Explore the enchanting Praslin Island in Seychelles through this detailed review. Learn about transportation, accommodation options, must-see attractions, and activities for tourists. Find valuable advice and recommendations to enhance your top-tier independent travel experience.

Praslin Island: General Information

A succinct overview of the island to give you a clear picture:

  • Praslin is the second-largest inhabited island in the Seychelles archipelago and also ranks second in population, with Mahe, the capital, taking the lead.
  • Praslin’s dimensions are approximately 12 by 4 km.
  • Population-wise, approximately 95,000 people inhabit the 33 inhabited islands in the country, with 75,000 on Mahe and around 6,500 on Praslin.
seychelles praslin
A wild beach located just beyond Anse Lazio, which will be discussed later. It is easily accessible on foot from Anse Lazio.

Interesting to note:

In some sources, you may encounter the spelling “Praslen” for the island’s name. However, in French, the original name given by the settlers is Praslin, and the locals pronounce it as “Pralin.” The geographical names in Seychelles mostly originate from the French, while remnants of English influence include left-hand traffic and English-style power outlets. You can read an interesting history of Seychelles through the provided link.

Other important points to know: Praslin has villages but no cities, no large stores, and the only hypermarket in Seychelles is located in the capital, Victoria. There are two petrol stations, and the public transport system consists of only 8 bus routes.

Getting to Praslin

This section is brief, as the journey between Mahe and Praslin is straightforward and efficient.

Key points:

International flights land at Mahe’s international airport. All tourists travel to Praslin from Mahe.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Praslin has a local airport, with approximately 20 daily flights from Mahe taking 20-25 minutes, costing around 100 euros. Details on purchasing tickets, checking schedules, and flight information can be found in the article: “Flights between Mahe and Praslin.”
getting to praslen
These are the planes that fly between Mahe and Praslin. When else will you fly something like this 🙂
  • For most tourists, the most popular option is the ferry. It operates twice daily, and on some days, three times. The journey takes one hour, and a ticket costs around 55 euros. The port is located in Victoria, approximately 10 km from the airport. Taxi fare from the airport to the port is around 30 euros.

Both options are available to all tourists, and the choice is yours. Flying is convenient for those arriving in Seychelles and immediately heading to Praslin.

Transportation on Praslin: Is a Car Necessary?

The situation is twofold: Praslin is essentially one large village with short distances. However, there are few buses, and schedules are not strictly adhered to. Tourists often wait for the bus for 40 minutes or even an hour, even though it should run every 15 minutes. This is considered normal here.

Important thought:

If you are an active traveler who wants to explore the entire island, visit all beaches, see attractions, and perhaps visit the fish market in the morning (near the port) to buy fish for a barbecue, then a car is essential.

However, if you plan to spend whole days on the beach without much exploration, perhaps visiting the Vallée de Mai nature reserve or Anse Lazio beach a couple of times, then you can take the bus or pay for a taxi 1-2 times. In such cases, a car may not be necessary.

praslen seychelles
The only public transport on Praslin is these Indian Tata buses.


Tourists staying on Praslin for 7 or 10 days often rent a car for 3-4 days. This is sufficient to explore the entire island, while the remaining days can be spent relaxing on the beach at the hotel. Therefore, the decision is yours.

Two articles with useful information:

  • Everything about public transport in Seychelles: Learn where to find bus routes, how to buy tickets. There are many subtleties and nuances. In summary, buses in Seychelles are primarily for locals, and conditions are set up to discourage tourists from using them extensively.
  • Car rental on Praslin and Mahe: Personal experience, pitfalls.

Where to Stay on Praslin Island

It’s important to understand that the island is small, and accommodation options are limited. There are only about 4-5 five-star hotels, and budget accommodations are more abundant, but not in the hundreds of options as in resorts in Asia. Therefore, always book in advance.

A map showing the best places to stay, hotel ratings, and apartments in Praslin, as well as where to find authorized accommodation to avoid entry permit issues, can be found in the article: “Praslin hotels.”

praslin where to stay
Budget accommodation on Praslin often includes apartments in villas where the owners live and rent out 3-4-5 apartments. Usually, each apartment has its own kitchen. These villas can be located on the beachfront or 2 km away from the beach.

For those who don’t want to read the article, here’s a brief summary:

  • Best beaches near which you should look for accommodation on the island: Anse Lazio and Cote D’Or Beach. If on Cote D’Or Beach, look closer to the north, as the northern part of the beach is much more beautiful.
  • A beach with a lot of accommodation but one I would avoid living on as I don’t find the beach particularly appealing: Grand Anse.
  • The best hotel on the island with the best private beach is undoubtedly Constance Lemuria Praslin Seychelles. You can read about it in the article: “5-star hotels in Seychelles,” where you’ll also find links to reviews, photos, and prices.

Beaches of Praslin Island

Although the island is small, it boasts numerous beaches. In general, Seychelles is all about the beaches. Everywhere you look, there are beaches. Some are for fishing, not well-maintained, lacking infrastructure, while others are beloved by tourists, featuring picturesque views and fine sand.

Below is a ranking of the best beaches on Praslin Island.

Important to understand:

Any beach, even the most beautiful, can look like the photo below on any given day. It’s nature, the ocean, and one must be prepared for it. Yesterday, the beach was like a Bounty ad, and today, there may be a bunch of seaweed and an unpleasant odor.
praslin beaches
Yesterday, it was paradise, and today, it looks like this. This can happen to any beach on any island.
Anse Lazio-4.293689, 55.701502++-
Cote D’Or Beach (Anse Volbert)-4.313389, 55.743722++
Anse Georgette-4.294776, 55.680913+-

Briefly, I will tell you about each one:

  • Anse Lazio – the most popular beach on Praslin. The beach is free. It’s the only beach with paid parking (100 rupees – 7 euros for the whole day). There is no bus service to this beach, and the nearest bus stop is almost 1 km away.
    • The beach is very beautiful with plenty of shade and space. It has fine sand, clear water, and offers opportunities for snorkeling. You can also take a walk to nearby secluded beaches where there are fewer people. Sometimes there can be waves, sometimes strong.
    • There are hotels, restaurants, villas/bungalows right by the beach, and a small shop. However, the infrastructure is limited.
anse lazio beach
Anse Lazio is truly top-notch, if not the most beautiful, then definitely in the top three best beaches on the island. It’s a great place to sunbathe and snorkel; sometimes you may even encounter reef sharks here.
  • Cote D’Or Beach – for me, this is the best beach on the island. It has all the infrastructure that can be found on Praslin, and the beach itself is very beautiful with fine white sand, perfect for strolling.
    • Choose the northern part of the beach based on the coordinates in the table.
    • There are few waves, it’s shallow, making it ideal for children. There is ample space for walking, and the beach is approximately 3 km long. The northern part of Cote D’Or Beach, near the Berjaya hotel, is not only mega-beautiful but also has various amenities such as shops, restaurants, takeaways, and a diving center.
best beaches praslen
Cote D’Or Beach, the northern part near the Berjaya Hotel. Not only a beautiful beach, but also an infrastructure: shops, restaurants, take away, diving center – everything is there
  • Anse Georgette Beach – a beautiful small beach that is free but not easily accessible. There is no infrastructure whatsoever! Often, there are strong waves, making it unsuitable for children. There are two ways to access it:
    • Walk 1.5 km through the territory of the Constance Lemuria Praslin Seychelles hotel. Advance registration is required; locals usually know the procedure and can assist with scheduling.
    • Hike through the mountains. The route is about 2 km one way with an elevation gain of 200 meters. It takes approximately one hour to walk from the trail start to the beach. Water is recommended, and there is a bus stop right at the beginning of the trail.
      • Starting point of the Mont Plaisir to Anse Georgette Nature Trail: -4.303850, 55.689756
      • If you like hiking in the jungle, viewpoints, then be sure to read the article: hiking in the Seychelles, there are a lot of routes and useful information, and there is another cool hiking trail in Praslin.
hiking on praslin
Anse Georgette. But you need to go here by car and then walk through the hotel or the mountains. Also, take all your food and water with you; you can’t buy it here. Sometimes they sell coconuts and freshly squeezed juice on the beach.

Sights to See on Praslin

The Seychelles are all about nature, ocean, beaches, and jungles. You won’t find dozens of churches, castles, or architectural landmarks as in European or Asian cities. Therefore, the list of attractions on Praslin, excluding hiking in the mountains and beaches, consists of exactly two natural attractions.

  • Vallée de Mai National Park – the most famous and popular reserve in Seychelles.
where to stay praslin
Trail in Vallée de Mai. Walking around such a place with a guide is much more interesting.

This is a large relic forest with a plethora of endemic plants and animals found only in Seychelles. The iconic Coco de Mer palm, globally renowned and a symbol of the country, grows here. Details about this nut can be found in the article: Symbols of Seychelles, where you’ll also learn about turtles and where to encounter them on the islands.

  • Park entrance coordinates: -4.331820, 55.740115
  • Free parking
  • Official website: http://www.sif.sc/vdm. Here, you can purchase tickets online at a discount compared to buying them at the counter, saving 3 euros.
  • Operating hours: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Plan for about two hours in the park.
  • Ticket price at the counter: 450 rupees (30 euros). This is the most expensive attraction in Seychelles!
praslin seychelles what to see
The area is extensive with ample resting spots and shade. Occasionally (not every month), there may be many mosquitoes and other insects, so it’s advisable to bring repellent if you have some.

Author’s rating:

7 out of 10. The park is genuinely impressive, but there are drawbacks. It’s very expensive, and 60 euros for a stroll through a botanical garden for two is unreasonable. Without a guide, it’s just a walk in a beautiful forest, and much remains unclear. With a guide, it’s far more interesting. Guides will be waiting at the entrance, offering their services, averaging an additional 50 euros for guide services. You can find a guide in Vallée de Mai here, and they will pick you up from and drop you back to your hotel. This can save a considerable amount on taxi fares.

The second attraction on Praslin, also a national park and also featuring the Coco de Mer palm, is Fond Ferdinand Reserve. Essentially, both parks are similar, with Fond Ferdinand being slightly smaller and having more slopes and elevations.

Praslin Seychelles attractions
Fond Ferdinand Park, the younger sibling of Vallée de Mai
  • Entrance coordinates: -4.354678899824269, 55.758785636268904
  • The official website is the same as Vallée de Mai. Tickets can be purchased online there.
  • Ticket price: 300 rupees (20 euros)
  • Allocate about two hours of your time

Author’s rating:

Overall, both parks are very similar. You only need to visit one of them. If you choose to go with a guide, I recommend Vallée de Mai. But, in general, you can buy tickets for both parks on the website for 650 rupees (44 euros).

At the end of the article, there are links to over 100 excursions on Praslin. There are fantastic sea programs to see turtles on Curieuse Island, which is very close to Praslin.

In conclusion, Praslin Island is a small replica of Mahe, with similar terrain, roads, and jungles, just more compact. Three to four days are enough to fully explore the entire island before moving on to La Digue. However, some tourists come here for their entire vacation. Regardless, your stay on Praslin will be memorable; it’s a fantastic place. The key is to choose the right beach for relaxation. For an overview of Mahe Island, you can find it here.

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