For those who are planning a vacation and want to learn more about Seychelles, current travel trends, and what to expect from a vacation in Seychelles, this overview provides insights into the country’s unique aspects. Despite being tropical islands in the Indian Ocean with year-round summer and hundreds of magical beaches, each country’s vacation experience differs, and Seychelles is no exception.

Vacation in Seychelles: General Points

For those considering Seychelles, here’s what you need to know about the country:

  • Seychelles is located in the southern hemisphere, almost on the equator, at -4 degrees south latitude, in the Indian Ocean. It is approximately 1500 km away from the nearest continent.
  • Seychelles is part of Africa.
  • The country is very small, with only 33 of its 115 archipelago islands inhabited. The total population is just 95,000, with around 75,000 residing on the main island of Mahe.
  • Seychelles experiences summer throughout the year, attracting tourists every month. While there is no distinct rainy season, there are dry and wet seasons. The wettest months are December and January. More details on seasons and weather in Seychelles can be found in the article.
vacation in Seychelles
A Seychelles vacation is all about beaches. With hundreds of beaches, each one surpassing the previous in beauty

Best Places for Seychelles Vacation:

Despite having 33 inhabited islands, tourists have access to only three easily accessible islands with ample accommodation and all the necessities for a comfortable stay: Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue. The article recommends exploring at least two islands, if not all three.

In the article on the best places to stay in Seychelles, you will learn in detail about the characteristics of each island and decide which one interests you the most.

Travel Trends in Seychelles

Here’s what you can expect from a vacation in Seychelles and the travel trends:


Seychelles is synonymous with beaches and beach vacations. While there are other fantastic resorts in the Indian Ocean with direct flights from many countries, Seychelles is not the only option. The Maldives and Mauritius also offer excellent beach experiences. The Maldives, for instance, is known for snorkeling and diving not found in Seychelles, while Mauritius boasts underwater waterfalls worth the visit. Seychelles, however, is primarily about beach relaxation.
seychelles travel trends
But at other resorts you won’t see giant land turtles in the wild. This is us on the island of La Digue going (by bicycle) to the beach to swim

On the other hand, Seychelles offers more than just beach relaxation. Below are tourism directions interesting to travelers:

  • Hiking: For active tourists, there are numerous hiking trails through mountains and jungles with breathtaking viewpoints, especially on the island of Mahe. Check the article on hiking in Seychelles for coordinates, route descriptions, and recommendations.
  • Giant Land Tortoises: Seychelles’ giant land tortoises are one of the country’s main symbols. Some islands (Mahe and Praslin) have them in enclosures, while on La Digue, you can encounter them freely while strolling around the island. Many tourists, in addition to beach vacations, visit national parks and other locations to acquaint themselves with the unique flora and fauna of the islands.
trip to seychelles
The Seychelles has a very rich flora and fauna, always look around. You can see a lot of interesting species

Good to know:

Seychelles boasts a rich flora and fauna due to its isolation for millions of years before European discovery in the early 16th century. Many endemic species inhabit Seychelles, including the famous Coco de Mer nut, another symbol of Seychelles, black parrots, and more.

Two articles on this topic, for those interested:

  • Gastronomic Tourism: Seychelles is popular for gastronomic tourism. While you can find familiar dishes like fried potatoes, nuggets, pizza, and pasta, the predominant cuisine is Creole, featuring a variety of fish and other seafood. For many, trying new and interesting dishes is a separate pleasure on vacation. Find out all about Seychelles’ national cuisine and what a tourist should try in the corresponding article.
  • Water Activities: Lastly, Seychelles is about the ocean, offering a plethora of activities. However, there’s a unique feature – Seychelles focuses on yacht excursions, snorkeling, barbecues on uninhabited islands, and fishing. You won’t find banana boat rides or parasailing here. Read more about entertainment options in the article on excursions and tours in Seychelles
holiday in seychelles
A Seychelles vacation entails beaches without crowds. Even the most popular and developed beaches maintain a serene atmosphere.

The main takeaway is that Seychelles offers diverse vacation experiences, but primarily, visitors come here for beach relaxation, which differs from Thailand, Turkey, or Egypt. There are no crowded beaches, endless rows of sun loungers, intrusive corn sellers, or excursions. All beaches are secluded, with only you and the ocean.

To add variety to beach relaxation, active tourists can explore mountain hiking, snorkeling, fishing, and, of course, indulge in delicious cuisine. That’s what awaits you on a Seychelles vacation.

What to Know About Seychelles Before Your Vacation

Here are some general tips to be aware of before your vacation:

  • English is widely spoken, and almost everyone understands French. If you have a basic knowledge of either language, you won’t face any language barriers. Learn more about the language situation in Seychelles and tourist tips in the relevant article.
  • You will arrive on Mahe Island in any case, as it hosts the only international airport. Many tourists spend their entire vacation on Mahe, as it is the largest and most developed island with the best shops, more beaches, and plenty of mountain hiking. A comprehensive overview of Mahe for tourists is available. Whether to visit other islands is your decision; personally, I would recommend exploring La Digue.
Seychelles Vacation review
For active tourists, there are numerous viewpoints in the mountains, such as this one. However, reaching them involves a hike through the jungle.

In conclusion, a Seychelles vacation revolves around beaches, the ocean, and mountains. There are almost no architectural landmarks like in Europe – no palaces, castles, churches, or old towns. Three hours in the capital, Victoria, are enough to explore the city, and there are no other cities in the country. It’s time to return to the beach.

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