For those who are simply curious about the time zone in the Seychelles, the answer is UTC+4. If you want to know more about the time in Seychelles, the time difference with other countries, daylight saving time, the punctuality of locals, shop opening hours, jet lag – read on, it will be at least helpful, and perhaps even interesting.

Time in Seychelles: time zone, daylight saving time

Let’s start with some general information that will give you a clear picture:

  • The Seychelles is in the UTC+4 time zone.
  • As the country is situated near the equator, the duration of day and night remains constant throughout the year. Consequently, there’s no need to adjust clocks for daylight saving time. I recommend reading the article on where the Seychelles are located on the world map.
time in seychelles
The vertical blue stripe represents the UTC+4 time zone, where the Seychelles are located.

The most common question from tourists I hear about time in the Seychelles is: what’s the time difference with other cities and countries? So, the time difference with the Seychelles is as follows:

  • New York – 9 hours in winter, 8 in summer.
  • London – 5 hours in winter, 4 in summer.
  • Paris – 4 hours in winter, 3 in summer.
  • Warsaw, Prague – 3 hours in winter, 2 in summer.
  • In Istanbul, they don’t change to winter time; the difference with the Seychelles is always 1 hour.

Interesting to know:

The Seychelles is a small island nation, and the entire country is in one time zone. There is a single time throughout the whole country.

Shop hours, restaurants, public transport schedules

Let me convey the essence, and you’ll understand it all yourself.

Interesting to know:

The Seychelles are like a big village, and life here is paced like in a village. This applies to the rhythm of life and its schedule. It’s not like Paris or New York, where life never sleeps and everything is buzzing around the clock.

Everything opens early and closes early in the Seychelles. Here are a few examples, but they apply to all spheres of life:

  • Throughout the year, it gets dark around 6.30 pm on the islands. And when the sun sets, life comes to a halt.
  • After 8 pm, almost nothing operates. All shops, local establishments are closed. Many buses no longer run. After 8 pm, apart from tourists, everyone is practically asleep. There’s some life around tourist beaches and restaurants, usually open until around 10 pm.
seychelles time difference
All a tourist needs to know about time in Seychelles: by 8 pm, almost nothing is open, even the take-away joints where you can grab a meal.

However, all eateries, including popular take-away joints, where both tourists and locals dine, usually start operating around lunchtime, 12-1 pm. By 7 pm, almost everything is closed. A useful article about restaurants and take-aways in the Seychelles, menus, prices, and many life hacks.

On the punctuality of locals

As the entire country is like one big village, the pace of life here is very slow. No one rushes or hurries anywhere. The average speed on the roads is 30 km/h.

I cannot label the locals as punctual. But it’s not like neighboring Zanzibar, where 5 minutes can easily mean 3 hours.

Yes, locals might be late. You arrange to pick up/drop off a rental car at 9 am, and they might arrive at 9.30, acting as if they’re on time. Buses run without a schedule; they come when they please. Indian grocery stores, scattered all over the island, operate on their own terms. If the seller feels tired, they might shut the door and nap in a corner. They’ll wake up in an hour and reopen the shop. Take-away joints may work today and then stay closed for three days because the cook has other things to do. That’s the norm here.

Seychelles time difference with
Around 80% of the country’s population are Creoles. They are kind, smiling, always happy to assist tourists. They don’t see you just as a wallet.

But again, in general, you can negotiate and do business with the locals, and they are reliable. Being 20 minutes late is just a national peculiarity you need to get used to.

Briefly on jet lag

It concerns tourists choosing vacation destinations and those traveling with children.

Jet lag, or traveler’s sickness:

Jet lag is discomfort caused by a sudden change in time zones. It’s often confused with acclimatization. For example, you arrive from our winter to a summer vacation spot, and the next day, your child has a temperature, headache, and nausea – mothers might think it’s acclimatization. It’s more likely just jet lag; your child’s internal clock is disrupted, and their body suffers and doesn’t understand whether to sleep or stay awake.

If there’s a significant time difference with your country, keep this in mind. Flying from Europe to Southeast Asia takes even longer, and the time difference will be larger. Therefore, the Seychelles are an excellent option for an “almost nearby” exotic winter getaway from your home.

Everything about traveling to the Seychelles with children, the dangers, and downsides to expect.

  • Remember, the Seychelles are in Africa, where medical care is terribly expensive, and medical insurance is mandatory alongside your passport for entry into the country. Everything about insurance in the Seychelles, types available, and where to find it.

In conclusion. Bear in mind that it gets dark early here (due to the equator), and establishments, shops, and buses stop running early. Plan your day considering this information. And the low chance of getting jet lag is another plus for the Seychelles.

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