This is essential information for those not planning to rent a car while traveling. Discover everything about buses in Seychelles—routes, schedules, travel cards, where to purchase them, and who might be denied entry onto a bus. You’ll find plenty of useful information that will significantly ease your journey. At first glance, the islands seem small, with only buses for public transport—what more could there be to tell? But read on, and you’ll realize the intricacies involved.

Public Transport in Seychelles: General Information

Looking at the bigger picture regarding public transport in Seychelles, it’s quite straightforward:

  • The Seychelles archipelago consists of 115 islands, of which only 33 are inhabited. The entire population of Seychelles is 95,000 people! Nearly 80,000 reside on the main island, Mahe, with another 7,000 on Praslin, the second-largest island. You can find more general information about the country for tourists in a separate article linked here.

Interesting to note:

Public transport in Seychelles is solely represented by buses and only operates on two islands—Mahe and Praslin. There is no public transport elsewhere; on other islands, people mostly get around on bicycles.

Now, regarding these buses:

  • Almost all buses are of the Indian manufacturer Tata. The drivers are often Indian too, and tourists refer to these buses as “crazy buses.” Anyone who has been to India or Sri Lanka understands what I’m talking about. They speed along narrow roads with cliffs like maniacs. It’s not just frightening to overtake them; sometimes, following behind them in a car can be scary.
  • The managing company for all bus routes is Seychelles Public Transport Corporation or SCPT. The company is state-owned.
  • Official website:
  • They also have a mobile application for IOS and Android. The app, like the website, is quite glitchy, but it’s the only option. If you plan on using buses, it’s essential to install it on your phone. It contains all routes, maps, and even schedules. It’s named SCPT.
buses on Mahe
All buses in Seychelles look like this—classic Indian “crazy buses.”

Buses in Seychelles: Schedules and Routes

The islands are small, and buses cover nearly every corner of Mahe and Praslin. There are plenty of routes—around 35 on Mahe and 8 or 9 on Praslin.

Bus route on Mahe
For a general understanding, the bus route map for Mahe is available on the official transport company’s website.

Check routes and schedules on the app mentioned earlier. Although the app is flawed, you can generally find what you need. Here are some key points about buses in Seychelles:

  • All buses start operating around 6-7 am.
  • Most buses stop running after sunset, typically after 7 pm. Bear this in mind. Public transport at home often runs late into the night, but here it’s different.
  • You might not even need to check the schedule; the crucial thing is to know the bus number you require. Head to the necessary stop and wait. Buses operate without a fixed schedule; sometimes, you might wait for 5 minutes, and other times, an hour, despite the schedule indicating a 15-minute frequency.
  • Bus stops are marked on the road with the sign “BUS STOP.” There are many such stops. Sometimes, there might be a traditional sheltered stop as we’re used to, while at other times, only a sign on the asphalt under a palm tree. An example, as seen in the photo below.
bus stop seychelles
Buses in Seychelles only stop at these designated spots. There are traditional sheltered stops to shield from rain, while others, as shown in the photo, might be just a sign. You’ll need to wait for the bus here.
  • Always signal the bus to stop by waving your hand. If you don’t signal, a bus you’ve been waiting for 40 minutes might pass by. This is especially true at remote stops where you might be the only person waiting.

Crucial to understand:

On buses in Mahe and Praslin, you can reach almost any point on the islands. However, you’ll spend a lot of time just waiting at the stops. Additionally, buses are hot as there are no air conditioners. Car rental in Seychelles is relatively inexpensive; if you have the chance, consider renting a car. Your mobility will increase significantly. Find out more about renting a car in Seychelles, traffic regulations, police, parking, deposits, and much more.

Ticket Prices and Transport Cards

And now, let’s dive into the most interesting part—bus fares in Seychelles are inexpensive, at 10 rupees, which is approximately 0.7 euros. But it’s not as straightforward as it seems:

Important note::

Cash payment to the driver is not accepted—a common practice on the island in various sectors to prevent local employees (in this case, drivers) from pilfering. Payment for bus fares can only be made via a transport card, which you need to tap on the validator upon boarding the bus.

Transport cards in Seychelles (known locally as Travel Cards) come in two types: reloadable and unlimited for 1-4-8 days. It’s better to buy reloadable cards; they’re more economical, but they might not always be readily available. A brief overview of prices and card types:

buses in Seychelles how much does it cost
This is a reloadable card. The front can feature any design, even store logo; a photo will be below.
  • The reloadable card itself costs 10 rupees, with the rest of the amount loaded onto the card’s balance. If you purchase a card for 90 rupees (6 euros), the card’s balance will be 80 rupees, equivalent to 8 rides. When buying the card, specify the number of rides you need. Cards are usually sold for a minimum of 50 rupees (resulting in a balance of 40 rupees—4 rides).

Useful to know:

Reloadable transport cards in Seychelles can be used for multiple people. A single card is sufficient for the entire family. Simply validate the card one by one upon entering the bus.
  • Unlimited travel cards, also known as tourist or visitor’s cards, offer unlimited rides from the first validation on the bus. Prices often fluctuate, but the approximate structure is as follows:
    • 1 day – 100 rupees (7 euros)
    • 4 days – 170 rupees (16 euros)
    • The unlimited travel card is individual and only valid for one passenger. For instance, if there are four of you, you’ll need to buy 4 cards.
Seychelles Mahe bus pass
Unlimited transport card for buses in Seychelles

Important note:

Unlimited travel cards are valid from the moment of validation until the end of the calendar day. If you initially validate a 1-day card in the evening, it will only be valid until the end of that day. Tomorrow, it becomes inactive.

Hence, it’s better to purchase reloadable cards if available in stores. They’re far more cost-effective, and one card suffices for the entire group.

Advice for those needing to take the bus but couldn’t buy a transport card:

Locals sometimes do this themselves, and so can you. Enter the bus and loudly ask the passengers if anyone can pay for your fare with their transport card, and you’ll reimburse them the fare in cash. English is understood by everyone, even children. However, if there’s no volunteer on the bus, the driver won’t allow you to proceed further.

Where to buy and reload transport cards?

They might be sold in any Indian grocery store, of which there are hundreds on both Mahe and Praslin. Read more about markets, stores, and shopping in Seychelles in the linked article. You’ll also find out what these stores look like. Some general points:

  • Each store chain has its own card design, often featuring the store’s logo. This is normal.
  • Availability and assortment of cards are not guaranteed anywhere. I once checked 10 stores to find just one card, although they were supposed to be available at each store.
  • You can reload your transport card via the official website (link provided earlier), transfer funds from your bank card to the transport card, or at the same Indian stores with cash.
where to buy a transport card on Mahe
To illustrate the multitude of places where transport cards can be purchased, this list was posted at one of the bus stops on Mahe: all the stores in the vicinity selling these cards.
buses in Seychelles Mahe schedule
As an example, here’s where you can purchase transport cards in Seychelles. The Enjoy store chain sells cards with their logo. In the photo are the store itself and a transport card on both sides. This is a reloadable card.

Important information about buses on Mahe

And now, crucial information for those wanting to take a bus from Mahe airport to a hotel:

  • The bus stop is located just 100 meters from the exit of the arrival terminal.
  • Around 10 routes are serviced at this stop: buses to Victoria, to Beau Vallon beach in the north, southward, to Takamaka and Intendance beaches, and so forth.
  • However, here’s where the good news ends:

Important note:

Passengers with suitcases (of any size) are not allowed onto the bus, only if you’re traveling light with backpacks. If you have a suitcase, you’ll be told to take a taxi to your hotel.

And here, I recommend three articles to read:

  • Prices in Seychelles for tourists. You’ll understand why everything is so expensive and why tourists with suitcases aren’t allowed on buses. Spoiler: It’s a government program that roughly translates to “We’re not inviting budget tourists who want to spend no more than $10 a day, like in India or Vietnam. If Seychelles is expensive for you, don’t come here.”
  • All about taxis and airport transfers in Seychelles. You’ll learn how to book a transfer from the airport to the hotel, where you’ll be greeted with a sign. Links to verified services are at the end of the article.
  • And a very useful article about Seychelles on a budget; you’ll find out what to expect and be prepared for on the islands.

In conclusion: Buses in Seychelles are suitable for tourists who don’t plan to travel extensively around Mahe and Praslin but will be relaxing at their beachfront hotel. Traveling once or twice to neighboring beaches or Victoria by bus is feasible without any issues. However, for active travelers who dislike staying in one place, buses aren’t the best option; you won’t see much while spending a lot of time waiting. There’s plenty to see on the islands: dozens of beaches, jungle hikes, a tea factory, national parks, and much more.

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