This article is for those who prefer not to spend their entire day traveling or dislike long-haul flights. If you’re seeking insights, peculiarities, and valuable information regarding flight time to Seychelles, especially for travelers with children, I advise you to read this article thoroughly to discover something new.

Flight Time to Seychelles: General Information

Currently, the situation with flights to Seychelles looks promising. In essence, tourists have two options: direct flights or flights with layovers. Both options have their pros and cons. Someone might say, ‘What could be better than a direct flight?’ Believe me, situations can vary. But more on that below.

Mahé Airport offers non-stop passenger flights to 16 destinations in 14 countries, including major transportation hubs in Europe and the Persian Gulf. Everything about direct flight tickets to Seychelles, prices, schedules, where to purchase them, tips, and life hacks.

In brief:

  • There are few direct flights from Western Europe: these are low-cost flights from Frankfurt and Zurich, and they are seasonal. Such a flight will take a little over 10 hours.
  • For tourists from Asia, there is also only one good option: via Mumbai Airport, which will take approximately 4.5 hours.
Flight Time to Seychelles
Mahé Airport offers non-stop passenger flights to 16 destinations in 14 countries
  • You can find tickets for all airlines flying to Seychelles, of course, on Aviasales. It’s easiest to search for tickets there as you’ll see all possible options.

Flights to Seychelles: Optimal Routes and More

It’s useful to know:

A direct flight is fantastic, granted that you live in the departure city or nearby. But what if you don’t? Moreover, sometimes, the frequency of certain direct flights (referring to flights from Frankfurt and Zurich) might not align with your travel plans. In such cases, a one-stop option could be faster and cheaper.

Details on finding connecting flights to Seychelles and what to consider when booking can be found in the article ‘How to Reach Seychelles.’

  • Most tourists opt for flights with layovers through Istanbul Airport
  • or cities in the Persian Gulf:
    • Doha,
    • Dubai,
    • Abu Dhabi.
  • Additionally, Ethiopian Airlines flights from Addis Ababa are popular among tourists.
  • The flight duration will be around 4 hours, while from Istanbul, it’s a lengthy 8-hour flight. Yet, these cities connect Seychelles with all continents on Earth.
travel duration to seychelles
The photo showcases an excellent example of a flight from Berlin with one layover. Convenient arrival time: you land in the morning, giving you the entire day ahead. Short layovers in Doha.

Moreover, Doha is an excellent option for longer layovers. There’s an article about travel through Doha and things to do in the city.

Here are a few more facts you should know about flying to Seychelles:

  • You’ll cross the equator as Seychelles is situated in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • The Seychelles islands belong to Africa, yet the archipelago is located in the Indian Ocean.
  • You can find more interesting facts about Seychelles here.

Briefly about flying with children

I’ll keep this brief because this travel guide contains a comprehensive article about traveling to Seychelles with children, outlining all the nuances and challenges you might encounter. You’ll learn what to expect, not just the downsides but also the positives. I’d like to highlight one advantage of traveling to Seychelles with children, specifically concerning flights.

I often assist tourists in finding tickets and selecting tours, and here’s a point I want to emphasize:

  • From European countries, it takes 10 hours or more to fly to Thailand, Cuba, Vietnam, Seychelles, or the Dominican Republic.
  • However, Seychelles differ by just 1-3 hours in time difference compared to the other destinations on this list, which have a 5-6 hour difference.

Jet lag – what is it:

Jet lag is discomfort associated with a sudden change in time zones, often experienced by children, and parents sometimes confuse it with acclimatization. Symptoms include nausea, headaches, weakness, and fever. The chance that a child arriving in Seychelles will feel unwell in the first 3-4 days is minimal because their biological clocks remain stable.
how long does it take to fly to Seychelles
After a 10-hour flight, departing from our winter, the breathtaking views during landing warm the heart immensely.

Remember, Seychelles are in Africa region, with a tropical climate, so travel insurance is a must, especially for children. The article in the link covers all the nuances of Seychelles travel insurance.

In conclusion, you now know precisely how long it takes to fly to Seychelles, whether by direct flight or with a layover. There’s another advantage to the layover route: instead of one super long flight, the journey is split into two segments, allowing you to explore a new airport or even city in between. So, when purchasing tickets, consider which option suits you best.

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