The topic is extremely important and interesting. In short, the internet in Seychelles is very expensive and rather slow. Keep reading to learn about roaming, mobile operators in Seychelles, and sim cards for tourists. If you’re fine with just Wi-Fi in your hotel room, you can skip ahead, but I recommend others not to miss out on this!

Internet in Seychelles: General Information

I’ll outline the main points for you to understand why internet in Seychelles is so costly.

  • For those who don’t know where Seychelles is, read an informative article: Seychelles on the world map. What’s important to know from it is that these are small islands located 1500 km away from the nearest continent.
  • Before 2012, mobile communication and internet in Seychelles were satellite-based, expensive as a starship, with data transmission quality and speeds being subpar.

Important Note:

Only in 2012, the country implemented a massive government project costing over 1 billion dollars. Seychelles got connected to the global internet through a high-speed cable that took two years to lay on the ocean floor. So, in 2012, the country obtained a decent internet connection. It was a significant boost for the entire economy.
sim card seyshelles
Just imagine, such a cable, spanning 1500 km on the ocean floor at a depth of 3-4 km, was laid just for 95 thousand Seychelles residents

Why is the internet still so expensive (details on prices below)? It’s one thing for China or the USA to invest 1 billion dollars, and another for Seychelles, with a population of just 95 thousand, including children and the elderly. And these 95 thousand people (equivalent to the population of a small town for us) are still paying for this project (a billion dollars) at today’s internet rates. You’ll be paying for it too 🙂

Mobile Operators in Seychelles: Rates, Prices, Where to Buy Sim Card

Useful to Know:

Today, Wi-Fi internet is available in any hotel or apartment in Seychelles. However, I often find it to be quite slow. It suffices for chats and news, but not for work or video streaming. If you need to stay constantly connected or require stable speeds, consider purchasing a local SIM card, eSIM, or activating roaming.

Where to buy a SIM card and what mobile operators are available in Seychelles? The essentials:

  • Currently, there are two telecommunications operators in Seychelles:
  • Only Prepaid packages available for tourists. This means: pay first, then use.
  • Both offer LTE networks with more or less the same coverage. Subjectively, the quality of communication and internet seems better with C&W.
  • Purchasing options include:
    • At the airport upon arrival
    • At sales offices on the island (if you can find them)
    • Online when applying for a visitor’s permit (read about the permit in the article about visas for Seychelles)
    • Online eSIM at any time
buy sim seychelles
Internet in Seychelles can be purchased from any operator. In the photo is an Airtel telecom office (They are of red color).

Author’s Opinion:

I use the C&W SIM card; it seems to provide better internet in remote areas on the islands and secluded beaches, but it’s a bit pricier. Airtel has slower internet speeds and poorer coverage, but it’s cheaper.

Remember, there aren’t many telecom offices on the islands, and you won’t necessarily be staying in the capital. On your beach, unless it’s Beau Vallon, you won’t easily find a SIM card. I recommend buying one immediately upon arrival at the airport. Prices at the airport are the same as in telecom offices on the islands, and it’s easier to do so here. Otherwise, you might end up spending half a day searching for a telecom office.

internet in seychelles price
Here’s the sales office of the C&W in the airport. Its logo is in blue. I strongly recommend purchasing internet in Seychelles at the airport; you’ll save a lot of time. Alternatively, buy an eSIM in advance or set up roaming – it’s even quicker and easier.

Below are the prices for mobile internet in Seychelles. Rates sometimes change; I update the article a couple of times a year, but it’s better to check for the latest information on the operators’ websites

Internet for touristsSCREUR
5GB (C&W), 30 days39927
5GB (Airtel), 21 days29720
7GB (C&W), 30 days54937
10GB (Airtel), 21 days49733
10GB (C&W), 30 days74950
15GB (Airtel), 30 days79753
30GB (C&W), 30 days99967
70GB (Airtel), 30 days1999134
Cost of Internet in Seychelles, Comparative Package Table. Rates are valid for the first quarter of 2024

Important Note:

At both operators, it’s possible to share the internet (hotspot). This means one SIM card can be purchased for the whole family.

Moreover, you can purchase the same SIM card online when applying for a visitor’s permit. Upon arrival, you’ll just need to pick it up at the sales office at the airport, which is shown in the photo above. Here are the prices:

  • 15GB, 21 days – 25 euros
  • 35GB, 21 days – 35 euros
  • 50GB, 30 days – 45 euros

Roaming in Seychelles

If you’re thinking of activating roaming from your home mobile operator, I recommend clarifying this before your trip. Unexpected surprises might await you 🙂

  • As you’ve already realized, internet in Seychelles is not cheap. Well, roaming is even more expensive. Check the rates in advance on your home operator’s website because streaming any series on your favorite show while roaming can significantly impact your balance.

Important, I’ll share what I encountered:

Not all operators have a roaming agreement with Seychelles. SIM card from my home operator and my phone number are linked to my bank card, with which I arrived in Seychelles for the first time. And it turned out that my home operator doesn’t provide roaming in Seychelles. It means I couldn’t even receive SMS from the bank to pay for ferry tickets. No roaming = no access to the bank card. I could use this card in a store, but I couldn’t make any online payments. The ferries between the islands and how to buy tickets.

eSIM in Seychelles

Let me tell you about another very convenient communication option gaining popularity in travels – a virtual eSIM from the local telecom operator.

Important to know:

Not every phone supports the eSIM function. All iPhones definitely support it, and most flagship Android phones too. It’s better to check in advance if your phone supports it.
esim in seychelles
Internet in Seychelles with a virtual SIM card is very convenient. The photo currently shows only one rate, but they promise to create a whole range.

Advantages of the eSIM card:

  • You can buy it without leaving home while you haven’t yet arrived in Seychelles.
  • The main advantage: you’ll already have internet at the airport as soon as the plane touches down. You can call a taxi, message home, all while you’re still on the plane waiting for the stairs.
  • And of course, even if you have an iPhone, once the eSIM is activated, it turns into a dual-SIM phone. You don’t need to remove your home sim card, and you’ll still receive SMS and calls on it.
  • You can buy such a SIM card and check prices on the website through the link.
  • For new customers a 15% discount is available until April 30th using the promo code APR15, and for existing customers a 10% discount can be applied with the promo code APR10 (limited to the first 10000 orders).

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In conclusion: I hope you already understand that internet in Seychelles is different from what we are accustomed to. It’s quite expensive, speeds are not always high or available everywhere, and even today, many restaurants and establishments don’t offer free Wi-Fi. If internet in Seychelles is crucial for you, make sure to take care of it in advance.

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