I will tell you about the symbols of Seychelles, which are associated by all tourists specifically with these islands. In reality, the list is small: turtles, Coco de Mer nuts, Takamaka rum, and giant boulders. But most countries don’t have such a number of symbols that are somehow associated with them. Keep reading, and you will learn where to encounter turtles and taste all types of Seychellois rum. There will be a lot of interesting and useful information.

Main Symbols of Seychelles: General Information

The local population takes pride in these symbols and considers them their national pride. Each of these four symbols can be encountered on any Seychelles island, whether you’re vacationing on Mahe, Praslin, or La Digue. If you don’t plan on staying in the hotel and on the beach for the entire vacation, you’ll have many bright discoveries ahead.

Seychellois Turtles: Where to Encounter

The main symbol of Seychelles, locals are accustomed to them, but tourists are always excited each time.

Interesting to know:

Over 500 years ago, Europeans discovered and explored the islands in the Indian Ocean, and on Aldabra, one of the islands of the Seychelles archipelago, they found a colony of giant land turtles. Such turtles had never been seen before. Today, these turtles, endemic to Aldabra Island, are Seychelles’ pride, much like kangaroos in Australia. These turtles can be found in zoos in different countries, such as Mauritius and Zanzibar. Where is the best place to vacation: Mauritius, Seychelles, or the Maldives can be found in a separate article.

I’ll clarify since I’m often asked this question: these turtles are not a rare or endangered species. Only in Seychelles, the population numbers more than 10,000 individuals on different islands.

symbols of seychelles turtles
The main symbol of Seychelles is the giant land turtles. They can be encountered everywhere, but only on La Digue, they roam freely among people, and in the wild, on Curieuse Island. In the photo, my wife and I are heading to the beach, and on the way, we met a turtle.

And now, the main question that interests everyone: where in Seychelles to encounter turtles? I’ll answer succinctly, briefly, and in simple language:

  • Mahe and Praslin: Turtles live only in enclosures, in national parks, and in reserves. Below are the main locations. You can click on the coordinates, and the map will open. These are not all the points, just the most accessible ones:
turtles of seychelles
Enclosure on La Digue on the territory of L’Union Estate with turtles.

Personally, for me, La Digue is the coolest island for tourists. I recommend everyone to spend at least 3 days here to explore. Overview of La Digue for tourists, beaches, what to see.

where turtles in seychelles
This is what the enclosure looks like on Takamaka Beach on Mahe. Access here is absolutely free

Interesting to know:

Seychellois turtles are not the only turtles on the islands. Here, you can also encounter sea turtles near the beach for free. And if you happen to be in the right place at the right time, you’ll see sea turtles nesting in the sand (laying eggs) or hatchling baby turtles. It’s all like on the National Geographic channel, only live and for free. More details in the article about the ocean in Seychelles and underwater inhabitants.

Coco de Mer Nut: What You Need to Know

Another symbol of Seychelles depicted on every magnet, postcard, and even in your passport, where you’ll have two stamps (entry and exit) in the shape of the famous Coco de Mer nut.

cocodemer seychelles where
Many travelers strive to get such stamps in the form of the Coco de Mer nut in their passport.

Interesting to know:

Coco de Mer nut, like turtles, is an endemic species of the Seychelles islands. More precisely, the palm on which these nuts grow. When Europeans discovered these islands in the 16th century, they found a large unusual nut and couldn’t understand on which palm it could grow. They assumed that these nuts are thrown ashore from the sea. Hence the name: Coco de Mer, which translates to “Sea Coconut.”

In summary, the key facts about this nut:

  • The Seychelles palm (Lodoicea maldivica) is an endangered species. It is naturally found only on Praslin Island (Valle de Mai National Park) and Curieuse Island. There are several palms in the botanical garden on Mahe Island (coordinates mentioned above).
  • For an overview of Praslin, beaches, and what to see, you can find the necessary locations there.
  • The Coco de Mer palm fruit takes 10 years to ripen!
  • It reaches a weight of up to 20 kg, usually around 10-12 kg.
  • From the first year of fruit ripening on the palm, it is assigned an inventory number and enters the state register.
  • If you buy such a nut illegally, you cannot take it out of the country. A receipt and excise are required, so for those who really want it, buy it in official souvenir shops. The price per piece is around 250 euros.
  • Due to its appearance, the Coco de Mer nut is often compared to female hips.
  • For more information about flora and fauna in Seychelles, check the article via the link. You’ll find out if there are poisonous or dangerous insects or animals in Seychelles.
coconut of seychelles
A true symbol of Seychelles. This is not even a large nut yet; there are larger ones.

Takamaka Rum

Briefly, as you can read the details in the article about alcohol in Seychelles.

  • Takamaka Rum is a symbol of Seychelles. It is the most popular alcoholic beverage on the islands.
  • It is made from sugar cane. However, since very little sugar cane is grown in Seychelles, the majority of the raw materials (cane and molasses) are imported from Mauritius.
  • There are 5 types of rum produced. My favorite is Dark Spiced, which is 43% with hints of vanilla and papaya.
  • You can buy Takamaka Rum in any store in Seychelles. A 0.7L bottle costs approximately 22 euros.
  • Tastings (paid) of all varieties of Takamaka Rum are conducted right at the distillery where it is produced. The tour of the distillery itself is free. Read the article: Top 20 Seychelles Attractions; there is information about the distillery and tour times.
  • This is an excellent gift to bring home for colleagues and friends. And what else to bring as a gift from Seychelles.
takamaka seychelles where to buy
The alcoholic symbol of Seychelles – Takamaka Rum. Any alcoholic cocktail in any bar/restaurant is made based on this rum.

Giant Seychellois Boulders

If you enter the word “Seychelles” in the search, it will show you hundreds of photos of dream beaches, and on each one, there will be huge boulders. These unique boulders have been shaped by water over millions of years, giving them a special form and smooth curves that harmoniously blend with the surrounding nature.

These giant boulders are now the true symbols of Seychelles.

The history of their appearance:

The Seychelles islands are an archipelago of 115 islands. 42 of them are entirely granite islands. The remaining islands are partially granite (there are also coral ones). Scientists assume that granite islands are the oldest sections of the Earth’s crust above the surface of the global ocean. 3 billion years ago, when the entire Earth was an ocean, the first land that emerged above the water was granite. Such places on Earth are very few today, and Seychelles is unique in this regard.
seychelles boulders photo
A typical beach on any island, you will find such giant boulders almost everywhere – it’s granite.

Because there are almost no entirely granite islands elsewhere on Earth, Seychellois beaches are so recognizable and different from the beaches of other global resorts.

You will encounter these granite boulders on practically every beach on any Seychelles island. It’s not worth listing the beaches because they are practically on every beach. But the most famous beach – on the L’Union Estate on La Digue Island – is called Anse Source d’Argent.

why seychelles so popular
The symbol of Seychelles and La Digue Island – Anse Source d’Argent beach – is officially the most photographed beach in the world.

This beach is officially considered the most photographed beach in the world. I don’t know how the number of photos was calculated; this question is not for me. Just take their word for it 🙂

In conclusion: you will encounter Seychelles symbols everywhere, but a bit of effort is needed to find turtles and the Coco de Mer nut. However, Takamaka Rum and Seychellois granite boulders will undoubtedly be in front of your eyes every day. All Seychelles symbols are unique and are the national pride of the local residents. Most likely, you will bring something home from Seychelles with one of these symbols as a memento.

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