many travelers prefer to travel by car.

Below are the shortest distances to the capital of Montenegro Podgorica from European cities if you travel by car:

  • Berlin – Podgorica: 1661 km
  • Paris – Podgorica: 2022 km
  • Vienna – Podgorica: 1031 km.
how to travel to montenegro
The route by car is not easy, runs through the mountains, and can take almost a day.

Everything about a visa to Montenegro for foreign citizens.

How to get to Montenegro from UK, France, Germany, US, Canada

The vast majority of tourists arrive in Montenegro by plane. According to the local Ministry of Tourism – this is more than 80% of all travelers.

Podgorica Airport and Tivat Airport receive planes from many European cities. Low-cost airlines such as Wizzair and Ryanair also fly here.

In addition, there are several flights a day from some cities:

  • from Belgrade (Serbia) – 4 flights a day by Air Serbia and Air Montenegro.
  • from Istanbul (Turkey) – 2 flights a day by Turkish Airlines.
    • This option is convenient for tourists who fly from Eastern or Asian countries.

As for direct flights from European capitals and major cities:

  • Ryanair operates direct flights from London to Montenegro.
  • from Vienna – by Austrian Airlines
  • from Rome and Milan – low-cost carriers Wizzair and Ryanair
  • from several cities in Germany – the same way,
  • from Warsaw – LOT, and from Polish cities – also low-cost airlines.

There are no direct flights from Paris to Montenegro, but you can fly with one short transfer through any European airport.

As you can see, if you are in Europe, then it is easy to get to Montenegro by any low-cost airline, from almost any major European city.

getting to montenegro
These propeller-driven aircraft fly from Belgrade to Podgorica.

The route will be a little more difficult for US and Canadian citizens:

  • the fastest option is via Istanbul Airport (Turkey) by Turkish Airlines. You can get to Podgorica from, for example, New York in 12 hours.
  • The cheapest (and longest) route is through European cities with many connections, which can take several days.
From the countries of the East and Asia, as well as from the American continent, the fastest way to get to Montenegro is through Istanbul Airport

Ho to get to Montenegro: direct flights

As I said above, you can get to Montenegro from various European cities by direct flight.

Below there will be two dynamic blocks that show real-time direct flights to Montenegro.

Istanbul – Podgorica (direct flights):

Belgrade – Podgorica (direct flights):

London – Podgorica (direct flights):

Vienna – Podgorica (direct flights):

Flight time to Montenegro

A short but important chapter, especially interesting for travelers with children. In fact, the flight is not long. From almost any European city, a direct flight will last no more than a few hours. Read more about holidays in Montenegro with children here.

The shortest flight from the American continent with a connection in Istanbul will take about 12 hours.

Below is a block of the most convenient and fastest flights from Paris to Montenegro. You can click on each flight to see the detailed route and schedule.

How to get to Montenegro: travel tips

Here are the main tips when you buy tickets. They will help you save both money and time.

  • The cheapest flights are offered by low-cost companies Wizzair and Ryanair. However, most likely you will need to buy additional luggage, and the cost of the ticket may increase. However, due to the large route network of these companies, most tourists prefer to use their services.
  • The wider your range of departure dates, the easier it is to find cheap tickets


Montenegro has two international airports that receive flights from all over Europe and beyond. These are the airport in Podgorica and the airport in Tivat. You need to look for tickets in both. There is no particular difference where to fly, between the airports there is only 80 km distance. Buy tickets to where it is cheaper or where there are better and more convenient connections.
  • If you are flying with a transfer, it is recommended that both flights be on the same airline. Then you will be an internal client of the company, and if the first flight is delayed and the second flight is missed, the airline will solve your problem, not you.
flights to montenegro
Both segments by one airline is very good

Read everything about the international airports of Montenegro in this article. There is a lot of useful information about airport infrastructure and transfers.

In conclusion: the coronavirus pandemic and the unstable situation in Eastern Europe have made adjustments to air travel around the world. At present, post-COVID times, getting to Montenegro is quite easy, and this country is looking forward to tourists and travelers from all over the world.

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