Discover everything about tours in Seychelles on Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue. Learn about the types of tours and excursions, where to find them, and the languages spoken by guides. I will share information about the most popular ones, what to pay attention to, and provide many useful tips that will save you time and sometimes even money.

General information about tours in Seychelles

Let’s start with general points, some obvious, some not so much. This way, you’ll have a better understanding of the entire tour business in Seychelles.

  • Today, all tours in Seychelles are essentially divided into two types: water activities (yachts, catamarans), and car tours (Mahe, Praslin).
    • Regarding car tours , it’s important to understand that there are almost no architectural landmarks in the country. There is only one city – Victoria, the center of which can be easily explored in 2 hours.

All car tours are visits to beaches, viewpoints, and national parks by the guide’s car. Such tours are very relevant for those who don’t rent a car for various reasons. On the other hand, if you plan to rent a car on Mahe and Praslin, you can explore most interesting locations on the islands without a guide. Everything about car rental on the islands, personal experience, and pitfalls.

tours in seychelles
You can rent such car and explore the entire island. But it’s better to choose a regular car, as rain in Seychelles is a common occurrence.
  • All excursions and tours, if paid offline, can be paid in rupees, dollars, and euros. Prices will be quoted in euros, and paying in euros is usually the most advantageous. However, if you want to pay in rupees, no one will object, and they will convert it at a reasonable exchange rate. More about money in Seychelles, where to use cards, how to exchange money, and what to bring with you can be found in the linked article.
  • Bargaining is generally inappropriate in Seychelles, not only for excursions but also for other purchases. Locals are reluctant to haggle and dislike it. If you buy an excursion offline on the beach, you might be able to get a 10% discount, but probably not much more. I don’t know where you will find beach excursions today, but just in case :). More about this below.


There is a Seychellois peculiarity: where there is a paid entrance to a landmark (not all), such as a botanical garden, mountain trails, only card payments are accepted. Cash will not be accepted. However, if you booked an excursion with a guide to such locations, even if tickets are not included in the excursion cost, the guide will pay with his card, and you can reimburse him in cash.
tour mahe seychelles
A viewpoint at the end of one of the jungle hiking trails. The trailhead can only be reached by car. Private tours in the Seychelles with a guide or a rental car solve this problem. The guide knows absolutely all the routes, which ones are paid, which ones are free, and where the most beautiful viewpoints are.

Detailed information on attractions that do not accept cash can be found in the article: Top 20 Seychelles Attractions.

Guides, prices, where to find tours in Seychelles

Now, practical information about excursions in Seychelles:

  • Everyone on Seychelles speaks English, even children. 80% of locals also speak French. Therefore, all excursions are conducted in English. There are also many excursions available in French.
  • In the 21st century, the entire excursion business has moved online. You won’t find excursion sellers on most beaches. To be honest, the only offline option to buy an excursion is on Beau Vallon Beach on Mahe. On other beaches, you won’t even find excursion sellers. A review of Mahe’s beaches, where it’s best to relax, and what tourists love about Seychelles (spoiler: deserted beaches).
where to by excursion seychelles
This is the second most popular and developed beach on Mahe (Port Launay Beach). All beaches on the islands are deserted like this. There are no crowds, corn vendors, and drums here. Can you buy an excursion on such a beach where there’s simply no one to sell it to? The answer is no. There is simply no one to buy it from here.

Useful to know:

Choosing excursions and tours online is hundreds of times better than any beach tour seller. Today, all guides offer their services on specific online platforms, making it convenient to compare any activity.

Here are two main platforms to find excursions and tours in Seychelles. You can click on the links to view prices and the availability of seats or guides on your preferred date.

  • Viator – Here, guides offer about a hundred tours in various languages. Tours are private, group, catamarans, hiking. Here, you will definitely find what you need.
  • GetYourGuide – There are fewer tours here than on the previous service, but sometimes similar tours are cheaper here.

Popular Tours for Tourists: Recommendations

Now that you know where to find and choose your excursions through the provided links, let’s explore the most popular excursions in Seychelles that are interesting and in demand. This information is intended to be a reference, allowing you to understand the types of tours and activities available to tourists so that you can decide which ones suit your interests:

  • Yacht and Catamaran Day Tours:
    • Trips to uninhabited islands, where you can encounter free-roaming Seychelles giant tortoises. The most popular island is Curieuse, an entire national park where hundreds of tortoises freely roam.
    • Snorkeling around uninhabited islands, exploring excellent spots, with each participant provided with fins and a mask. You may encounter rays, sea turtles, and even sharks. Learn more about snorkeling in Seychelles.
    • Catamaran Tours featuring barbecues on the beach and sunset views over the ocean
    • Full-day tours that combine visits to two uninhabited islands with tortoises, an hour of snorkeling in a beautiful location, and dinner or lunch in Creole style on the beach
excursions seychelles price
My wife and I snorkeling near Mahe.
  • Walking tours with a guide in Victoria, the only city in the country. Such tours are only available in Victoria.
  • Full-Day Car Tours with a Guide. An economical option compared to taking a taxi. A local guide drives you around the entire island, tailoring the route to your preferences. You decide the areas of interest at the beginning of the day, and the guide takes you, waits for you, and provides information throughout the day. In one day, you can see a lot. Here is an example of such a tour, popular among those who don’t rent a car.
  • Hiking in the mountains with breathtaking viewpoints. Many opt for a guide on these routes, but truthfully, a guide is not necessary. All trails are well-marked, and it’s impossible to get lost. Some trails are even free. The only challenge is getting to the starting point. Without a car, it’s not possible

If you are an active traveler without a car, it makes sense to rent a car with a driver for the whole day; he will take you where you need to go and will be waiting for you to return. A list of the coolest hiking trails with coordinates and descriptions can be found in the article at the link.

seychelles guide
One of the viewpoints on the hiking trail to Anse Major. Tourists often hire guides here, but this route can be easily done independently. The most challenging part is reaching the trailhead, as buses do not go there.

Travel Tips

In conclusion, here are the recommendations from the author (me):

  • Any water excursion or activity you like: I recommend excursions to Curieuse Island; there are many tours, so you’ll surely find something for yourself.
  • Whether to buy a walking tour in Victoria: It’s up to you. If you enjoy strolling with a guide through the city center and hearing their stories, go for it. If not, you can easily explore the capital on your own. Here is a guide to Victoria, including coordinates of attractions, tips on visiting, and where to park for free.
  • Full-day individual tour of Mahe with a car and guide: Recommended for those without a car. Plan your list of interesting places in advance, including hiking trails, and you’re ready to go.
  • Always book excursions in Seychelles in advance, at least 5-7 days ahead, and even 2-3 weeks if traveling during the high season. Guides with interesting tours and low prices are often booked quickly.

In conclusion, Seychelles excursions cater to every taste and preference. Seychelles is not about architectural landmarks, megacities, churches, or castles. Such tours do not exist here. Seychelles is about the ocean, jungles, mountains, flora and fauna, and beautiful beaches – as many excursions as you desire.

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