Discover what to bring as a gift for your family, friends, or colleagues and which souvenirs from Seychelles to pay attention to. The topic is not as straightforward here as in Europe, where magnets, T-shirts, plates, or mugs with the country’s symbols are sold at every corner. In Seychelles, souvenirs are a rarity, and you should start buying them from the first day of your vacation, but let’s go through everything step by step.

Souvenirs from Seychelles: General Information


The most crucial thing to know is that souvenirs are not sold everywhere here. If you’re not planning to go on a tour to Victoria, there’s a chance you won’t encounter souvenir shops throughout your vacation. Keep this in mind; if you see something you like, buy it, as there may not be another chance.

Briefly and succinctly, here are the key points to know before we move on to the list of Seychelles souvenirs:

  • A good choice for souvenirs is at the airport in duty-free shops. The prices are the same as on the islands. If you haven’t bought anything, make sure to get something before your departure. The duty-free shops must be open, as the airport is small, and the duty-free zone operates only during the day.
  • Souvenirs are scarce on the beaches (exception – La Digue). The best place to search/buy them is the capital, Victoria, at the central market. Read about coordinates, when it’s best to go there, and what to see in the article: Victoria overview, things to see.
  • 80% of all souvenirs are somehow connected to the two main symbols of the islands: Seychelles turtles and the Coco de Mer nut. You can read more about this in the article: Seychelles symbols and what you need to know, where to find them.
souvenirs from seychelles
The most popular souvenirs from Seychelles are gift sets like the one on the left with soap and shampoos (19 euros) and the one on the right with “tea, cane sugar, vanilla essence” (12 euros). But more on that below.

What to bring as a gift from Seychelles

So, here is the list of souvenirs from Seychelles islands.

Magnets, plates, mugs, keychains, and so on. The most standard choice without any exclusive items.

gifts from seychelles
The selection is quite modest everywhere, with few stores selling magnets. You will be choosing approximately from this assortment.

Average prices for magnets are around 3-5 euros each. The choice is not huge; in this market, it’s ordinary mass-market from China. The same magnets can be found in the Maldives and Mauritius, just a different country is written on them. In general, the whole region, all resorts in the Indian Ocean, are flooded with identical magnets, keychains, mugs. Useful article: Where is the best vacation – Mauritius, Maldives, or Seychelles.

Various crafts made from coconut, palm, wood: drums, ashtrays, figurines, turtles. You can even buy the Coco de Mer nut itself.

coco de mer gift
Coco de Mer nut. You can buy it. From 250 euros each. It is very large and weighs around 3 kg (empty inside), so if you buy it, think in advance about how to take it home.

Prices for wooden crafts start from 10 euros. The nut itself, the symbol of Seychelles, starts from 250 euros each.


Each Coco de Mer nut receives an inventory number even during its ripening on the palm. And it ripens for almost 10 years. If you really need it, buy it only in official souvenir shops; there should be a certificate confirming that it was purchased officially and that its export is allowed. If you buy it from locals in the village without a receipt, you won’t be able to take it out of the country.

Tea and vanilla. There are both gift sets and individual items, all of which can be bought in any grocery store.

tea from seychelles
On the left is the famous Seychelles vanilla tea. On the right, packaged vanilla tea, but it can also have flavorings like lemon, orange, and so on. Tourists usually buy the green left bag; it costs around 10 rupees (0.7 euros). A pack of packaged tea is 40 rupees (~3 euros).

On the island of Mahe, there is a tea plantation where Seychelles tea is grown. Here, they produce several varieties, one of which is vanilla tea. Also, on the island of La Digue, there is a vanilla plantation. In the world, there are only two places where tea is produced with real vanilla, not flavorings – Mauritius and Seychelles. This kind of tea makes an excellent gift.

Paintings by local artists.

seychelles souvenirs
All paintings are in this style. The plus side is that they are unique and exist in a single copy. Prices are high, but it’s art!

As you travel around the islands, pay attention to the advertising of art galleries. Usually, the artist himself sits there and paints. Prices are high: there is nothing cheaper than 100 euros. Something of a more or less normal size starts from 400 euros. You can see the motives and style in the photos above. When buying, they remove it from the frame and pack it in a cardboard tube for the plane. At home, you will need to order a frame.

Very popular: handmade soap, shampoos, oils.

what to bring from seychelles
Handmade souvenirs from Seychelles in duty-free. Mostly, these are soaps in the shape of a turtle or the famous nut. There are sets of spices and tea.

The main ingredients for such souvenirs are coconut water and coconut oil. The main shapes are a turtle and the Coco de Mer nut. A small set of soap, shampoo, and something else costs around 10-20 euros.


There are two local jewelry companies in Seychelles. They produce cool jewelry from semi-precious stones, silver, gold. There are interesting pendants, earrings, etc. Many are in a tropical island style. Both jewelry company stores are in the duty-free zone at the airport on departure. Prices are the same as in Victoria. You can treat yourself and buy something interesting, warm yourself up that it’s not just a pendant but a pendant made in Seychelles.

Takamaka Rum. Of course, the main alcoholic symbol of Seychelles. What everyone brings home as a gift for the boss, friends, or themselves. 1 liter of rum is 22 euros in duty-free at the airport.

By the way, Takamaka is not the only rum producer in Seychelles. It is the most popular and largest brand of rum, but there are others. In duty-free on departure, you will find other manufacturers; here is the largest selection of craft rum. In regular stores, they sell only Takamaka. Overview of alcohol in Seychelles.

takamaka souvenirs
Personally, I like Dark Takamaka. It’s a rum with 43% alcohol content with notes of vanilla and papaya. There’s also coconut, whiskey-flavored rum, and so on.

Travel Tips

There have been tips already, but here are a few more that will help you in your search and even save money.

  • Feel free to leave the purchase of Takamaka rum for duty-free. In all the island stores, the maximum volume is only 0.7 liters, while in duty-free, they produce liter bottles. But the price in duty-free is the same as for 0.7 liters in stores. Savings are evident.
  • Try to buy all the magnets in one place. From 3 pieces, they almost always give a discount. At least, ask in advance if they will give a discount if you buy 4-5 pieces.
  • Be sure to buy and bring vanilla tea as a souvenir from Seychelles. Buy it at any store; there’s no need to go to the tea factory for it, as it’s more expensive there for tourists. But for those who want to visit the tea factory and plantation, read the article: attractions in Seychelles.

In conclusion: Seychelles is a small country. Therefore, the souvenir market is not as developed and diverse as in other popular global resorts. But at the same time, there are items with a local, national flavor. I’m sure Seychelles souvenirs will delight your loved ones and friends.

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