Short but highly informative, this article explores the world of diving and snorkeling in Seychelles. I will share locations, provide coordinates, and introduce you to the diverse marine life you can encounter in Seychellois waters. While the article focuses more on snorkeling, diving is briefly covered—simply visit a diving center, pay, and the next morning you’re diving a kilometer offshore.

Snorkeling in Seychelles: General Information

Important Note:

Let me be upfront: snorkeling in Seychelles is a different experience from the Maldives. If you’ve visited the Maldives before, Seychelles snorkeling might disappoint. However, if you love snorkeling with a mask and tube and haven’t been to the Maldives, you’ll still find joy here. Yet, even snorkeling in the Red Sea, say in Egypt, surpasses Seychelles.

For those dreaming of their next vacation destination, there’s a fantastic article comparing the Maldives, Mauritius, and Seychelles.

snorkeling in seychelles
The best snorkeling spots in Seychelles are typically around unique rock formations and islets. The photo at Fairyland Beach will be referenced later.

Here are some general points to know about snorkeling in Seychelles:

  • If you prefer snorkeling near the beach independently, bring your own fins, mask, and tube. While available for purchase, quality gear is not readily found, and cheap Chinese alternatives are both scarce and pricey. A basic set will cost around €50 in a store. What else should you bring to Seychelles?
  • Waters in Seychelles can be murky due to currents, tides, and weather conditions, affecting water clarity.

Two crucial articles for snorkel enthusiasts planning to explore Seychelles further:

  • Dangers in Seychelles: Learn about sharks you may encounter while snorkeling, but the real danger is the intense equatorial sun. Seychelles lies on the equator, where the sun is most active, and sunburn can occur within half an hour at midday. Details are in the same article.
  • Safety on the Islands and Theft: Among the essential tips is to never leave valuables unattended—money, phones, car keys. If snorkeling with the family, check the photo below for a solution.
seychelles diving
Here’s how to dress for snorkeling in Seychelles: long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, mask, snorkel, fins, and most importantly, a buoy (inflatable). Choose one with a dry pocket for your belongings—keys, phone, money—to keep them dry. And if you get tired while snorkeling, you can confidently hold onto the buoy and rest afloat.

Coordinates for Snorkeling Spots in Seychelles

There are two options for snorkeling in Seychelles:

  • Independently near beaches on any island.
  • A tour to outer reefs. Read about the excursions in the linked article to know what’s available and where to find them. If you opt for one, they’ll provide fins and a mask, take you to a spot with fish, and point you in the right direction. The program is generally the same everywhere: visit an uninhabited island with land turtles, snorkel for 30-60 minutes on the reef, and have a beach barbecue.
seychelles snorkel
The perfect look for snorkeling on a cloudy day. Photo taken at Port Launay Beach with a rock and cross in the background. Remember, it’s a great spot.

Now, let’s talk about spots for independent travelers seeking beaches with reefs and fish reachable from the shore.

I’ll provide coordinates and map links where I personally snorkel, and where the underwater world is somewhat diverse. But you can snorkel on any beach. Just remember, the more sand on the seabed, the murkier the water due to waves. Look for rocks, stones, and reefs.

  • Coordinates lead directly to the location where you should snorkel.
Port Launay, Mahe-4.653944, 55.397167Landmark – the rock with a cross; snorkeling around it. Snorkeling is moderate.
Fairyland Beach, Mahe -4.737972, 55.525667A small island 200 meters from the shore (photo at the beginning of the article); snorkeling around it and between this island and the shore, near protruding rocks. Many growing seaweeds on the seabed, including sea urchins. Aqua shoes are needed. If the weather is favorable, it offers very decent snorkeling.
Anse Soleil, Mahe-4.745222, 55.464944Decent snorkeling on the left side of the beach near the rocks. From November to March, there are strong waves, making snorkeling less favorable.
Anse Petite Marie-Louise, Mahe-4.787444, 55.529333Inaccessible without a car; the last 500 meters are on foot through the jungle. Best snorkeling on Mahe. Snorkel about 100 meters from the beach, mainly on its left side. You may encounter stingrays and turtles.
Anse Possession, Praslin-4.308694, 55.731028Good snorkeling but a bit far to swim from the beach.
Anse Lazio, Praslin-4.291111, 55.700917The most popular beach on Praslin. Snorkel in the far-right part of the beach, 100-200 meters from the shore between rocks. Reef sharks and stingrays can be spotted.
Anse Severe, La Digue-4.337389, 55.831167The northernmost point of the island; sometimes there are waves and side currents, so be cautious during low tide. Snorkel along the coast and rocks.
Anse Caiman, La Digue-4.361750, 55.854056Hard to reach, but a lot of rocks and a large reef for snorkeling. Excellent snorkeling. It’s better to approach from Coco Beach; the road is easier.
Grand Anse, La Digue-4.380639, 55.843306Snorkel around two huge rocks from the water. It’s dangerous during strong waves, so be careful. There’s a strong current.

People often ask me, whom can you encounter while snorkeling in Seychelles? The answer is: anyone.

  • Hundreds of different fish, reminiscent of the show “The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau.”
  • Octopuses, but they are timid and hide in crevices. Knowing where to look is essential.
  • Squids and cuttlefish.
  • Sometimes rays, especially closer to sunset. Don’t get too close; they have a sharp spike at the end of their tails that can cause significant pain.
  • I often encounter sea turtles, usually on deserted southern beaches of Mahe, like Petite Marie-Louise. If you spot one, admire from a distance; they can get sick from human touch.
  • With good visibility, even reef sharks might be seen if you’re vigilant in both directions. Usually, they are harmless to humans.
  • Learn everything about the ocean and the underwater world in Seychelles, who lives there, and whom you might encounter.
sharks snorkeling seychelles
Once, my wife and I went snorkeling in Seychelles… (Feel free to come up with your ending) 🙂 The main thing is not to show such a photo to parents.

Everything about diving in Seychelles

I won’t tell you much here, as there isn’t much to say. But here are the main points:

  • Find a diving center on any island, as shown in the photo below.
  • All are certified, qualified, and offer various tours.
  • Of course, they have spots in the ocean, 1-5 km from the islands, where the underwater world is much more impressive than snorkeling near the beach.
  • One dive costs around 100 euros on average.
  • There are programs to obtain a PADI certificate: theory, 4-5 dives. The duration of such a course is 3-5 days. The price is around 600-700 euros for the course. But inquire about what they offer and so on.

Author’s personal opinion:

The best diving is on La Digue, and the best snorkeling in Seychelles is on Mahe at Petite Marie-Louise Beach.
best snorkeling seychelles maldives
Need diving in Seychelles? Look for places like these.

In conclusion: diving and snorkeling in Seychelles are highly popular activities among tourists. You can snorkel on any beach; just have a mask and snorkel. On most beaches, you won’t encounter much, but if you find a cool spot with a reef and good water clarity, it will be delightful.

Wishing you fantastic underwater encounters!

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