All You Need to Know About Seychelles International Airport. I’ll guide you on how to get there, currency exchange, airport transfers, and provide links to online arrival and departure boards. There will be plenty of valuable information that will undoubtedly assist you during your travels, possibly even saving you some money.

Seychelles International Airport: General Information

99.9% of all tourists arriving in Seychelles land at the main international airport on Mahe Island. You’ll arrive here too. Why not 100%? Because Seychelles also has an international airport on Praslin Island, but information about that will follow later in the article.

Things to know about Seychelles Airport:

airport transfer Seychelles
Seychelles’ main airport on Mahe Island adheres to all international standards with its runway and the international terminal building – unlike Paris Charles de Gaulle, it’s all quite modest here.

In brief, Seychelles’ main international airport is essentially a large tent in a field. It cannot be closely compared to major global airports. There are only 3 gates in the international terminal, and all passengers walk to the plane from the terminal. The airport handles only 5-10 international flights daily. All other flights are domestic, connecting the archipelago’s islands.

Interesting Fact:

In 2023, nearly 700,000 tourists passed through this airport, while the country’s population is only 94,000. As evident, tourists outnumber the population by 8 times. For comparison, London Heathrow Airport welcomed over 75 million people in the same year. Can you feel the difference?
seychelles airport
Seychelles Airport, the main building of the international terminal. Aircraft park directly next to it, and all passengers walk to and from the terminal.
  • The most convenient way to check the arrivals and departures at Seychelles Airport is through the schedule on airport’s website.

Also, in the arrivals zone, after passing through passport control and collecting your luggage, you’ll find currency exchange. There are 3-4 exchange offices to choose from. Their rates differ slightly, but what’s crucial to know is that the airport offers one of the best exchange rates on the island. I recommend exchanging dollars/euros here immediately upon arrival. You can confidently exchange your entire required sum. I usually exchange 1000 euros straight away. Find out everything about currency in Seychelles, exchange rates, currencies to bring, card payments, in a comprehensive article through the link.


If you’re renting a car on Mahe, you may not need to exchange all your money at once. The airport is located on the main road of the island, so during your island travels, you’ll pass by it several times. You can always stop by on your way to exchange money at a good rate. Parking is free for 30 minutes.
currency exchange Seychelles airport
In the arrivals area at Seychelles Airport, where hotel representatives, taxis, and rental companies await tourists, there are 3-4 currency exchange points. Quickly check where the rate is better and exchange the required amount. When a plane lands, there’s always a long queue here, and the service is slow. To exchange currency, you’ll need your passport and the name of the hotel where you’ll be staying.

Duty-Free at Seychelles Airport

Despite Seychelles Airport being very small, it has a Duty-Free zone accessible both on arrival and departure. It’s a small area, with literally one shop in each category: alcohol, souvenirs, clothing, jewelry (2 shops), perfume, and a café for snacks. Here’s what you need to know, information that will be useful:

  • Prices in the duty-free at the airport are almost the same as on the island. If they’re higher, it’s not by much. Souvenirs cost the same as in any souvenir shop. So, if you haven’t bought something, you can confidently purchase it here before departure. Plus, the overall souvenir selection here is good.
Seychelles International Airport mahe
Seychelles Airport, Duty-Free Zone. A small collage of what awaits you. Everything is of modest size, yet it provides all the necessities for tourists, especially regarding prices, similar to those on the island.
  • There’s a wide selection of local rum here. The main hack: in Duty-Free, the local Takamaka rum is available in liter bottles, while on the island, it’s usually 0.7 liters. A liter bottle in Duty-Free costs the same as a 0.7-liter bottle in the island’s shops, around 25 euros per bottle. Here are two pieces of advice and two articles worth reading:
    • Feel free to buy this rum upon arrival; it will be cheaper than purchasing it from a shop on the island. However, you need to be aware of the import limit.
    • Additionally, leaving the purchase of souvenirs and local alcoholic gifts for home to Duty-Free during departure is a viable option.
    • For alcohol enthusiasts like me, I recommend reading an article about alcoholic drinks in Seychelles. You’ll learn about rum, local beer, prices – a lot of interesting details.
    • Also, read the article about visas for Seychelles, entry rules, current alcohol import limits, prohibited items, and, of course, entry permits to the country.

Getting from the airport: taxi or bus

It’s straightforward for those opting for car rentals or taxis/transfers and complicated for those wanting to use the bus. Without overwhelming you, let’s stick to the facts:

  • Buses from the airport run relatively regularly throughout the island, with a stop right outside the international terminal exit. However, you won’t be allowed on the bus with suitcases, and you can’t buy a ticket with cash after boarding; payment is only accepted via a transport card, which may not be available everywhere. If your goal is to take the bus and you’re traveling without luggage, just a backpack or a small bag, read these two extremely useful articles.

Now, about transfers and car rentals.


Both transfers and car rentals need to be booked in advance. The airport is very small, with only 2 car rental counters that operate on an uncertain schedule, and there might not be any available taxis. Moreover, taxi fares start at 50 euros if you search upon arrival.
duty free seychelles airport
Seychelles Airport, arrival zone. When a plane lands, local representatives with signs are here; there are hotel representatives, transfer services, and car rentals. If you pre-book, you’ll be met there as well.
  • For airport-to-hotel transfers, look into Intui; they offer reasonable prices and meet you with a sign in the arrival zone. Only walking or taking the bus is cheaper 🙂
  • Around 80% of tourists in Seychelles travel around the island by car; it’s inexpensive even by local standards and very cool. There’s a comprehensive article about renting a car in Seychelles, who needs it, who doesn’t, pitfalls, where to find a car without a deposit, personal experiences, police, fines, traffic regulations.

Praslin Airport

A little background: Seychelles consists of 115 islands, 33 of which are inhabited. There are 4 airports in the country, 2 of them international. You’ve read about the main international airport on Mahe Island above, located near the capital. The second international airport in the country is on Praslin Island, 50 km from Mahe, and is also popular among tourists.

Interesting to know:

The main airport resembles more of a tent in a field. And the airport on Praslin even more so. It’s called international because there are two flights a week from India on the schedule, and that’s about it. 99% of flights are domestic, connecting the islands.
  • Every hour, twin-engine planes fly here from Mahe Airport.
  • The only airline is Air Seychelles.
  • Flight time from Mahe is 20 minutes.
  • How to buy a ticket, what you need to know about domestic flights between Mahe and Praslin islands, is detailed in an article: domestic flights in Seychelles.
Seychelles airport arrival
Between the islands in Seychelles, only these kinds of flights are available, a fabulous attraction 🙂

In conclusion: now you know everything about the international airport on Mahe Island in Seychelles. Among the key points: exchange currency upon arrival at the airport; it offers one of the best rates. You can also buy local rum upon arrival. Souvenirs for friends can be easily purchased duty-free on the return journey. The question of transferring to the hotel or renting a car should be resolved in advance; at the airport, there may be nothing available or it could be very expensive.

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