Short but informative, this article provides insights into budget-friendly and cheap hotels in Seychelles, covering their costs and unique features. Discover where to search for affordable accommodation, including not only hotels but also villas and apartments. Learn essential considerations when making reservations, along with a rating of current options for tourists.

Cheap Hotels in Seychelles: General Information

Key points for tourists to know before traveling to Seychelles are summarized as follows:

  • Seychelles is a small country with a population of less than 100,000, while the annual influx of tourists is significantly higher, reaching 5-6-7 times the local population.
  • Accommodation options are not infinite. Tourism ministry statistics indicate an average occupancy rate of over 93% for the country’s total room capacity. This means that a week before your arrival, there are very few available options on the island, mostly in the high price range. Budget accommodation in Seychelles gets booked first.


Seychelles is relatively expensive, and it is recommended to read an article on the cost of independent travel to Seychelles to estimate your budget.
cheap hotels in seychelles
All budget hotels and apartments in Seychelles have similar room facilities. For example, a bedroom will look the same everywhere, and even the cheapest accommodations will have air conditioning.

Accommodation prices are no exception. Budget hotels and apartments in Seychelles cost 70-100 euros per day for two people. These are the most economical options from which you can choose. It’s rare to find anything below 60-70 euros. Prices for good apartments, considering both location and quality, start at 100 euros per day. Keep this information in mind; Seychelles is not Southeast Asia, where you can live for $5 a day.

What to Consider When Searching for Accommodation

Important aspects to consider:

  • Location: Budget accommodation in Seychelles is not typically located by the beach. While staying 1-2 km away from the beach might be acceptable for many, the hilly terrain of Seychelles can be challenging. Cheaper accommodations often sit higher up on hills. Even if the map shows just a kilometer to the beach, it might involve a 300-meter elevation change. Walking uphill in the heat daily may not be suitable for everyone, especially with children.
budget hotels seychelles
There are villages where you can rent budget accommodation in the Seychelles, even on the slopes of such mountains. In the photo there are mountains on Mahe
  • Ecotax: The country imposes an environmental levy ranging from 1.8 to 7 euros per day, depending on the size of your hotel/villa. More rooms mean a higher tax. Details can be found in an article on accommodation in Seychelles. In the same article, you will learn everything about authorized accommodation, and why tourists need to book hotels and apartments only on large official rental resources.
  • Kitchen: Pay attention to the availability of a fully-equipped kitchen. Apartments often have them, and it does not significantly affect the accommodation price. Having a stove, pots, and pans is convenient, considering the high cost of dining out in Seychelles. Any dinner at a restaurant costs 100 euros for two. Read more in the article: restaurants in the Seychelles, menu, where to eat on a budget.
cheap accommodation seychelles
This is the most ordinary kitchen in a budget apartment: stove, rice cooker, all pots and pans, refrigerator, microwave, kettle. Please pay attention to this when booking if this is important to you.


If you’re an active tourist, a car is essential in Seychelles. Buses are limited on Mahe and Praslin islands. Car rentals average around 50 euros per day. For those planning to rent a car, it makes sense to find accommodation 2-3 km away from the beach. Due to its distance, it will be cheaper, sometimes significantly, than similar accommodation near the beach. A car solves transportation issues, making the location of your accommodation less critical.
book cheap hotel mahe
Photo from the tea factory in Mahé. The factory is located in a village on the mountain, there are shops, a bus service, all the infrastructure, and apartments for rent to tourists. If, for instance, the cost of renting comfortable apartments with a kitchen is around 70 euros per day, then similar ones near the beach will be in the range of 150-170 euros. This is a great option for those who rent a car for the entire duration and want to save a bit on accommodation.

Budget Hotels and Apartments in Seychelles: the list

And now, dynamic list where you can find budget hotels in Seychelles, villas, and apartments. You can click on all the links, view photos, reviews, prices, and explore other options. Most importantly, all accommodations on these platforms are authorized, ensuring you won’t encounter any issues obtaining visitor’s permit to Seychelles.

  • Booking – an extensive service for renting accommodations in Seychelles.
  • Agoda – its main competitor. Search everywhere, book where it’s convenient for you.

In conclusion: budget hotels in Seychelles exist, as do apartments and villas. However, options below 70-80 euros per day are scarce. The key is to book in advance; the closer to your vacation, the fewer affordable options. Book through reputable platforms to ensure authorized accommodation. And if you have a car, the location of your lodging is not of great importance. The islands are small, and the ocean is within 5 km of any point in Seychelles.

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