3-star hotels in Seychelles probably make up the largest group, providing plenty of options to choose from. I’ll share insights on what to consider when booking, where to find the best hotels/villas/apartments, and provide a dynamic list of the most popular options on the islands.

3-star hotels in Seychelles: General Information

Within the pages of this guide, there is a comprehensive and essential article about accommodation in the Seychelles, covering the types available and their unique features. I recommend giving it a read, but here are the key points that apply to all 3-star hotels in Seychelles:

  • All beaches in the Seychelles are free and public. While there are private beaches, they are mostly found in luxury five-star resorts and are limited. Therefore, you will likely be enjoying the public beaches accessible to everyone.
  • It’s crucial that your hotel is officially authorized accommodation in the Seychelles. Otherwise, you may encounter issues when obtaining entry permits to the country. To avoid this, it’s recommended to book through major rental resources, with all the links provided at the end of the article.
3-star hotels in Seychelles
Here’s an excellent example of a hotel on the municipal beach of Beau Vallon. The photo may not depict a 3-star hotel, but it illustrates the hotel, the road in front, and then the beach. While there may be a designated area with loungers for the hotel, the beach is open to everyone. The situation is similar for 3-star hotels in Seychelles.
  • Upon check-in, be prepared to pay an environmental levy, which is rarely included in the room rate and is always requested separately from tourists. The levy depends on the size of the hotel, the number of rooms, and will not exceed 100 Seychellois rupees per person per day (approximately 7 euros).
  • I recommend bringing a power adapter for three-star hotels, as the Seychelles use English-style outlets, and adapters for our plugs are not always available.
  • For those unsure about whether to choose a hotel without meals, with breakfast, or all-inclusive, it’s a complex and personal decision. Food is one of the most significant expenses, and it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons, considering the hotel’s location, nearby dining options, and the availability of shops. This article on the budget for Seychelles travel and expense breakdown may help.

List of 3-Star Hotels in Seychelles and Excellent Villas

Below is a dynamic list of excellent 3-star hotels, cool villas, and stylish apartments on Mahé and Praslin. Each option allows you to click, view photos, prices, and reviews. Importantly, all services work exclusively with authorized accommodation in the Seychelles.

Travel Tips

Here are a few general tips to help you make decisions:

  • Seychelles is a small country with only 95 thousand inhabitants, and the number of available rooms is limited. It’s not like Turkey or Thailand, where there are thousands of hotels. There are around 20-30 hotels in each star category here, so the choices are restricted. The best options get booked six months in advance.
  • Once you’ve purchased tickets, start looking for and booking hotels right away; waiting is not advisable. The closer the departure date, the fewer reasonable options there will be. During holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s, the country’s occupancy rate exceeds 97%. It’s clear that only very expensive options remain available.
  • I also recommend reading a useful article about cheap hotels in the Seychelles; you might find what you’re looking for there.

In conclusion, 3-star hotels in Seychelles offer a good level of service and amenities at prices significantly lower than four and five-star hotels. It’s an excellent choice for budget-conscious travelers who don’t want to spend a fortune on their vacation. While the Seychelles, in general, may not be the cheapest destination, it’s certainly a compelling alternative to consider instead of returning to Turkey 🙂

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