Scooter rental in Seychelles is a rather controversial matter. Many tourists who have been to Asian countries know how abundant scooters are on the roads there and how affordable it is. They might expect a similar situation in Seychelles as in India or Thailand, but trust me, it’s quite different here. I’ll share all the nuances, and at the end, I’ll provide a phone number for the most adventurous ones who aren’t discouraged by these peculiarities.

Scooter rental in Seychelles: general information

Firstly, let me clarify that by “scooter,” I mean any two-wheeled means of transportation: motorcycle—everything except bicycles and kick scooters. And yes, someone once asked me whether it’s a good idea to bring an electric kick scooter in their luggage. I must say, it’s a terrible idea, so don’t even consider it. Read on, and you’ll understand why.

The most crucial factor against scooter rental:

Tourists are legally prohibited from renting scooters in Seychelles. Only local residents are allowed to ride scooters, and even they are restricted from carrying two people or a child.
Scooter rental in Seychelles
Tourists on scooters are generally not bothered by the police, but those renting them out may face more significant issues.

For a general understanding of the situation:

  • There are hardly any scooters on the roads, even locals rarely use them.
  • This is why even in English searches like “scooter rental in Seychelles,” it’s a rare case where Google won’t yield any results.
  • The government believes that Seychelles has challenging road conditions, making it unsafe for scooters, hence the prohibition. However, I occasionally see tourists on scooters. The key is to avoid riding a motorcycle into Victoria, and then the chances of getting stopped by the police are minimal, as there are hardly any police officers on the roads.

Next, I’ll explain the reasons for this prohibition. Even if you’ve lived in Thailand for five years, read and weigh all the pros and cons before deciding whether you’re ready to rent a scooter in Seychelles.

Roads in Seychelles for motorcycles

In general, roads in Seychelles are not perfect but of decent quality. Some general points:

  • All roads are narrow, with one lane in each direction.
  • Traffic flows on the left side, similar to the UK.
  • The fastest stretch is the 7 km between the airport and Victoria, where you can go up to 80 km/h. Nowhere else in the country can you drive faster. In populated areas, the speed limit is 40 km/h. However, it’s challenging to maintain even that speed, as the average speed on both cars and scooters hardly reaches 40 km/h.

Why scooter rental is prohibited in Seychelles:

The terrain is very challenging even for experienced bikers. Narrow roads, numerous hairpin turns, constant 180-degree bends, and almost continuous ascents and descents. Additionally, it’s a local feature that there are rarely any guardrails along the roads. Typically, one side is a mountain, and the other side lacks sidewalks, with an immediate drop. It’s one thing for a car to veer off the road, another for a scooter. In the latter case, the scooter rider is immediately taken to the hospital.
scooter why dangerous seychelles
Scooter rental in Seychelles: roads. I’ve created a small photo collage for you. Most roads on the islands look like this. Pay close attention to the top photo: there’s a half-meter-deep ditch on both sides of the road. And in the central photo, there’s a mountain on the right, a 5-meter cliff on the left, and not even a centimeter of shoulder.

Someone might say that such roads exist in Asia too. Yes, they do. In Seychelles, it’s 85% of all roads, not just some of them. Look at the photos above and try to find a shoulder or sidewalk. Where do you think people walk? They walk on the same road. It’s a very common situation, even for locals, to get distracted and veer off one side of the road. When this happens, a tow truck needs to be called to lift the vehicle.

Dangers of Riding a Scooter in Seychelles

In addition to challenging roads and complex terrain, there’s another danger that, in my opinion, poses even more problems for scooter riders: rain. I won’t dwell on the fact that you’ll get soaked – that’s already apparent. Here’s what you need to know about it:

  • Rainfall in Seychelles is regular and heavy. Remember, this is a tropical climate with 90% humidity. From November to March, there are, on average, 22+ rainy days per month. You either get a downpour or sunshine.
bike rental seychelles
If it rains in Seychelles, it looks like this. From November to March, it’s a daily natural occurrence.
  • About 90% of scooters have almost completely bald tires. What you need to know: bald tires provide good grip on dry asphalt. However, on wet asphalt, the opposite effect occurs, making it feel like you’re on skates. Riding a scooter in the rain is genuinely dangerous.

If you think you can wait out the rain and the roads are okay for you, I’ll provide you with the contact of a local resident who rents scooters in Seychelles below. He doesn’t have a website because all of this is illegal.

My advice, for the sake of all things holy:

Not only is medical insurance mandatory to enter Seychelles, but it’s not always checked. Get comprehensive insurance if you plan to ride a scooter, and be cautious. I’ve helped many organize trips to Seychelles, and in my arsenal are dozens of stories of people tumbling off bikes. Normal insurance won’t save you, but it will save your wallet, as medical expenses here are astronomical. Read more about insurance in Seychelles.

Scooter Rental in Seychelles: Prices, Contacts

And now for the bravest ones who haven’t closed this article yet :). Briefly and concisely:

  • Here’s the phone number of a person who rents scooters in Seychelles: +248 2 795 900. His name is Jean-Paul. Contact him on WhatsApp. He responds slowly.
  • He rents specifically on the island of Mahe but knows people who can provide you with scooters on Praslin as well.
  • Despite the entire business being illegal, this gentleman is honest, doesn’t scam for money. He doesn’t require an advance payment but asks for a small deposit when you pick up the scooter. An interesting article about the local people and how they treat tourists.
rent a bike in seychelles
Remember the number of scooters on roads in Asia. In the photo of the city center in Seychelles at any given time, find at least one scooter. Even locals hardly use them.

Scooter Rental in Seychelles Prices:

Here’s another downside to scooter rental. Renting a scooter in Seychelles on Mahe costs a minimum of $30 per day for a two-week rental. If you rent for fewer days, it’s $35. I know someone who rents for a whole month, but he’s treated like a local, and they charge him $25 per day – the cheapest option. On Praslin, prices range from $35 to $40 per day.

The funny part of the situation is that you can rent a car for $40 to $45 per day. Someone might mention the difference in fuel consumption. Trust me, it’s almost negligible. The distances here are so small that a full tank in a car will last you two weeks of non-stop driving around the island.

My personal experience:

I’m an experienced biker, with winters spent in Goa, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and so on. In my first two trips to Seychelles, I rented a scooter. It was okay in September during the dry season. But the second time was in December when rains were frequent, and it was a nightmare in every sense. After that trip, I only rent a car in Seychelles. But you’re mature individuals; decide for yourselves.

In my opinion, scooter rental is not an expense category where you’ll save a lot during your trip. There are more costly expense categories. Read the article: Seychelles on a budget, or how to vacation inexpensively.

In conclusion: overall, if you’re an experienced biker, traveling to the islands during the dry season, without a spouse and children, then scooter rental in Seychelles has its place. Just be extremely vigilant.

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