First of all, this article will tell you about the pros and cons of Montenegro for tourists. If you are going to stay here for a long time, then many of the following will also be useful. But we all know that living in a country and traveling are two different things. Some little things that can amuse you as a tourist will begin to annoy you after half a year of living in the country.

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Disadvantages of Montenegro
This is what the beaches of Montenegro look like in the high season 🙁

Disadvantages of Montenegro for tourists

Let’s start with the cons, everyone is interested in them. I will tell you briefly, where necessary I will give some comments, many things will be clear even so.

  • Montenegrins smoke a lot. Everyone smokes: both men and women and the elderly. They also smoke in public places: in cafes, in public transport, etc.
    • Although in 2020 smoking was officially banned in cafes and restaurants, there are ashtrays everywhere and you can continue to smoke. Finding a place that has a non-smoking room is quite difficult.
  • In Montenegro, there will be certain difficulties for those who come with small kids with a pram. Many resort towns are located on hills, narrow sidewalks are often occupied by cars, the road surface is often cobblestone, and there are many steps under a steep slope. The flattest coastal cities for walking with children are Budva and Bar in my opinion.
  • There are no wide and many kilometers beaches in Montenegro. Although there is one – 13 km long, this is Velika Plaža near Ulcinj, on the border with Albania in the very south of Montenegro. All other beaches are much smaller, often 50-100 meters, only pebbles of different sizes or just concrete or stone slabs. The biggest problem with the beaches in the cities of the Bay of Kotor.
  • There are a lot of people during the high season. The length of the coast is slightly more than 200 km, and about 3 million people come every year. The beaches are very crowded, there are traffic jams on the roads, a lot of garbage everywhere. But since September the situation is getting better.
pros and cons of montenegro beaches
Most of the beaches, especially urban ones, especially in the Bay of Kotor, are just like that. The photo was taken at the end of October. In July there is no free space.

Perhaps these are all the main disadvantages of Montenegro for tourists. In fact, everything is not so scary, and let’s get to the advantages of Montenegro.

Advantages of Montenegro

And there are many more advantages and they cover all the disadvantages.

  • Visa-free for 30-90 days for more than half of the countries of the world.
  • The currency is the Euro, which is very convenient. Got off the plane – and no need to exchange currency.
    • The most interesting thing is that Montenegro is not a member of the EU and the Euro zone, but here the Euro currency is used “illegally”. How it happened, read the article – the currency of Montenegro.
  • Ideal Mediterranean climate with mild winters. In the winter months on the coast – about 15 degrees Celsius
  • 300+ sunny days per year
  • Convenient country location: short flights from anywhere in Europe. You do not need to fly a day like to the Caribbean or Bali.
  • Much cheaper than in neighboring Croatia, while the climate is warmer, and the landscapes, sea and nature are very similar.
  • Very hospitable people. They are very hospitable and treat tourists like their friends. They especially love kids.
  • Excellent cuisine, large portions, a meat eater’s paradise. But vegetarians won’t starve here either.
  • The country offers various options for recreation: the sea of amazing beauty, high mountains and well-preserved medieval architecture.
  • It’s safe here. There are petty thieves here, of course, but it’s like in any tourist place.
  • The country is quite small in area – active travelers can drive it up and down in 2 weeks of vacation.
advantages of holidays in montenegro for tourists
The country has everything: sea, mountains, architecture and two thousand years of history

Pros and cons of Montenegro for tourists: general tips

Let’s just say that you don’t particularly notice the cons, which I mentioned in the article. Probably the only thing is that the crowds of people on the beach during the high season can be annoying. Sometimes it is difficult to find even a place for your beach towel. But on the other hand, the situation is the same on many European coasts.

In conclusion: every country has its own specifics. The pros and cons of Montenegro are no exception. But the annual tourist flow of millions of people proves that Montenegro has much more advantages. Come here for a holiday, you will be delighted. And the kids will love it.

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