One of the most common questions from independent travelers when they learn about prices in the islands is how to visit Seychelles on a budget and enjoy a budget-friendly vacation in Seychelles. This article will prepare you for your journey and provide food for thought. Many tips will help you save money, sometimes even a lot. And there won’t be silly advice like “eat less, walk more” :).

Seychelles on a Budget: General Price Information

In a nutshell, Seychelles is a relatively expensive country. High prices apply to everything for tourists: accommodation, restaurants, even the cheapest beer in a store costs 3.5 euros for a 0.5L can. Taxis, ferries between islands. The only inexpensive thing is the beaches—they’re all free 🙂

Despite this, there are many budget travelers, not millionaires, who come for a vacation in Seychelles and feel comfortable. Therefore, it is essential to prepare correctly and have a realistic understanding of the budget for the entire trip.

seychelles on a budget
On the island of La Digue, you can easily encounter a tortoise while cycling on the road. They live freely among people. These emotions are worth any money, and what about the emotions of your children? 🙂

Important note:

Despite Seychelles being in Africa, expecting low prices is not reasonable. If you want to live comfortably for $10-20 a day, you should head to Southeast Asian resorts like Thailand, Vietnam, and so on. These are not my words, by the way; these are the words of the President of Seychelles.

Below are two extremely useful articles that will give you a clear picture of prices and the travel budget in Seychelles.

  • Prices in Seychelles for all categories of goods and services for tourists. There, you will also read about the government program of the last 20 years aimed at attracting affluent tourists and the restrictive prices for budget travelers.
  • The cost of traveling to Seychelles: information on expenditure items and how much money you need to have with you. Find out how much the average tourist spends on food, excursions, and accommodation in Seychelles. Estimate the entire travel budget comprehensively and assess your possibilities.

What’s Cheaper: a Vacation Package or Independent Travel?

Very often, you can find a package to Seychelles that turns out to be cheaper than independent travel. Why?

  • There are direct flights to Seychelles from 16 cities in the World. Regardless of whether you are an independent traveler or bought a package, most people take these flights. Needless to say, tour operators buy several seats at once, and if they cannot sell them, they offer discounts on packages.
  • Also, due to the large flow of tourists, tour operators have discounts on various hotels, villas, and apartments in Seychelles.
  • As a result, the foundation of any tour, flight + accommodation, to Seychelles sometimes turns out to be cheaper in a package than booking everything separately.
seychelles package or not
In the photo is a package from London with a Qatar Airlines flight, half board, without transfer, price for two. Let’s calculate: a tickets for this flight without discounts and promotions cost 1800 euros for a couple. And room rate in this hotel (same period and room) is 3300 eur. In total, buying such a package already saves you 400 euros. Want to go to Seychelles inexpensively? Consider packages as well.

Important to know:

A feature of packages to Seychelles is that there are often options for just a villa or apartment, not only hotels with meals. Also, transfers to hotels from the airport are rarely included in Seychelles packages; tourists get there on their own. But this is a local feature. Read all about packages, prices, where to look, what to pay attention to via the link.

If it’s not crucial for you whether it’s a package or independent travel, consider both options. Sometimes package prices are very attractive, and you will still fly on a regular flight because there are no charters on this route yet. Look for cheap tours here:

  • Expedia – a major tour operator, popular in the UK and throughout Europe.

How to Have a Budget-Friendly Vacation in Seychelles

Now that we’ve covered how to save on flights and accommodation, let’s delve into the specifics, point by point, of what else you need to know to have a budget-friendly vacation in Seychelles.

A bit more about accommodation; it’s crucial to understand the logic, so follow the thought process:

  • Car rental in Seychelles is essential, especially on the islands of Mahe and Praslin. Exploring the island’s attractions, visiting the only supermarket in the country, and exploring various beaches are more comfortable with a car. Only those planning to spend entire days on the beach without venturing far from the hotel may find comfort without a car.
  • Car rental costs average around 40-50 euros per day on the islands.
  • Renting a villa or apartment is not the most budget-friendly expense. You’ll realize this when you start choosing your accommodation. Apartments/bungalows on the beachfront can easily cost 150-200 euros per day. Similar comfort accommodation 2-3 km from the beach may cost 80-100 euros per day. The price difference for identical options in different parts of the island can be twice as much.
  • The key idea here is to consider good options not on the beachfront. With the money saved, you can rent a car for the entire stay. Your mobility will soar to new heights—any store, any beach of your choice, any scenic viewpoint in the mountains. You won’t reach these places by bus, and taxis in Seychelles cost as much as a starship.
how to save in seychelles
Having a car in Seychelles is not a luxury or an unnecessary expense. With the right approach, a car will save you money and a lot of time. According to tourism ministry statistics, around 80% of all tourists in Seychelles rent a car for at least one day.

Often, especially active tourists choose La Digue for their vacation. It’s expensive to get there (140 euros per person for round-trip ferry tickets), and accommodation is pricier than on Mahe. However, La Digue is a small island where a car is unnecessary—everyone gets around on bicycles. Spending 10 days on La Digue could save you 500 euros on car rental, which you can spend on the ferry and the price difference in accommodation.

So, options that initially seem expensive and are rejected by tourists can, in fact, be even cheaper when calculated. Learn more about how to choose your dream island in the article: Where is the Best Place to Vacation in Seychelles, discovering the differences between the islands in terms of relaxation.

cheap seychelles tips
About food, we’ll talk below. I caught these fish on the beach in 30 minutes with the simplest spinning rod. The cost of such a dinner with beer and salad in a restaurant would approach 100 euros for a couple.
  • Another expense article, where you can spend a lot but also save a lot, is food. It’s especially relevant for those traveling to Seychelles without an “all-inclusive” package. Details about restaurants, prices, menus, and most importantly, where to eat inexpensively, can be found in the article via the link.

However, here’s something interesting. Seychelles offers excellent shore fishing, with bites almost everywhere, on any beach, with the most basic fishing rod that all tourists bring along. Moreover, almost all villas and apartments have a barbecue.

You catch the fish, buy charcoal and vegetables from the store, and cook yourself an amazing dinner. And this isn’t to save money; it’s incredibly cool. Just imagine: the equator, you’re on a tropical island, you’ve caught fish in the ocean and grilled it on a pan or barbecue. Sitting under a palm tree for dinner is a dream. As a bonus, you get fantastic savings, as one dinner for two in a Seychelles restaurant can cost around 100 euros.

cheap vacation seychelles
And fishing in Seychelles is not for the sake of saving money. It’s a mega-cool activity; even those who are not anglers come up to me and ask for a fishing rod :). Savings here turn out to be a bonus in themselves. Check out the fishing rod in the hands of the girl—the cheapest spinning rod for 5 euros that fits into any suitcase.

Travel Tips

Above were the basic things related to food, flights, accommodation, and car rental. Tourists who organize and plan everything wisely save around 1000 euros for the entire vacation. It’s essential to note that this is without compromising the quality of the vacation. Below are a few more tips that will help save a bit more:

  • Pack your suitcase wisely.

Don’t forget your toothbrush, sunscreen, phone charger, outlet adapter, mask, and fins if you plan to snorkel. Everything is available here, but it costs three times more than back home. Forget three items from this list, and you’ll spend 50 euros on them here.

Not to mention the time spent. Seychelles is a big village; you’ll spend half a day looking for a phone or tablet charger when you could be lying on the beach. What else to bring to Seychelles: a list of things

  • Book everything in advance, tours, airport transfers. It’s challenging to find on the spot, and it’s more expensive. Links to all useful resources are at the end of the article.

In conclusion: Seychelles on a budget is not an oxymoron, as many may think. Yes, vacationing here will be more expensive than flying to Sri Lanka or Vietnam, but it’s a completely different level. The beaches, the ocean, and nature like in Seychelles cannot be found in Southeast Asian countries. Those who want to have a budget-friendly vacation in Seychelles, with proper planning and approach, enjoy a dream vacation for quite reasonable money.

Wishing you a vibrant and budget-friendly vacation in Seychelles!

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