Stylish apartments and excellent hotels on La Digue Island in the Seychelles. You’ll find not only list with prices, photos, and reviews but also insights that are essential to consider when choosing accommodation on La Digue. These insights will not only help you save money but also enhance your stay on the island, making your choice more thoughtful.

Features of Accommodation on La Digue

Here are the key points you need to know, and for a more comprehensive overview of La Digue, you can read the detailed guide, which includes information on how to get there, beach ratings, and attractions on La Digue.

  • La Digue is a small island measuring 5 by 4 km.
  • There are almost no cars, and the roads are not congested. Choosing accommodation away from the road to avoid traffic noise disrupting your sleep is pointless. La Digue doesn’t have such roads, and by 9 p.m., the entire island is usually asleep.
  • The location of your accommodation on La Digue doesn’t matter much. You can reach any point on a bicycle within 20 minutes.
  • In the center of the island is a granite rock with a peak at 350m above sea level. The village where everyone lives is situated on a plain, so your walks won’t involve significant elevation changes.
  • However, starting from this point: -4.356472, 55.835472, the road experiences a sharp increase in elevation. This is the only street where houses are on a slope. If you prefer not to walk or ride a bike uphill, avoid renting accommodation on this street.
  • Accommodation on La Digue mainly consists of villas and apartments owned by locals. There are no major chain hotels like on Mahe or Praslin. For detailed information on accommodation types in Seychelles and their peculiarities, check the linked article.
apartments la digue
This is the central, main, and busiest road on La Digue. You don’t need to worry about noisy streets or all-night discos under your window; they simply don’t exist on La Digue.

Useful to know:

Since the island is very small, and the village itself occupies only a third of the island, there’s not an infinite amount of accommodation for tourists. It’s not like Vietnam or Thailand. La Digue’s rental occupancy is over 90% throughout the year. This means that the closer your travel date, the less adequate accommodation you’ll find for reasonable prices. Don’t delay; book your accommodation right after purchasing your tickets.
  • A unique aspect of apartments on La Digue is that many don’t have kitchens. This means you’ll be dining in restaurants or opting for takeout. There are two excellent articles on this topic that cover all Seychelles islands; I recommend reading them:

Apartments and Hotels on La Digue

Below is a dynamic list that includes the most popular apartments and hotels on La Digue, frequently booked by tourists. You can click on each option to view prices, photos, and reviews. You’ll find more links to accommodation rental resources at the end of the article.

book hotels on la digue
This is what a standard bedroom looks like in most apartments and hotels on La Digue. Air conditioning is always available!


To avoid issues when obtaining visitor’s permit to Seychelles, you must have authorized accommodation booked. All hotels, villas, and apartments in this list are authorized options for tourists. There was a link earlier to an article on accommodation types in Seychelles, which thoroughly explores this topic

Personal recommendation from the author: Check out Chateau St Cloud. It’s the first plantation-style house on La Digue where the first island governor lived 250 years ago. They’ve preserved the atmosphere of that time, combined with modern renovations, a pool, a stunning garden, and contemporary rooms. This place is fantastic; there’s nothing else like it on La Digue!

Chateau St Cloud la digue
Main entrance to Hotel Chateau St Cloud – where the colonial spirit is felt

List of Hotels on La Digue

Travel Tips

Here are a few additional tips that will help you:

  • La Digue is a very green island, with 70% of it covered in jungle. There can be quite a few mosquitoes at times. Bring a plug-in insect repellent from home; it quickly solves all sleep-related issues. Check what else to bring to Seychelles.
  • There’s no need to pay special attention to the proximity of the beach. There are dozens of beaches, and in most cases, no matter where you stay, the nearest one will be 3-5 minutes away by bicycle.

In conclusion, if you plan ahead and address the accommodation question on La Digue in advance, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Yes, there are no luxurious 5-star hotels like on Mahe, but La Digue offers a completely different experience. Apartments and hotels on La Digue cater to various preferences, with budget-friendly options available for under 100 euros per day (yes, for Seychelles, 100 euros is considered budget), as well as those where you might pay 300-500 euros. The choice is entirely yours.

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