Actually, the best beaches in Seychelles can make up a long list of 40-50 beaches, and each one surpasses the previous one in beauty. In this article, I will provide a general overview of what to expect from the beaches in Seychelles, including the potential dangers or inconveniences. I will present a list of the best beaches in Seychelles on the most popular tourist islands: Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue. After reading this article, you will definitely understand which beach to choose for your vacation.

General information about Seychelles beaches

Interesting to know:

Tourists come to Seychelles for the beauty of its beaches. The beaches, white sand, palm trees, and famous granite boulders have become symbols of Seychelles worldwide. There is an enormous number of beaches here. While other resorts in the Indian Ocean have beaches everywhere, each one has its unique charm: the Maldives are known for snorkeling and diving, mantas, turtles, and whale sharks. Mauritius has a unique underwater waterfall, one of a kind. And Seychelles is all about the beaches. The beaches here are not like those on other popular resorts, but more on that later in the article.
best beaches in seychelles
Beaches with palm trees and boulders can be found on any Seychelles island. If you are an active traveler planning to rent a car, you can easily visit 20-30 beaches during your stay. The best beaches in Seychelles are not just 1-2-3 beaches; there are dozens, and most of them are beautiful.

For information on where it’s best to stay and the differences between Seychelles, Mauritius, and the Maldives, read the article linked. An honest review.

Now, let’s talk about the general features of all Seychelles beaches that await you:

  • All beaches in the country are free, except one on La Digue Island, but I’ll tell you about it later.
  • Since there are many beaches and the population of the country, compared to any other popular resort, is very small, any Seychelles beach will surprise you with its lack of crowds.

Interesting to know:

Even on the most popular and developed beach, you won’t find corn sellers, water activities like banana boat rides or parasailing, areas cluttered with sun loungers, or music blasting from every speaker. None of that exists in Seychelles. The beaches in Seychelles, without exception, are deserted, without crowds of tourists. You can’t even compare Spanish resorts with Seychelles. In those places, only the top layer of people sunbathes on the beaches, while in Seychelles, every beach is like a fairy tale.
top seychelles beaches
In the article, there will be many photos of the most popular and best beaches in Seychelles. I took all the photos myself, without staging the moments, so pay attention to how few people are on the beaches. This feature captivates many. In the photo, one of the most popular beaches, Cote D’Or in Praslin.
  • Note that if you don’t stay in a beachfront hotel, there are no sun loungers on public beaches. This is not India or Southeast Asia, where every inch is covered with sun loungers, and you need to buy a cocktail to use one. In Seychelles, you’ll be lying on a towel, but with no one around 🙂
  • All Seychelles beaches are clean, with fine sand, no sharp corals, and no sea urchins. While sea urchins exist, they are not on the beaches. Most beaches have a gentle entry into the water, ideal for children.
  • Regarding dangers on the beaches, briefly and succinctly, and in detail in the article on dangers in Seychelles (with many photos):
    • There are sandflies: they bite imperceptibly, but the itching is intense, and it takes about a month to heal because some people may be allergic to the bite.
    • Sharks: there are reef blacktip and lemon sharks; you may even encounter them while snorkeling near the beach. Sometimes baby sharks swim right on the shore. However, there are no sharks dangerous to humans here.
    • Stingrays and stonefish come to the beach after sunset and bury themselves in the shallow water. If you step on them, they will sting you, causing pain, and you won’t be able to walk for the next couple of days. Never swim in the Indian Ocean after sunset; this applies to all countries and resorts.
where are best beaches seychelles
Very common guests on any beach. When there’s half an hour left until sunset, it’s time to get out of the water, especially for children. Seychelles is on the equator, and the sunset is almost at the same time all year round, around 18:30.

About theft on the beach:

Despite Seychelles being a generally safe country, don’t leave your belongings unattended on the beach, especially on deserted ones. There are thieves, and they are particularly interested in your bag with money and phone while you’re swimming in the ocean. There are cases of small thefts here. For information on the crime situation, car theft, and how tourists can ensure their safety, read the article on safety in Seychelles.

Best beaches in Seychelles: TOP 10

And now, directly to the list and the very best beaches in Seychelles. Below, you’ll find a comparative table for easier visual selection. Several top beaches from each island made it into the table. This doesn’t mean there aren’t other fantastic beaches; there are plenty. Comprehensive reviews of all beaches on each island can be found in the links below.

  • I want to emphasize that the beaches in the list are all beautiful and listed in no particular order. I won’t assign a specific rank to each beach in Seychelles. However, each beach will be evaluated on a scale from 1 to 5, considering all the beach’s pros and cons, its infrastructure, waves, wind, and snorkeling.
Beau VallonMahe3-4.612795, 55.428448
Port Launay Mahe5-4.653160, 55.399939
Anse SoleilMahe4-4.744963, 55.465864
Anse IntendanceMahe4-4.783963, 55.499270
Anse LazioPraslin5-4.293277, 55.701488
Cote D’OrPraslin5-4.313434, 55.743879
Anse GeorgettePraslin4-4.294808, 55.680912
Source d’ArgentLa Digue2!-4.371420, 55.827046
Anse PatatesLa Digue5-4.338028, 55.834500
Petite AnseLa Digue5-4.370404, 55.847892

Best beaches on Mahe

Next, there will be a brief overview of the best beaches in Seychelles from the table above. I’ll explain why they received such ranking and highlight the unique features of each beach.

  • Beau Vallon – the most popular and developed beach in Seychelles, with shops, restaurants, takeaways, close to the capital, Victoria, and good bus connections. Unlike all other beaches, Beau Vallon has a promenade where you can stroll with children. The beach is long. Everything is excellent on this beach, but there may be waves, which I’ll address below. Snorkeling is not available here.
seychelles beach rocks
Beau Vallon – the most popular and crowded beach on Mahe Island 🙂
  • Port Launay – the beach is very similar in size and appearance to Beau Vallon. I highly recommend it to everyone. There is no promenade, but there are almost no waves here since Port Launay is located in a bay. There are good snorkeling spots, and the beach is perfect for children.

For more details about snorkeling in Seychelles, if you’re interested, read the article through the link, where you can find coordinates for great snorkeling spots.

seychelles rock beaches
I think Port Launay is the best beach for children. In the top photo, notice how calm the ocean is; it’s like this almost every day. There is also a snorkeling spot just 300 meters from the beach, with impressive rocks as seen in the bottom photo.
  • Anse Soleil – my favorite beach. It’s very small, shaded by palm trees, and very cozy. The drawback is that it’s not easily accessible; if you don’t stay in nearby hotels and don’t have a car, you’ll need to take a bus and walk uphill and downhill. It lacks infrastructure compared to Beau Vallon, with only two small restaurants.
seychelles beaches review
It offers excellent fishing, decent snorkeling, and sometimes strong waves. Plus, it boasts breathtaking sunsets daily, earning its name, the “Sun Beach.”
  • Anse Intendance – a long and deserted beach with fine white sand. There is no infrastructure—no sun loungers, restaurants, or shops. There’s only a beach bar with coconuts, and it may or may not be open. If you want to contemplate the meaning of life, this is the place. Although for that purpose, Police Bay might be an even better beach. A comprehensive review of all the beaches on Mahe can be found through this link.
beautiful beaches mahe
Best for those who prefer solitude. It’s the far end of Intendance Beach, over 1 km long, featuring Seychellois granite boulders.

Best Beaches on Praslin Island

  • Anse Lazio – an excellent beach for both adults and children, offering good snorkeling, but it can get wavy. It’s the most popular and crowded beach on Praslin. The downside is the relatively weak infrastructure, with only expensive restaurants along the beach. Moreover, it’s the only beach with paid parking (around 7 euros for the entire day).
praslin beaches lazio
Anse Lazio. The most popular and crowded beach on Praslin.
  • Cote D’Or – the “Golden Beach.” The actual beach is called Anse Volbert, and the village on the beach is Cote D’Or. In the author’s modest opinion, this is the best beach on Praslin, even better than Lazio Beach.

Cote D’Or is well-developed, beautiful, with a long coastline, fine white sand, and offers everything: shops, restaurants, takeaways. It’s ideal for families with children. The most beautiful part of the beach is in the north, so look for accommodation closer to this area.

A large overview of Praslin Island and all its beaches can be found through this link.

which beach the best seychelles
Anse Volbert is a very long beach, over 3 km. The southern part is not as beautiful, but the northern part (in the photo), where the village of Cote D’Or is located, is simply stunning, with all the necessary infrastructure.
  • Anse Georgette is another top pick from the list: the best beaches in Seychelles. It’s a beautiful, small, remote beach with no infrastructure. There are strong waves here, and it’s challenging to reach—either a 2 km walk through the mountains or booking access through the luxurious Constance Lemuria hotel, followed by a 1.5 km walk from the parking area. If you stay at this hotel, consider yourself lucky. An overview and links to Constance Lemuria can be found in the article: the best 5 star hotels in the Seychelles.

Regarding the most breathtaking hikes in the Seychelles mountains and scenic viewpoints, read the article: hiking trails in the Seychelles.

Beaches of La Digue Island, including the world-famous Anse Source d’Argent

In brief, a comprehensive overview of the beaches on the small island of La Digue, where there are no cars, can be found through this link. You’ll also find information about the beach that received a rating of 2 and why 🙂

If you look at the island as a whole, it’s like one big beach. Rent a bicycle, and in about 2 hours, you can explore the entire island, see almost all the beaches, ride on incredibly picturesque roads, and encounter giant land tortoises.

  • Anse Patates – a small but incredibly beautiful beach. During high tide, there’s almost no space left, so there might be quite a few people, by Seychellois standards. By international standards, the beach is practically deserted 🙂
best beach ladigue
One of the most beautiful beaches on La Digue, Anse Patates. It’s only 50 meters long, and you can’t even see it in the photo; it’s hidden between my bicycle and the rock in the background.
  • Petite Anse – on the southeast of La Digue, there are three very similar and beautiful beaches: Petite Anse, Anse Cocos, and Grand Anse. They are located one after another, with almost no infrastructure, sandy spits, granite boulders along the edges, and the ocean. Here, you’ll find solitude and discover your zen. There is no rental accommodation or anything else here. You’ll come here by bicycle.
beach to choose seychelles
In the photo is Petite Anse, but the other two look almost the same. Bring your own food and water because there are no shops or other infrastructure here. There’s a mini bar on the beach with coconuts, but it doesn’t operate every day.
  • Anse Source d’Argent – officially the most photographed beach in the world. Often referred to as the most beautiful in the world, but no, this distorts official information. It’s the only paid beach in the country, and you can enter for 10 euros.
list of best beaches seychelles
This is Anse Source d’Argent—the most photographed beach globally. The photo doesn’t show it, but there are many people in the shade. More than at Beau Vallon on Mahe. Overall, when you’ve visited 50 beaches, this one is just like the previous dozens. If you come here right after arriving, you’ll be thrilled.

Author’s opinion:

The beach is highly overrated. Yes, it’s beautiful, but in Seychelles, wherever you go, there’s a beautiful beach. Compared to other best beaches in Seychelles, it’s quite ordinary. Plus, there are a lot of people here, more than anywhere else in Seychelles. And the paid entrance, when all the beauty is free everywhere else, is not that great.

On the plus side, there are beautiful sunsets, and for 10 euros, you not only get a ticket to the beach but also access to the entire private L’Union Estate. There’s a turtle enclosure, a museum, a souvenir shop, vanilla plantations, a botanical garden, and more. In general, spending 10 euros here is worthwhile, and the road to the beach is very scenic.

Travel Tips

I hope you have already formed a comprehensive picture of the beaches in Seychelles. Here are two more points that you need to know and consider when planning:

  • Waves: Seychelles is located in the open Indian Ocean, not in a bay, sea, or strait. Consequently, there can be significant waves. In summary, from December to March, there is a west wind, increasing the likelihood of strong waves on the beaches on the western coasts of the islands. From May to October, there’s an east wind, and waves come from the east. You can find more details in the article on seasons and weather in Seychelles.

This is especially important for those with children; sometimes the waves are so strong that even adults find it challenging to enter the water. In this regard, an ideal beach at any time of the year is Port Launay on Mahe. There are almost never any waves, and it’s perfectly calm.

what beach seychelles
The best beaches in Seychelles on any day of the year can look like this. Don’t forget that this is nature, and the ocean has its own rules.
  • Despite the idyllic pictures of beaches on the internet, reality doesn’t always match. On any beach, any day of the year, depending on waves, wind, currents, and other weather conditions, a lot of seaweed can wash ashore. If it’s not promptly cleared, by noon, it can emit a foul odor because these seaweeds harbor plenty of plankton, shrimps, and other microorganisms. As shown in the photo above, this scenario can happen on any beach.

In conclusion: the best beaches in Seychelles are not limited to those I’ve talked about in this article. In reality, there are many more. Personally, I also really like Takamaka Beach, Anse Petite Marie-Louise (the best snorkeling in Seychelles is here), and Police Bay. Seychelles is all about beaches, and the entire country is one vast beach. Perhaps that’s why they are so uncrowded, with few tourists, and plenty of beaches to suit every taste.

Wishing you to find your dream beach in Seychelles!

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