I’ll tell you all about the ferries in Seychelles that operate between the islands. How tourists can get around the Seychelles archipelago, where to check schedules, where to buy tickets, prices, peculiarities. You’ll learn many nuances and life hacks that will at least help you save time.

Ferries in Seychelles: General Information

Summarily, general information about all ferry connections between the islands in Seychelles.

  • Seychelles comprises 115 islands, of which only 33 are inhabited.
  • The entire population of the country amounts to just 95 thousand people, with 83 thousand living on three islands: Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue. These islands are particularly interesting to tourists. For more general and intriguing information about Seychelles for tourists, read through the link.

It’s important to understand:

As Seychelles is a completely island-based state, ferries between the islands are the only transport that carries both cargo and people. The country’s entire economy and the locals’ lives depend on these ferries. And for tourists, it’s the simplest and “cheapest” way to reach neighboring islands. It’s “cheap” with some stretch, but it’s the most economical option available 🙂
ferries in seychelles price
This is how all ferries in Seychelles look. This one can accommodate around 300 people.

Ferries in Seychelles: Schedule, Tickets

Now, specifically about ferries in Seychelles and two useful pieces of information.

Useful to know:

The largest ferry network is Cat Cocos. If you want to travel from Mahé to Praslin or La Digue, look for tickets on their website. Cat Rose’s primary route is between Praslin and La Digue islands.
ferry ticket mahe praslin
Took a photo from the pier at Praslin. The ferry arrives from Mahé, we board it, load the nearby luggage, and sail to La Digue. The ferry stops here for only 15 minutes.

Check the current ferry schedule for your dates on the official websites of the ferry companies via the links above. In general, ferries operate daily without breaks. The number of trips per day in each direction is either 2 or 3, depending on the day of the week.

  • Cat Cocos company ferries follow this route: Mahé – Praslin (stop for 15 minutes) – La Digue (final stop). And then back in reverse order. Essentially, it’s a large sea bus for 300 people.

Where to buy ferry tickets in Seychelles:

You can purchase them online on the websites provided, or at the sales office in the ferry terminal. The most important thing to know is that each company has its own ticket counter at the port, and sometimes these counters are located at different places from each other. Buy tickets in advance, at least three days ahead. Sometimes, there are no seats available shortly before the ferry departs; all tickets are sold. This especially applies to weekends and holidays when locals also travel on the ferries.
Seychelles ferries buy a ticket
There’s a sales office for both ferry companies at every jetty. In this case, the photo shows the Cat Cocos office.

Let me talk about ferry prices in Seychelles for tourists, for general budget planning. Always check the current prices on the ferry company websites. What you need to know about ticket prices for ferries between the islands:

  • There’s a higher rate for tourists compared to locals.
  • There are three classes on the ferry, I’ll mention about them below. I’ll provide prices for the economy class, the most affordable option. Just so you know, I personally always travel in the economy class; it’s comfortable with soft seats and air conditioning. There’s no point in paying for a higher class if you want to save money. Everything is fine in the economy class.

So, the price for ferries in Seychelles in the economy class:

  • Mahé – Praslin – around 55 euros.
  • Praslin – La Digue – around 15 euros.
  • Mahé – La Digue – 70 euros. There’s no dynamic pricing like airlines here. The price is fixed for each segment.
  • That’s why I mentioned earlier that ferries aren’t that cheap; I hope you understand now. If you want to sail to La Digue, explore this amazing island, and there are two of you? For round-trip tickets from Mahé, you’ll pay around 280 euros. In the linked article, you’ll find useful information: Travel budget in Seychelles, or how much a self-guided tourist vacation costs.

I also recommend another article about prices in Seychelles for all categories of goods and services for tourists. You’ll also learn from the article why everything here is so expensive.

Classes on Ferries

As I mentioned earlier, you can confidently buy tickets in the economy class. But for those who have extra money and for general knowledge, here are the classes available on ferries in Seychelles:

  • Economy: Coco de Mer – the most basic and cheapest rate on the lower deck, with air conditioning. With permission from the crew, you can go out and sit on the open deck at the bow of the ferry; there are a few benches, but no sunshade.
  • Economy: Island hopper upper deck – also economy, on the upper open deck at the stern. Advantages: it sways less here, there’s a sunshade, but obviously, there’s no air conditioning. The ticket price here is slightly more expensive than the Coco de Mer class, literally by 5 euros.
  • And the business class, with comfortable seats and tables, with air conditioning on the upper closed deck near the captain’s cabin. Tickets in this class are approximately 30-35% more expensive.
seychelles ferry economy class
All ferries in Seychelles have three ticket classes to make it easier for you: 1. Economy: Coco de Mer 2. Economy: Island hopper upper deck 3. Business class
the cheapest ticket ferry in seychelles
This is what the cabin looks like in the cheapest class, Economy: Coco de Mer.

Jetty on the Islands: Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue

Here’s what you need to know about ferry terminals in the jetties of all these three islands:

  • There’s free round-the-clock parking. You can leave your car, go to La Digue for 2-3 days, return, and leave by car from the port.
  • Each jetty has an ATM and a currency exchange office. Also, sales offices for both ferry companies.
  • There’s a small waiting area under a shelter from the rain.
ferries in Seychelles tickets
Ferry terminal at Praslin

Below are the coordinates and map of all three ferry terminals, where ferries arrive and depart, right next to the sales offices. Click the link, and the map will open (the coordinates point to the free parking near each terminal):

Travel Tips

And a few more tips that might help you a bit more:

  • Always buy tickets in advance, at least 2-3 days ahead. If your trip falls on major holidays, such as Christmas, it’s better to buy them a week or two in advance.
  • Remember that the ticket price includes 25 kg of luggage per person. If it’s more, you’ll have to pay extra. Also, you can’t take luggage (suitcases) into the cabin; you need to check them into the baggage compartment as there’s no space or shelves for passenger luggage in the cabin. There seem to be no limitations on hand luggage like bags and backpacks.
  • Keep in mind that this is a ferry that sails into open seas, and if the sea is rough, it will sway heavily. Recommendations for those prone to seasickness: don’t eat anything before the ferry ride; you can take motion sickness pills. Free sick bags are available near the exits on the ferry. There are toilets on board.
  • The journey from Mahé to Praslin takes 1 hour. It’s another 20 minutes from Praslin to La Digue.
  • Some ferries in the cheapest class have a small open deck with 4 benches at the bow. With the staff’s permission, you can occupy it, just make sure it’s not raining. They won’t allow it if the weather is bad.
  • Specific seats are not indicated on the ticket. You can sit wherever you want in your class.
  • And don’t forget that you can also fly from Mahé to Praslin. It’s an amazing experience for those who have never flown on small 10-20 seater propeller planes. You can find everything about this mode of transportation in the article via the link.
all about ferries in Seychelles
This is how the open deck looks in the Coco de Mer economy class for 12-14 people. You cannot stand up from the benches while the ferry is in motion.

And for those who haven’t yet decided which island to visit or how many days to spend on each island, here’s a general overview with recommendations for each island: where to best stay in Seychelles.

In conclusion: ferries in Seychelles are the primary mode of transportation throughout the archipelago between the islands. Ferry services between the main islands of Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue are excellent. Yes, ferry prices for tourists aren’t the lowest, but this is Seychelles, not India. For those who find it expensive, it’s better to fly directly to Thailand or Vietnam. And these aren’t my words but those of the country’s president 🙂

Ferries in Seychelles are a comfortable and convenient way to travel between the islands. There’s definitely nothing cheaper. Wishing you a calm ocean without waves and swaying!

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