The article, which may disappoint or even upset many, sheds light on the variety and prices of fruits in Seychelles, which often fail to meet expectations. I personally know that most tourists, having bought tickets to this tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean, anticipate feasting on fruits as one would in resorts in Thailand or Vietnam. However, the reality is quite different.

Fruits in Seychelles: General Information

Here are the key points about the “fruitful Seychellois paradise,” for those who haven’t grasped it yet:

  • Despite having summer all year round, the assortment of fruits varies significantly throughout the months.
  • Seychelles has very little land for agriculture, and the available land is primarily used for growing vegetables, essential for the local population. Items like potatoes, eggplants, cabbage, carrots, etc., take precedence.
  • Many fruits are imported, and given that Seychelles is an island nation with a distance of 1500 km to the nearest continent, logistics are complex and expensive, resulting in high prices for many imported fruits.
watermelon seychelles
Hope you can see the price: 115 rupees for this slice of watermelon, which I devour in 5 minutes. 115 rupees is approximately 8 euros.

Interesting fact:

The most popular and affordable strong alcoholic beverage in Seychelles is rum. Local rum is made from sugarcane, which thrives in this climate. However, as Seychelles lacks suitable land for cultivation, 90% of the raw materials (molasses and sugarcane) are sourced from neighboring Mauritius. Consequently, a 0.7L bottle of the cheapest local rum costs from 22 euros. There are more interesting facts about the country.

So, don’t be surprised if the fruit stand near your hotel, both in terms of variety and prices, is much worse than the typical fruit section at your local store in December.

which fruits in seychelles
My favorite stand offers only oranges, apples, and two pineapples. For example, the price for oranges in the photo is 28 rupees for a pack of 4, almost 2 euros.

What fruits in Seychelles are available: Seasonal breakdown

Now, let’s go over the fruits you can find in Seychelles. I’ll try to mention prices, whether they are local or imported, and in which months they are more commonly available.

  • Bananas, coconuts, apples, and oranges are available in large quantities throughout the year. All are local and relatively inexpensive. For example, 1 kg of baby bananas (small, sweetest ones) costs 30 rupees (2 euros).
  • Pineapples and watermelons are mostly imported. Available throughout the year, but a medium pineapple can easily cost 100 rupees (7 euros), and the same goes for watermelons.
  • Breadfruit, although more of a vegetable than a fruit, is popular here. Grown in Seychelles, it costs 2-3 euros per kg. Some locals like to grill it with fish, which is quite tasty. If you are a fisherman and are coming on vacation with your spinning rod, read the article about fishing from the shore in the Seychelles.
  • Star fruit, or carambola, is not very popular in Seychelles. It’s not expensive, and the season is usually winter and summer.
  • Seychellois mango costs around 50 rupees per kg (3 euros). However, it’s different from what we are used to; it’s very small, with a large pit and minimal flesh.
mango seychelles price
Our standard basket of fruits in Seychelles includes bananas, avocados, oranges, passion fruit, and sometimes imported lychee, which is quite expensive.
  • Lychee is imported from nearby Mauritius, where it is grown extensively. The season is from November to February, and a small packet/tray of 250 grams costs 50 rupees (around 3 euros).
  • Papaya and passion fruit grow in Seychelles and ripen throughout the year. The price is usually around 3 euros per kg for papaya. Passion fruit, locally known as maracuja, is used to make delicious juices with lime and vanilla essence.
  • Guava, pomelo, Malay apple, dragon fruit (pitahaya) – these appear spontaneously throughout the year. Pitahaya is the only imported one, coming from Thailand and costing over 7 euros per kg. Everything else is priced at 2-3 euros per kg.
papaya seychelles
The typical fruit stand on the islands. The most convenient way to buy fruits in Seychelles.

Travel Tips

Here are a few tips regarding fruits in Seychelles:

  • Bring a small folding knife. Not everyone stays in apartments with a kitchen, and a knife may not be available. Carrying a kitchen knife is inconvenient, so having a small folding knife comes in handy for cutting fruits on the beach. What else to take to the Seychelles from home.
  • If you eat fruits on the terrace of your villa or in your room, it’s advisable to take all the trash outside the room to a container. There are many ants and insects, and they can swarm in overnight. All edible items should be kept only in the refrigerator. The same applies to shrimp shells and other seafood remains.

Useful to know:

Prices can vary significantly in different places on different islands. Bananas at the market in Victoria may cost 18-20 rupees/kg, while the same bunch at the market in La Digue may cost 50 rupees (3 euros) on the same day. This is a normal situation, so don’t be surprised.

In conclusion: Don’t worry; there are fruits in Seychelles. Coconuts under the palm trees and delicious papaya await you every month of the year. Yes, there is not the abundance of fruits as in Asia, but Seychelles offers the world’s best beaches and the endless, warm Indian Ocean, which more than compensates for any fruit-related shortcomings. Pros and cons of vacationing in Seychelles.

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