I will honestly share the pros and cons of vacationing in the Seychelles, and why choose the Seychelles over other resorts. Like anywhere else, there are both advantages and disadvantages here, but the drawbacks are more than compensated for by the benefits. The main downside to vacationing in the Seychelles, which deters most tourists, is the prices, but I’ll elaborate on that later.

Cons of Vacationing in the Seychelles

I’ll list the drawbacks, provide comments and explanations where necessary. If there’s more to tell, there will be a link to an in-depth article.

  • Expensive Country: This is undeniably true and the most significant drawback. The country’s focus is on attracting affluent tourists. Dining, accommodation, ferries between islands, taxis, tours – all come with a high price tag. However, budget travelers can still find ways to save.
why seychelles
Don’t forget that all beaches and the ocean in Seychelles are free. If the budget issue is resolved, then you can ignore the other disadvantages of Seychelles
  • Limited Variety: Being a small island nation in the middle of the ocean with a population of only 95 thousand, Seychelles lacks the consumer culture found in European or American countries. There is only one hypermarket with a decent range of products, and while you won’t starve, those with picky eaters may face challenges
pros of seychelles
99% of all stores in the Seychelles look something like this. They sell cold beer here, if that’s what you need.
  • Safety Concerns: While the country is generally safe, it’s advised to read an article on the topic. Vigilance is key, as petty thefts, though not frequent, do occur. Leaving valuables unattended on the beach can be risky.
Cons of Vacationing in the Seychelles
The most common situation: while you are swimming on one of these beaches, a local boy grabs your bag and runs away into the jungle. This doesn’t mean it will happen to you, but it happens. Normal vigilance will reduce the entire threat to zero. So I won’t call this a big disadvantage of Seychelles. They steal everywhere: in Paris, in Barcelona. By the way, in Barcelona, for 2 euros left in a car in a visible place, the glass was broken. But no one says that Barcelona is a dangerous city and refuses to travel because of this.
  • Limited Fruit Variety: Despite being tropical islands, Seychelles doesn’t offer the fruit abundance seen in places like Vietnam or Thailand. The selection is limited to papayas, bananas, coconuts, and occasionally mangoes, passion fruits, and star fruits if in season.

Interesting to note:

If you look at it as a whole, then these are all disadvantages, and starting from the second they are far-fetched. Most of them do not cause any discomfort. The only problem is money. If you studied the article about the budget, figured out whether your budget allows for such a vacation, if so, feel free to buy tickets and come here. Seychelles is beautiful!

Why Seychelles: Pros

In a nutshell:

  • Tropical Islands in the Indian Ocean: Seychelles offers year-round summer, a warm ocean, and no distinct rainy or monsoon seasons like in Southeast Asia.
  • Visa-Free Travel: No visa is required, and direct flights are available from 14 countries.
  • Geographical Stability: Seychelles is in a stable region with no tsunamis, volcanoes, or hurricanes.
  • Safety: Apart from minor thefts, Seychelles is relatively safe, provided visitors stay vigilant.
  • No Dangerous Wildlife: There are no poisonous or dangerous animals or insects on land, except for a non-venomous snake rarely seen. Sharks are present but pose no threat.

The most important advantage of Seychelles:

Breathtaking, Secluded Beaches: The main highlight – stunning, uncrowded beaches. Each beach surpasses the previous one in beauty. Best beaches in Seychelles with plenty of photos.

And here it is important: if you like beach activities, such as riding a banana or parachute, you need music from the speaker, a seller of donuts and sweet corn on the beach, 5 cans of beer and a neighbor next to you on a towel within arm’s reach: you need to go not to Seychelles, there is nothing like that here, and beer is very expensive :).

cons pros seychelles
Beaches in the Seychelles are what tourists come here for

In conclusion: when they ask me why Seychelles, I answer that there are beaches and an endless ocean, where there is summer all year round, palm trees, and very few tourists. Yes, there are some minor disadvantages. But there are many times more dangers and troubles in any Asian or European country. You need to see the Seychelles with your own eyes!

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