For those who are just starting to plan their trip, here’s a brief FAQ article answering the most common questions about Seychelles that tourists often ask me. You’ll find plenty of useful and interesting information below, forming a comprehensive picture of the country. For detailed answers, I’ve included links to relevant articles in this travel guide.

FAQ about Seychelles: Top 20

Please refrain from laughing; some questions may sound obvious, but they are the most frequently asked about Seychelles.

  • Question: What country are the Seychelles, and who owns them?
    • Answer: The Seychelles islands are an independent state and do not belong to anyone. This question often refers to the region, and in that case, Seychelles is part of Africa

  • Question: Where are the Seychelles located?
    • Answer: Seychelles is an island nation consisting of 115 islands. Located in the southern hemisphere, almost on the equator in the Indian Ocean. More details can be found in the article: Seychelles on the world map.
faq seychelles
Seychelles Flag

  • Question: When is the season in Seychelles, or the best month for a vacation?
    • Answer: Seychelles has a tropical climate with summer and +30°C throughout the year. You can travel here any month.

  • Question: What about the rainy season, monsoons, hurricanes?
    • Answer: There is no distinct rainy season. The wettest months are December and January, but it doesn’t deter tourists. Find out more about Seychelles weather.

  • Question: In which time zone are Seychelles located?
    • Answer: UTC +4, with no daylight saving time changes. Details on Seychelles time, store hours, and markets can be found in the article.

  • Question: Is it true that scooter rental is prohibited in Seychelles?
    • Answer: Yes, it’s true. Rental of scooters is prohibited for tourists due to safety concerns. Most people rent cars instead, which are cheap and comfortable. Read more about scooter rental for tourists, roads, and traffic rules in the linked article.
questions about seychelles
A scooter illegally costs 35-40 euros per day. And such a small car costs 45-50 euros. The savings on a scooter are not worth the convenience you get.

  • Question: Where is the best place to stay in Seychelles?
    • Answer: The question is complex; you need to choose the island first. For tourists, three accessible islands are Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue. Details on the comparison between these islands and which one suits you best can be found in the article on where to stay in Seychelles.

  • Question: Is it true that Seychelles has left-hand traffic, like in England?
    • Answer: Yes, and the power outlets are also like in England, so don’t forget your adapter.

  • Question: Which beach is the best?
    • Answer: There is no definitive answer. All beaches in Seychelles are fantastic. If you’re curious about the most popular beach and where most tourists go, it’s Beau Vallon on Mahe Island. Check the ranking of the best beaches in the islands.
about seychelles
The beaches in the Seychelles are all like this. Seychelles is generally about the beaches! There are hundreds of them and each one is cooler than the previous one.

  • Question: Are there sharks, venomous snakes, spiders, and cheetahs in the jungles of Seychelles?
    • Answer: Sharks can be found, sometimes near the shore or while snorkeling. There are no venomous insects or predators in their natural habitat. However, there are other hazards; read about them in the dangers in Seychelles article

  • Question: Is Seychelles safe?
    • Answer: Overall, Seychelles is safe. There might be petty thefts, such as someone taking your wallet if left unattended on the beach while you swim. But that’s about it. No one will rob you on the street with a knife. La Digue is the safest island with virtually no crime; everyone knows each other.

  • Question: How to travel between the islands?
    • Answer: There is a daily ferry between Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue, with 2 or 3 trips per day depending on the day of the week. Additionally, there are around 20 daily flights between Mahe and Praslin. Both ferry and plane tickets are not cheap.

  • Question: I checked the prices; why is everything so expensive in Seychelles?
    • Answer: In short, it’s a government program aimed at attracting affluent tourists. The country openly states that it’s not interested in tourists who want to stay on $10 a day. Such tourists are encouraged to go to Thailand, Vietnam, or India. Read more about Seychelles prices for all categories of goods and services in the linked article.
funny about seychelles
My wife and I went snorkeling. We met such a beauty 50 meters from the shore

  • Question: Can I fish from the shore in Seychelles?
    • Answer: Yes, you can and should, and it’s free. Fish bite almost everywhere, making it easy to catch dinner. If you book a villa or apartment with a grill, you can buy charcoal from any store and catch fish yourself. Just make sure to bring your fishing gear from home. Read all about fishing in Seychelles.

  • Question: Are there many fruits in Seychelles?
    • Answer: No, Seychelles is far from being similar to Southeast Asian countries. There is not as much fruit variety as in Thailand. Detailed information about fruits in Seychelles can be found in the article

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask in the comments, and I’ll promptly add them to the list.

Bonus questions about Seychelles: Don’t laugh!

Now, a list of less frequently asked but still entertaining questions. None of these are made up; they’re all preserved in this collection. Quick questions and quick answers:

  • Question: Are dollars before 2006 real or just pieces of paper?
    • Answer: Those are just pieces of paper. Seychelles only accepts dollars printed from 2006 onwards.
  • Question: Do sharks really eat people?
    • Answer: Yes, it’s true, but around Seychelles beaches, there are no shark species dangerous to humans.
  • Question: Are these bumps/bites on me normal, or did poisonous insects bite me?
    • Answer: It’s sandflies; they live in the beach sand, the bite is not painful, but some people may have an allergic reaction.
  • Question: Can I eat flying foxes, or is it just for taking photos to avoid catching COVID again?
    • Answer: The locals don’t eat flying foxes, but they do eat pigeons and sea turtles.
strange things seychelles
I came to the market for vegetables in Mahe, and they sell pigeons and sea turtles. Sea turtles, by the way, are very tasty; they grill them in Seychelles.
  • Question: I’m at the airport, and my flight is in an hour, can you advise if I need a visa? Or not?
    • Answer: No, you don’t need a visa, but you need visitors’ permit to enter the country. Without it, you won’t be allowed on the plane. It can be processed in a minimum of one day. More details in the article: Visa for Seychelles.
  • Question: Can I just arrive with a tent and live on the beach?
    • Answer: No. Without hotel reservations for the entire stay, you won’t get entry permit.
  • Question: Can you share the coordinates of Seychelles, please?

In conclusion: I hope these common questions about Seychelles brought some laughter and that you learned a lot of new and useful information. Come to Seychelles; it’s a fairy tale and a dream. With desire and careful planning, there’s an opportunity to have a relaxing vacation at reasonable costs.

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