An interesting overview for travelers. I will tell you about the city of Victoria, what to see here, provide coordinates of cool locations, and share tips and life hacks. You’ll learn how much time to allocate for the Seychelles capital. This is a mini-guide to the archipelago’s capital and the only city on all Seychelles islands.

Victoria: General Information about the Seychelles Capital

Useful to know:

In the Seychelles capital, Victoria, there are no beaches or resorts. Tourists do not live here; they only come to shop, visit the market, and explore the city. If you want to see all the main attractions in Victoria, allocating 2-3-4 hours at a leisurely pace is sufficient. Staying overnight here doesn’t make sense.

Now, some general information for a proper understanding:

  • Victoria was founded by the French in 1778 and was named Port Royal. In 1810, the British took control of the Seychelles, renaming the capital after Queen Victoria – Port Victoria. After Seychelles gained independence in 1976, the capital was simply renamed Victoria. For a detailed history of Seychelles, what remains from the French, and what from the English, read the link.
seychelles victoria attractions
On Mahe Island, there’s a lot of hiking in the mountains. One of the viewpoints overlooking Victoria is on Mahe. The city may seem large, but in reality, just over 20,000 people live here. By the way, in this guide, there is an article about hiking trails in the Seychelles jungles with scenic viewpoints.
  • The population of Victoria is only 25,000 people, which is almost a third of the country’s total population.
  • Victoria is the only city in the Seychelles. In the second most populous settlement in the country, only 4,000 people live. More interesting facts about the archipelago.

How to Get There, Parking, All About Transportation in Victoria

All public transportation in the Seychelles is represented only by buses. Besides taxis and car rentals, there is no other transportation. Getting to Victoria by bus is easy from any point on Mahe Island. Essentially, all buses on the island somehow pass through the Seychelles capital. Read all about buses in a separate article, including schedules, how to buy tickets, and why they don’t allow suitcases on buses.

Useful to know:

The Victoria Tourist Center is very small. Literally 2-3 blocks, and that’s the entire center. All attractions are so close to each other, as much as possible.

Here are two crucial pieces of advice for visiting Victoria that will save you nerves and time:

  • Don’t come here by car on weekends. The traffic jams in the center are just crazy; compared to what happens here, London is a breeze. There are many cars, very narrow roads, and only one traffic light 🙂
  • If you’re driving to Victoria, leave your car in the free parking lots just before the center. It’s better not to attempt to drive into the center by car. There is no parking space in the center, and even near the main market, parking is paid. But even for money, you still need to try to find a place there.
  • Coordinates of a large free parking lot almost in the center of Victoria: -4.623450150641307, 55.45563013670974
victoria sights seychelles
Victoria, one of the streets in the center. The photo is not clear, but it’s one continuous traffic jam; cars are standing still and not moving.

Victoria: Overview of Attractions

Below is an overview of the main attractions in Victoria, operating hours, prices, and tips. I’ll also provide my personal rating of how interesting each attraction is for tourists. I’ll tell you upfront, Victoria is not Paris or London. Here, you can count all the main attractions on one hand, even if you’re a high-ranking locksmith with three fingers.

If you need a guided tour of Victoria:

  • Clock Tower
what to see in victoria seychelles
City center – Victoria’s clock tower. Here, you can also notice the traffic jam at the end of the street. In general, Victoria is one big traffic jam, especially on weekends 🙂

The heart of Seychelles’ capital, the main square. The attentive reader has already noticed that Victoria’s clock tower is very similar to London’s Big Ben, and it is. In general, this part of the city is built in the English colonial style, and nothing has changed since the 19th century. There isn’t even a traffic light.

Author’s rating:

4 out of 5. On one hand, yes, it’s a beautiful clock tower, but you won’t be awestruck. This is the heart of Victoria, and you definitely won’t bypass this square. Other attractions of the capital are also located here.

  • National Museum of Seychelles History
seychelles victoria museums
The National Museum of Seychelles is located in this building from the English colonial period.

The country’s main museum. Not huge, but interesting. As the name suggests, all exhibits tell the story of Seychelles from the Portuguese discovery to the present day. You’ll learn a lot about slavery on the islands, Creole culture, and who the Creoles are. The museum is right on the main square in front of the clock tower.

  • Coordinates: -4.623315797070204, 55.45261122772657
  • Museum website:
  • Opening hours: 09:30 – 16:45 (closed from 12 to 13 for lunch), yes, even the shops work during lunch, don’t be surprised.
  • Ticket price: 150 rupees (~10 euros)
  • How much time to plan: 1 hour at most. The museum is not large, just like the country’s history 🙂

Author’s rating:

3 out of 5. Personally, the museum seemed quite dull to me, standard exhibits, many photographs, typical exhibits for the entire region. If you love museums and haven’t been to similar ones in the Maldives or Mauritius, it will be interesting. But if you’ve been to the National Museum of Mauritius, for example, then nothing new.

  • Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market – The Country’s Main Market
market mahe
Central Market of Victoria

Here, everything is sold: souvenirs, clothing, fruits, and fish. This is where locals buy their groceries, and tourists are the minority. However, it’s important to understand that the country is small, the city is small, and the main market is not enormous either. In the photo above, the entire fruit-vegetable and fish section of the market is captured. The busiest day at the market is Saturday!

  • Coordinates: -4.621301799184969, 55.45131854094847
  • Opening hours: from 7 am to 4 pm. Closed on Sundays. It’s better to come before noon; after 2 pm, the market starts to quiet down.
  • This is the place to plan your purchase of souvenirs and gifts to take home.

Author’s rating:

5 out of 5. A market in any country is an opportunity to observe the locals’ life. Victoria’s market is no exception. Tourists here don’t attract much attention, and no one bothers or deceives you. It’s great here. Feel free to buy fish/shrimp for the grill, fruits, and not just souvenirs.

For those expecting an abundance of fruits here, don’t hold your breath. Here’s an article about fruits in the Seychelles; it’s not as idyllic as one might hope.

  • Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple – The Main Hindu Temple in the Seychelles
mahe temples
Main Hindu Temple in the Seychelles

There are many Indians and Sri Lankans in the Seychelles, so it’s not surprising that Hinduism is one of the main religions here, though not the primary one. If ordinary churches are not particularly interesting to our tourist, Hindu temples always evoke admiration. There’s a lot of incense, live flowers, and decorations inside any such temple.

Author’s rating:

4 out of 5. An excellent attraction, especially for those who have never been to such temples. Important note: remember that in Hindu temples, entry is only allowed barefoot. Remove your shoes at the entrance.

So, these are the main attractions of Victoria, the capital of the Seychelles. Below are the coordinates of a few more objects that might interest you:

what to visit in victoria seychelles
In the photo, the Bicentennial Monument of Victoria and the Anglican Church. I hope you can figure out what is where.

Important Locations in the Capital: Shops, Port

And finally, I’ll outline what else is useful in Victoria; perhaps these locations will be needed for you too:

Useful to know:

In the Seychelles, there is only one supermarket in the whole country, and that’s STC. Read all about stores, assortment, where and how to buy groceries in the article: stores in the Seychelles. There, you’ll also find information about supermarkets with imported products and alcohol.

In conclusion: I believe that every tourist should visit the capital of the Seychelles, Victoria. Life here is vibrant by Seychellois standards. There’s a unique atmosphere and charm. The city is very small, I would say a large village; plan half a day in Victoria, and that will be enough to leisurely explore all the interesting spots.

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