A useful article for those who want to learn more about holidays with kids in Montenegro. I’ll tell you what to expect, what difficulties may arise. And you will also learn the pleasant advantages of travelling in Montenegro with kids. The country is very similar in character to most Eastern European countries. However, there are points you need to know.

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montenegro with kids
Montenegrin cuisine is great for children. Lots of fresh vegetables. Salad is most often always just peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes with herbs and light spices (Shopski salad)

Holidays with kids in Montenegro: general points

Here are a few general points about Montenegro with kids:

  • Montenegro is located on the Balkan Peninsula, which means that the flight here from European cities is very short. The duration of the direct flight is no more than 3 hours.
  • Mediterranean climate. There are 300+ sunny days a year and mild winters on the coast. It is very comfortable for kids here.
  • Calm sea. Often even the sound of the surf is practically absent. In many cities and beaches, the entrance to the water is shallow and uniform. Holidays with children in Montenegro will be just wonderful.

But these are all general points that are clear to everyone if you just look at the map of the world where Montenegro is located. And now let’s go over the specific pros and cons of holidays with children in this country.

holidays with kids in Montenegro
Most of the beaches in Montenegro are just like that. There are much more people in the high season, and pebbles instead of sand on the beach

Difficulties and challenges you may face when traveling in Montenegro with kids

Let’s start with those points that can create some difficulties. But they won’t ruin your vacation. Millions of tourists with kids annually prove that you definitely don’t need to give up vacation in Montenegro because of this:

  • Montenegrins smoke a lot. Everyone smokes, both men and women. And everywhere. On the street, on the beach, in a cafe, in a train car and so on.
    • Although Montenegro has a ban on smoking in cafes and restaurants since 2019 or 2020, this ban is poorly enforced. There are ashtrays everywhere, and you will find a non-smoking room with great difficulty.
  • Baby carriage. If you are not spending your vacation in Budva or Bar, then moving around the city with a baby carrier turns into an obstacle course.
    • There are a lot of cities and resorts where there are no sidewalks at all.
    • Most cities are located on the slopes of hills and mountains, and you need to go uphill or downhill.
  • Very often the streets are paved with stones or there are a lot of steps without a ramp. Then it is very difficult to pass with a pram or with a suitcase on wheels.
    • Therefore, you need to choose a resort so that there are no problems on your holidays with kids in Montenegro.
  • Well, one more thing, this is baby food and other necessary things for a kids, especially small babies. On the one hand there is no big problem, but the choice of purees, baby formulas not as large as we are used to.
    • Remember one important point: you can find all baby food and baby products in pharmacies. The range is very limited in supermarkets. By the way, this also applies to sunscreens, you will not find them in the supermarket, only in pharmacies.
  • And one more thing: there are few sandy beaches in the country. Mostly the beaches are pebbly.
All about montenegro with kids
In fact, this photo was taken in neighboring Albania. But in almost any city on the coast in Montenegro, the old town and the center look exactly like this and you will walk the same way with a pram

Holidays with kids in Montenegro: advantages

And there are much more advantages and they cover all the disadvantages:

  • Montenegrins love children very much and they are always glad to see your kid
  • There are many playgrounds on the waterfront of any city. There are places for kids to run and play.
montenegro for kids
Such playgrounds are found on the promenade of any city in Montenegro
  • As I said before: very good climate.
  • In Montenegro, the time difference with European cities is + – 1 hour. This means that the chance of getting jetlag (which is often confused with acclimatization) is much less. Adaptation of children to a new climate and time goes unnoticed.
    • Everything about the time in Montenegro, about the punctuality of the locals and the opening hours of shops / restaurants.
  • Excellent national cuisine, healthy food. Basic foods: vegetables, cheeses, meat, fish, bread and lots of fruit.

In conclusion: holidays with kids in Montenegro are wonderful. You can prepare for all the main disadvantages that were listed above. And choose the right resort. And no troubles that may arise will occur.

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