For those simply looking to locate the Seychelles on world map, it’s quite straightforward: these are tropical islands situated in the midst of the Indian Ocean in the southern hemisphere, almost on the equator. For those eager to discover more useful information or planning their vacation in the Seychelles, read on; there’s plenty of valuable insights ahead.

The Seychelles on World Map

Let’s start with general points illustrated in the photo below.

Seychelles on World Map
Here, it’s clearly visible where the Seychelles are situated on the map and why it’s considered part of Africa.

The Seychelles islands are located on the equator in the Indian Ocean, as seen in the photo above. It’s an archipelago with a tropical climate, experiencing summer all year round.

Interesting to know:

The Seychelles are geographically part of Africa, so it’s accurate to say you’re planning a vacation in Africa.
  • Moreover, the Seychelles are surrounded by the waters of the Indian Ocean itself. Not a sea or a gulf but an ocean! There’s much to discover about the Indian Ocean in the Seychelles: water temperatures, who you might encounter, tides, and many other intriguing details.

There exist four golden resorts in the Indian Ocean, each considered a slice of paradise on Earth. These are the Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius, and Zanzibar. As the author (myself), I’ve visited each of these resorts, even lived in some, and the linked article will guide you on which is the best to visit among these four. This information will be valuable for those who haven’t yet booked tickets and are choosing their dream travel destination.

Geographical Location of the Seychelles Islands

Below are interesting facts concerning the geographical position of the Seychelles Islands, offering insights that will be helpful for tourists planning their getaway.

  • The Seychelles is an archipelago comprising 115 islands.
  • Only 33 of these islands are inhabited.
  • Tourists find interest in 3 islands: Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue. The helpful article linked, “The Best Place to Stay in the Seychelles or Which Island to Choose,” will address all your queries.
  • The total population of the Seychelles is just 97,000 people. You can read more about this in a separate article.
  • The capital of Seychelles is the city of Victoria on Mahé Island, with a population of 24,000 people. You’ll arrive at the airport located 10 km from the capital. An overview of Victoria, places to visit, whether it’s worth going there, and where to find city tours can be found in the linked article.
Location of the Seychelles
An observation deck for the capital of Seychelles, Victoria. The city may seem large, but in reality, it’s a big village 🙂
  • Despite being located almost on the equator (3 degrees south latitude), the Seychelles experience a fully tropical climate. Besides perpetual summer and warm oceans, there are a few downsides to such a climate: very high humidity and a rainy season. All of this is detailed in the article on Seychelles weather and when it’s best to travel.

Distances from the Seychelles to World Capitals

The Seychelles have no neighboring countries or shared borders, not even maritime. They are completely surrounded by neutral waters. Here are the distances to various world capitals, from where convenient flights to the Seychelles are available:

  • Istanbul – 5700 km
  • Doha – 3400 km
  • Dubai – 3200 km
  • Paris – 8000 km
  • Addis Ababa – 2500 km

One of the most common questions I’m asked is, ‘how long does it take to fly to the Seychelles?’ The answer is detailed in a separate article, covering all the intricacies and plenty of useful information.

For those wanting a more detailed study of the Seychelles map, below is a dynamic map that allows clicking, zooming in, and a closer look at where these paradise islands are situated.

In conclusion, now you know about the Seychelles on world map. For those heading here for vacation, there’s the opportunity to achieve several interesting milestones: crossing the equator, visiting the southern hemisphere, exploring genuine tropical islands and the true Indian Ocean, and proudly claiming to have been to Africa, not Egypt or Morocco.

Wishing you new travels and discoveries!

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