This article explores the natural diversity of the tropical paradise, Seychelles. Delve into the unique flora and fauna of Seychelles, uncovering the various animals and plants that inhabit the islands. We’ll discuss whether there are any dangerous animals or poisonous insects on the islands. I must clarify that I am neither a biologist nor a botanist, and the information provided will be based on the perspective of an expatriate, along with answers to common tourist questions regarding fears of snakes, spiders, sharks, and more.

Flora and Fauna of Seychelles: General Information

Interesting Facts:

Scientists believe that Seychelles was not part of any supercontinent, emerging around 3 billion years ago due to tectonic plate uplift. The granite composition of the Seychelles islands supports this theory.

Due to isolation from the rest of the world for billions of years before European discovery in the 16th century, Seychelles has preserved numerous endemic plant and animal species. The Seychelles story is intriguing and can be explored further through a provided link

  • Endemics are species of plants or animals that have evolved in isolated territories. For instance, Australia has many endemics due to its historical isolation, such as kangaroos and the platypus.
fauna of seychelles
Seychelles giant land tortoises are endemics of Aldabra Island, living freely on La Digue and Curieuse islands today.

Underwater, there are no endemics since there are no physical boundaries in the ocean. Those interested in the underwater world can find information on whales, sharks, sea turtles, and rays in the provided link.

Plants in Seychelles

Among all plants, the Coco de Mer palm stands out in Seychelles. It is a symbol of the islands and is endemic to Praslin and Curieuse islands. It is under state protection in Seychelles.

The Coco de Mer palm produces unique fruit, resembling the female body. This fruit takes about 10 years to mature, weighing 15-20 kg, but is inedible.

plants of seychelles
The Coco de Mer nut is another endemic and the main symbol of Seychelles, even appearing in the country’s entry passport stamp.


When hiking through the islands’ jungles, pay attention to the surroundings. Seychelles is rich in exotic plants that will delight any botany enthusiast.
animals in seychelles
The flora and fauna of Seychelles are incredibly diverse. Simply walking through the jungles, you will encounter many interesting sights. Personal photos from a jungle walk include a Nepenthes pitcher plant on the left and a wild pineapple on the right.

Here is a list of plants not found in our latitudes:

  • Banyan
  • Vanilla (with a note on manual pollination due to the absence of native hummingbirds)
  • Flame tree
  • Stilt palm (endangered)
  • Cinnamon
  • Wright’s Gardenia (locally known as lemon tree)
dangerous snakes seychelles
There are hundreds of other exotic plants, the names of which may not be familiar to most readers.

For a conscious exploration of Seychelles’ flora, visit:

  • Victoria Botanical Garden on Mahe
  • Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve on Praslin
  • Jardin du Roi Spice Garden on Mahe

An overview of all three places is in the article: TOP 20 attractions of Seychelles. There you will find prices, opening hours, tips for visiting each location.

Fauna of Seychelles: Who You Might Encounter

Important Note:

Seychelles lacks dangerous predators, poisonous spiders, or other harmful insects in its natural environment. While there are three snake species, one of which is venomous, they reside deep in the jungles and are more feared by humans than humans are by them.
spiders seychelles
Seychelles villas are surrounded by greenery. Imagine, you are staying in such a villa, and some inhabitants of the Seychelles jungle can even get inside 🙂

You are guaranteed to encounter:

  • Fruit bats: Abundant and harmless, resembling giant bats, they feed on fruits and become active after sunset.
  • Giant land tortoises: Endemic to Seychelles, they can be found on various islands, some living freely on La Digue and Curieuse. In the article symbols of the Seychelles you will read about these turtles, and you will also find the coordinates where exactly there are turtles.
  • Black parrot: An endangered species, spotted in Vallée de Mai on Praslin.
  • Various lizards, geckos, and endemic species. There is a considerable population of ordinary gray geckos. Some of them are quite striking in appearance. Geckos are beneficial, serving as natural insect repellents. If you notice one in your room, do not shoo it away; they capture mosquitoes and flies, posing no harm to humans.
  • Madagascar fody: A small, colorful bird often seen seeking food on terraces.
fruit bats seychelles
Fruit bat
gecko seychelles
Lizards and Geckos: Seychelles boasts a vast variety of lizards and geckos, including endemic species, in all sizes and colors. Unlike Sri Lanka, Seychelles has no monitor lizards.
  • Red Madagascar Fody: A small, brightly colored bird about the size of a sparrow, known for its inquisitive nature and tendency to approach for food. If you frequently dine on your villa’s terrace, expect these charming guests.
  • Praying Mantises: While encountering them is challenging due to their excellent camouflage, Seychelles is home to these intriguing insects.
  • Giant Snails: Especially after rain, you may come across numerous giant snails, adding to Seychelles’ diverse fauna
seychelles birds
Madagascar fody: A small, colorful bird often seen seeking food on terraces
  • Seychelles is also home to large Nephila spiders that often weave webs under roofs. These spiders, with legs larger than a palm, are entirely harmless to humans, though their appearance can be intimidating.

In conclusion, this overview only scratches the surface of Seychelles’ flora and fauna. Whether hiking in the mountains, exploring botanical gardens, or visiting Vallée de Mai Reserve, keeping an eye out for various species is a rewarding experience. Seychelles boasts a significant number of exotic birds, and most importantly, there are no dangerous plants or animals that pose significant health risks to humans.

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