An ambiguous and little-known Montenegrin resort on the Adriatic Sea – Sutomore. In this article you will find a complete overview of this town. I will tell you about all the beaches, give the coordinates of the best restaurants. You will learn about the attractions in the city and its environs. And most importantly, you decide for yourself whether to go to Sutomore on vacation or choose another resort.

Table of contents:

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Attractions in Sutomore
The photo in the title of the article was taken in early November, and this is in mid-August. There are really so many people on the beach during the high season.

Sutomore: general information

Below is general information and some facts about the city:

  • The name of the city Sutomore comes from the words ‘land’ and ‘sea’.
  • Until the 15th century, there is no mention of the city in this place. The history of the city began only with the conquest of these lands by the Turks.
  • Today the population of Sutomore is about 3000 people. In the high season, together with tourists – 50,000.
  • City coordinates on the map: 42.14190137771442, 19.047260421943104
  • For the last 200 years it was a small fishing village.
  • Tourism here began to develop actively only in the last 15 years. To date, there are no more than 10 hotels here. Most accommodation options are private apartment rentals.

It’s important to know:

Today, the Sutomore resort in Montenegro is considered the cheapest on the entire Montenegrin coast.

As a result, a lot of locals rest here during the high season in summer. Many come on vacation from Podgorica, from Niksic to a beach holiday.

How to get there: by bus, by train

If you look at the map, you’ll see that Sutomore has a great location. It is located in a triangle between the three major cities of the country: Budva, Bar and Podgorica. By the way, this is another reason why the locals from Podgorica come here to the sea. From Podgorica to Sutomore is only 30 km along a straight road, this will take a little more than half an hour.

  • Important to know: there are no direct buses from both airports in the country. You only need to travel with transfers.

There is no problem to get there by car or taxi. And here is what you need to know about the bus and train to Sutomore:

  • Many buses from Bar, Budva, Ulcinj, Podgorica run daily in Sutomore.
how to get to sutomore
Timetables and prices for bus Podgorica – Sutomore

There are three times more buses from Budva and Bar than from Podgorica. You need to buy a ticket at the bus station in your city. All about the buses and trains of the country, the current schedule, read the link.

Good to know:

Podgorica and Bar are connected by the only railway line in the country that goes to the coast. Trains run along this route. 6-10 trains per day depending on the season. The trains have many stops along the way. They stop at stations near Podgorica Airport and in Sutomore. And this is the most convenient way from Podgorica airport to come to Bar or Sutomore. About one hour on the way, costs 3 euros.

The best hotels and apartments in Sutomore

Today, almost every resident of Sutomore rents apartments for tourists. Conditions vary everywhere. But most likely there will be one bedroom, living room with kitchen, garden or terrace, car parking.

Since this is a cheap resort, the cost of renting budget apartments will be about 20-30 euros per day. For example, the same apartments in Budva in the high season will definitely be more expensive than 30 euros.

There are still few hotels, but they exist and new ones are under construction. There will be much more hotels in Sutomore in 3 years.

Sutomore city map
Almost the entire city is located a little away from the beaches and the sea. Carefully choose your accommodation, otherwise you risk going to the sea for 2-3 km in each direction

Good to know:

If you look at the map above, you will notice that most of the city is not by the sea. The farther from the sea, the higher the hill, but the rent is cheaper. This is another reason why this resort is so cheap. If the distance from the beach is important for you, pay attention to this.

And below you can find a dynamic rating of the most popular hotels and apartments in Sutomore. Click, see photos, prices, location on the map, read reviews.

The best taverns and restaurants in Sutomore

The city is small, but there are many restaurants here. In Montenegro, there is no problem to find a cafe to have a tasty meal. I will only mark the cafes that I like 🙂

All cafes will be marked on the map of attractions and beaches in the city. The map will be below in the chapter: Attractions.

All three cafes from the list below serve national Montenegrin cuisine, large servings and affordable prices:

Overview of the city’s beaches: urban, nudist, tunnel beach

I will say right away there are no attractions in the city. All the main attractions of Sutomore are beaches.

It’s important to know:

All photos below were taken in April or October-November, when there are almost no tourists at the resort. During the high season in July-August, the beaches of Sutomore are overcrowded. But it will be so in any resort of the country during this period. Another problem is that locals put sun loungers on almost everywhere on the beach, and there is no free space for those sunbathing on towels. And renting a sun lounger and an umbrella in August costs 15 euros per day.

All beaches are marked on the sights map in the next chapter.

  • The city’s main beach is called Sutomore Beach. Its length is approximately 1 km. There is a promenade, many restaurants and cafes. The northern part is pebbly, and to the south the beach becomes small-pebbly and even a little sandy. There are most tourists here during the season.
sutomore montenegro
Sutomore main beach, late October. View from the center of the beach to the south, towards Bar
  • Malevik beaches. Two small pebble beaches in the north of Sutomore. Walk from the main beach for about 15 minutes. The length of the beaches is not more than 200 meters. There is a cafe on the Malevik beach, sun loungers for rent. There are a lot of tourists too.
    • On the second beach, Malevik, which is smaller, there are areas with therapeutic mud. I don’t know how curative it is, but tourists are happy to smear themselves. By the way, this beach is semi-wild.
Sutomore beaches
Small Malevik beach
  • 800 meters south of the main beach is the nudist FKK Beach, marked on the map below. Large stones, inconvenient water entry, great depth, there are no ordinary tourists, but nudists.
  • Štrbina beach, locals call it a horseshoe. Since it is shaped like a horseshoe. A small beach closed on all sides in a bay without wind and waves. There are sun loungers, a restaurant, in the high season the beach is crowded.
horseshoe beach in sutomore
Horseshoe beach
  • A little to the south of the main beach, about 400 meters, there is the Golden Beach, or Zlatna Obala beach. The beach is beautiful, between the rocks, but closed. It is considered a private area of the Golden Coast Hotel. You can certainly argue with them that there are no closed beaches in Montenegro.

And now the cherry on the cake, the most unusual beach in the city, and for many – the best. Devocen Beach is a small beach under a rock. There are few pebbles and no sun loungers, large boulders and stones. Sunbathe right on them. There are places where you can jump from a cliff from several meters.

But it is popular with tourists not for this. There is only one road to Devocen beach – through a two hundred meter tunnel in the rock. Moreover, the tunnel is not for people, it was once cut through for sea water. And now people go there. The tunnel is not illuminated, a flashlight on the phone will be enough.

the most unusual Sutomore beach
This is almost the entire Devochen beach, you can see the entrance to the tunnel
tunnel in the sutomore
The tunnel is perfectly straight. The ceiling looks low, but in fact you can go to full height. You see a white dot in the distance – this is the light at the end of the tunnel, well, or the way out.

Attractions in Sutomore

I have already said above, but I repeat: Sutomore is not the city where tourists go for attractions.

All more or less significant places can be covered in 3-4 hours. And so long because they are far apart.

Below is a map of the best restaurants, all the beaches and attractions of the city:

Green marks are beaches

Purple – taverns and restaurants

Dark red – attractions

And below is a small list of locations where you can go for a walk along Sutomore.

  • Ottoman fortress on the hill Haj-Nehaj. Heavily damaged and abandoned. Height above sea level 230 meters. Good trekking uphill. Gorgeous views of the city and the sea from the top of the hill. The best attraction in Sutomore, or rather what remains of it.
  • Ottoman Fort Tabia. The climb is very easy and very close to the main beach. The views are also beautiful, but from the first fortress – better.
    • Both are free and available 24/7.
  • In general, this list of interesting places is over, there are also about 10 churches. The two most worthy I marked on the map: the church of St. Thekla and St. Petka. A beautiful road leads to St. Petka’s church.
observation deck in sutomore
View from the hill and from the walls of the ruined fortress of Haj-Nehaj. The second fortress is in even worse condition.

If you are going on vacation in Sutomore, then you will visit all the sights of the city at a very leisurely pace in the first two days. And then tourists begin to explore the surroundings. Of the advantages of this resort – a large number of interesting places within a radius of 50 km from the city. If you have a car, then an hour’s drive from Sutomore there are:

In conclusion: the city of Sutomore is a very strange resort with one clear advantage – a convenient location for day trips around the country. You can get to Budva in a day, and Kotor, and southern Ulcinj. At the same time, there is absolutely nothing to see in the city itself, there are no attractions here. It would be nice if there were heavenly beaches, but they are not the best either. There are beaches, but they are very crowded during the high season. To go here or not, it’s up to you. In any case, you will get your portion of impressions, the sea and the sun.

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