One of the most useful articles for tourists about prices in Seychelles for products, restaurants, transportation, accommodation, absolutely all categories of goods and services that may be of interest during the journey. You will learn why everything here is so expensive. The information will help you estimate the travel budget to Seychelles and understand how much money to bring.

Why are Seychelles so expensive?

I will answer the main question right away to clarify everything. And I will say right away, not to offend anyone, these are not my words; these are the words of the President of Seychelles.

Why Seychelles are so expensive:

It is a government program that has been in place in the country for over 20 years. Its essence: “we want to preserve our unique nature, ocean, traditions, customs, and way of life. And a huge flow of tourists will bring nothing but litter and their values. If you want to vacation in Seychelles for $5 a day, like in Thailand or Vietnam, don’t come here. You are not welcome”.

It’s simple: everything related to tourists in the country is expensive. Protective prices are set so that budget tourists, after studying them, will reconsider their trip, and those tourists who don’t mind spending every 100 euros will come here. The goal is to earn a hypothetical million from 1,000 tourists, while in Thailand the same amount is earned from 20,000 tourists.

And don’t forget, the country’s population is only 95 thousand people; they don’t need all the money in the world and millions of tourists. It’s not 100 million populations like in Vietnam. The annual budget of Seychelles is almost 800 times less than Vietnam’s budget.

why seychelles expensive
In Seychelles, you come to a beach, and there are only 3 tourists on the entire beach – isn’t it a fairy tale? Yes, no jet skis, banana rides, no one selling drums or corn, no horrible music playing from a neighbor’s speaker. Only you and the sound of the ocean.

Before my first trip to Seychelles, I didn’t quite understand this position and didn’t agree with it. But when you relax on Seychelles’ beaches, where even on the most popular beach, there are no tourists lying one on top of another, where no one buries garbage in the sand, where no one plays loud music, only you and the ocean, you start to think: maybe the Seychellois are right.

And when on an ordinary village beach, I saw a sea turtle laying eggs, something I had only seen on Discovery channel before, despite visiting 100+ countries, I knew they were definitely right. Seychelles is about deserted beaches and endless ocean; there are no crowds of tourists here, and I hope there won’t be.

high prices in seychelles
This is one of the most popular and well-developed beaches; hotels have their zones with sun loungers, but the beach itself, like all in Seychelles, is public.

If you want to ride a banana, drink 8 cans of beer a day, go to a nightclub, go shopping, there are many resorts much better: Phuket, Bali, Sri Lanka.

Prices in Seychelles in 2024: general information

If you thought that Seychelles don’t like budget tourists, you’re wrong. I am a traveler who always wants to save money, and I don’t spend money recklessly; Seychelles treat any tourist with respect. At the same time, if you know the nuances, you can save money here. But read about it in the article: Seychelles on a budget, or how to relax here inexpensively.

And now let’s talk about prices in Seychelles. Below are general points you need to know:

  • Money in Seychelles: Seychellois Rupee or SCR.
  • Exchange rate for 2024: 15 rupees = 1 euro. Everything about currency, which currency to take, where the best exchange rate is, about card payments, read in the article: Seychelles currency.

Prices in Seychelles: by categories

All prices below will be indicated only in rupees and euros.

Where additional explanations are needed, or I have more to tell in detail, there will be a link to a large article that will help you better prepare for your trip to Seychelles.

Food and grocery

So, prices in Seychelles for food products in stores.

Important to know:

Seychelles is a small island nation. They produce little themselves. Most products are imported. And since transportation here are extremely complex and expensive, even basic things are not the cheapest.
Dairy milk, 1l251,65
Chicken fillet, kg1208
Pork, kg15010
Pasta, 0.4kg352,35
Eggs, 10pcs453
Cheese (imported), 0.2kg503,35
Water, 5l302
Coke, 1.5l503,35
Juice, 1l302
Tuna, can201,3
Beans, can151
Instant noodles151
Ice Cream251,65
food expensive seychelles
Prices in Seychelles for foods in stores are on average 20-50% higher than in Central European countries. And this is how all the stores on the islands look.

Interesting to know:

For the entire country, for all 115 islands, there is only 1 hypermarket. All other stores are like the ones in the photo above or even smaller. Very useful article: about markets and stores in Seychelles. You will learn a lot about shopping here.

Fruits and veggies

Locals and tourists buy fruits and vegetables at markets and vegetable stalls that are everywhere. Here are a few key points to know:

  • Seychelles is not a fruit paradise. Don’t expect the fruit variety of Seychelles, like in Thailand, for example.
  • They grow little themselves, import a lot of fruits, which means high prices.
  • Fruits and vegetables appear on the shelves depending on the season. So the price depends on the season. Below are average prices in Seychelles for fruits, but they can be higher or lower. Prices can even vary significantly at the same time on different islands.
  • About fruits in Seychelles by months.
fruits prices in seychelles
An ordinary fruit stall on the island. Prices in Seychelles for fruits and vegetables are also high because almost everything is imported from Mauritius and other countries.
Fruits and veggiesSCREUR
Lychee, 0.2kg503,35
Orange, Apples,kg302

Alcoholic Drinks

Dealing with alcohol in Seychelles is straightforward. Here are the main points:

  • Expensive
  • Local alcohol is expensive, especially beer
  • Imported alcohol is expensive, especially spirits
  • Details about the assortment, prices, local beer, and rum can be found in the article: Alcohol in Seychelles.
Local beer, can, 0.5l50-55~3.5
Imported beer, 0.5l50-55~3.5
Bottled beer, 0.33l402.6
Imported wine, 0.75lfrom 150from 10
Local rum, 0.375l16511
Local rum, 0.7l32021
price rum takamaka
The most popular local rum is Takamaka.

Restaurants and Dining

A brief overview of dining won’t be enough, as it is a sensitive topic. Here you can both save well and spend daily on dinners of 200 euros each. Read more about it in the article: Restaurants in Seychelles, where a tourist can eat on a budget.

prices in seychelles restaurant
This is how takeaways look on all the islands – this is where you can eat on a budget.
Dinner in a restaurant for two with alcoholfrom 1500from 100
A glass of beerfrom 100from 7
Main dish: fish, pastafrom 300from 20
Saladfrom 200from 18
Grilled lobster in a restaurantfrom 700~45
Takeaway – see the photo above
Any dish755
French fries251,6

Just know that if you go to a regular restaurant for dinner, two main dishes, two salads, and beer/wine – it’s almost always more than 100 euros. If you take food for takeaway, two portions of any dishes (curry, fish, rice biryani) cost about 10-15 euros for two.

The prices in Seychelles in the table above were average. There are restaurants a bit cheaper. You can have dinner for 50-60 euros. But overall, refer to the table.

Transport: ferry, bus, car, scooter, taxi

In short and thesis-like:

  • For active tourists who don’t stay on one beach all day, a car is essential.
  • Scooters are prohibited for tourists here, but it’s possible to rent one.
  • If you don’t plan to drive around the island much, just go to Victoria once to walk or to the botanical garden, then you can use the bus. Car rental will be unnecessary.
  • Everything about renting a scooter, car in Seychelles: traffic rules, police, fines, personal experience, and pitfalls.
  • About buses, passes, why they don’t allow suitcases.
car rent price seychelles
We usually rent the smallest car in Seychelles. The roads and parking spaces are narrow here.
Car rental, 1 day40-45
Scooter rental, 1 day30-35
Ferry: Mahe – La Digue – Mahe2100140
Taxi, per trip on Mahe30-50
Bus, 1 ride100,7
Gasoline, 1 liter211,4
Parking, 99% free00
Bicycle rental on La Digue15010


A comprehensive article on accommodation in Seychelles, what types are available, what peculiarities exist. Read this article for sure. You will learn about authorized accommodation, why it’s necessary to book only that (spoiler alert: to get permit to enter the country), there will be information about the environmental levy.

Accommodation typeSCRPrice, Euro
5-star hotelsfrom 200
3-star hotelsfrom 100
Villas, apartments80-150
Beachfront villas, apartmentsfrom 150
Most budget accommodationfrom 60
Environmental levy, per day/person25-1001,6-7
Prices in Seychelles for accommodation. All prices per night for a couple per room. Only the environmental levy is indicated per person per day, and its amount depends on the size of your hotel. The larger the hotel, the bigger this levy.

Excursions and tours

On the one hand, there is a wide choice of tours in Seychelles. On the other hand, they don’t boast great diversity. 90% of tours in Seychelles are somehow connected to the ocean. Read more about the best tours, what to pay attention to, where to look, in the article linked.

mahe seychelles prices
On Mahe Island, there is a lot of hiking in the mountains. Without a car, you can’t get to the start of the trail. There are tours with a guide to cool locations like in the photo. Alternatively, you can rent a car with a driver for the whole day. Very convenient for those who can’t rent a car.

In short:

  • Individual tour of the Seychelles capital, Victoria: 100 euros per group of up to 4 people.
  • Car with a driver, also a guide for the whole day – about 200 euros. You create your own route, he will take you everywhere. Very convenient for those who can’t rent a car.
  • Tours to uninhabited islands to turtles, barbecue on the beach – from 80 euros per person.
  • Big game fishing on a yacht – from 150 euros, minimum 2 people.
  • Snorkeling – from 30 euros per person.
  • Diving – training, 4-5 dives, obtaining a PADI certificate from 600 euros.


Details on what to bring as a gift from the islands to friends and family in the article: Seychelles souvenirs.

souvenirs seychelles price
Symbol of the island – Coco de Mer. Prices in Seychelles for such a nut start from 250 euros per piece. It is not edible; it is just a souvenir.
Coco de Mer250
Handmade soap3
Takamaka rum, 0.375l11
Paintings by local artistsfrom 100
Coconut craftsfrom 3

If you are interested in prices for other categories of goods and services not covered in the article, write – I will add without any problems.

In conclusion, I hope it is now much clearer to you what prices await tourists in Seychelles. The most costly items of expenditure are accommodation and food. While you can skip restaurants every day, you need to stay somewhere. And here, there are no apartments for $10 per day, like in Asia. Therefore, calling a vacation in Seychelles budget-friendly by default is challenging.

Wishing you low prices in Seychelles and juicy discounts!

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