Small article about flights from Mahe to Praslin. Learn about its advantages over ferries, find out the flight schedule, cost, drawbacks to expect, and where to search for and buy tickets. There will be plenty of useful information to help you decide whether to take the ferry or fly to Praslin.

Flights from Mahe to Praslin: general information

The Seychelles archipelago consists of 115 islands, of which only 33 are inhabited. For movement between the islands, there are essentially two modes of transport for locals and tourists: ferries and airplanes. A detailed article about ferries in Seychelles can be found via the link, while here, I’ll discuss airplanes in Seychelles between islands as a form of public transport.

In summary, here’s the main information:

  • The country’s population is 95 thousand people, with around 80 thousand residing on Mahe and Praslin, almost 90% of the total population. More interesting information about Seychelles for tourists can be found via the link.
  • While ferry connections exist between all 33 inhabited islands, airplanes in Seychelles only fly on the Mahe – Praslin route. There are a couple of other airports, but they’re either military bases or private resort islands. Travelers are mainly interested in the route to Praslin.
  • An overview of the airport on Mahe, duty-free, airport transfers, and specifics. You’ll arrive in Seychelles at this airport, depart home from here, and proceed to Praslin from the same airport. This article also covers information about the Praslin airport.
  • Distance between Mahe and Praslin: 45 km.
  • Flight duration: 20 minutes, including takeoff and landing.
Flights from Mahe to Praslin
Airplanes in Seychelles between Mahe and Praslin only operate in this manner! Exciting, right?

Mahe – Praslin Flight: prices, schedule, where to buy tickets

Now, let’s get into the specifics about prices, purchasing, and necessary information:

  • There is only one carrier: the national airline, Air Seychelles.
  • On this route, only small twin-engine planes like DHC-6 or DHT-19Y, as shown in the photo above, operate.
  • There are various cabin layouts, but typically they accommodate between 12 to 20 passengers.
  • The flights operate daily, every hour, similar to a bus route. Throughout the day, there are over 20 flights in each direction.
  • The standard ticket price for tourists ranges from 100 to 170 euros one way.

Useful to know:

In Seychelles, everywhere, including entry to attractions, ferries, and inter-island flights, there are two prices: for tourists and for residents. For tourists, the prices are significantly higher, which is part of a government program. Tourists pay the full fare, while for locals, everything is subsidized.
mahe to praslin plane
This is what the cabin of these planes looks like; I’m seated in the last row.

Tickets can be purchased in three ways:

  • At Air Seychelles sales offices. Offices are available in the capital, Victoria, and at the Mahe airport. This method is suitable for those who have limited access to cards and the internet, as cash payments are accepted.
  • On the official airline website:
  • On Aviasales. Prices are the same everywhere. It’s convenient for checking schedules.
  • Baggage allowance is included in the ticket price – 23 kg + 7 kg for hand luggage, just like on regular airplanes 🙂

Here you can see that more than 24 flights operate daily between Mahe and Praslin:

Nuances and Specifics of the Flight

For those still debating between the ferry and the airplane, the information below might help you make a decision.

  • The ferry crosses into the open ocean, taking just over an hour, and if the ocean is rough, it can sway quite a bit. The airplane is small and can also experience significant turbulence in flight. But from my personal experience, I’ve felt more seasick on ferries. Moreover, the flight is four times faster. For those prone to motion sickness, I’d recommend the airplane.
  • For those concerned about the financial aspect, don’t assume that the ferry is inexpensive. A ticket for the Mahe – Praslin ferry costs around 55-60 euros. As for the airplane ticket, it’s approximately 120 euros. And if the ferry is merely transportation, the airplane journey is also a fantastic experience and activity, especially if you’ve never flown on such planes before.

Interesting to note:

During the flight on the airplane, the cockpit is open, allowing you to see everything the pilots are doing, the instrument panel, and the view from their window. You’ll be flying over islands and the ocean at a low altitude of up to 1500 meters, witnessing breathtaking views through the windows.

For those planning to visit Praslin, two useful articles:

In conclusion: flights between Mahe and Praslin aren’t just a great mode of transportation but also an exciting and entertaining activity. If you’ve never flown on such small twin-engine planes, I highly recommend it. You can fly one way by plane and return by ferry. Believe me, the extra cost for the airplane ticket is worth it. Plus, for 60 euros (the price difference between the airplane and the ferry), you won’t get another chance to fly on these types of planes elsewhere.

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