A crucial article to help you navigate insurance matters. Do you need insurance for Seychelles? Is it necessary at all? Where’s the best place to purchase it? What are the differences between insurance policies? The Seychelles, being in Africa, pose various risks that one should be prepared for. While insurance won’t shield you from all of them, it certainly ensures a more relaxed trip. Moreover, in case of any unforeseen circumstances, it can save you a suitcase full of money.

Do I need insurance for Seychelles?

Starting with the basics: all tourists visiting the Seychelles from any country worldwide require:

  • Entry permit (to be obtained before departure)
  • Medical insurance
  • Financial means of approximately 150 euros per day per adult (excluding accommodation expenses)
  • You’ll find detailed information about these requirements in the article covering Seychelles visas, entry rules, and permits.

Useful to Know:

Yes, not everyone gets asked for insurance or financial proof. Out of my 9-10 trips to the Seychelles, I was questioned about insurance only twice. However, for those staying over 10 days and not in an all-inclusive resort, the chances of undergoing a selective check at the airport increase. At that point, they might ask for both money and insurance.

Additionally, from my experience, numerous independent travelers travel without insurance, leading to collective fundraisers or requests for advice on affordable clinics later on. Learn from others’ mistakes rather than your own. It’s better to have insurance and not need it than to face a crisis without it, especially considering the Seychelles’ high costs—those extra 50 euros won’t dent your travel budget.

All About Healthcare and Hospitals in the Seychelles: How to Call for Emergency Assistance

The medical scenario in the Seychelles is as follows:

  • Each island has a major hospital, with about 6 on Mahé.
  • On one hand, the service resembles what we had 20 years ago—basic infrastructure in clinics, etc.
  • On the other hand, treatment costs for tourists are exorbitant. A visit to a doctor without insurance will cost you a minimum of 100 euros. Not to mention, if something serious happens and you require a helicopter or boat transport to the main Seychelles hospital, bills can reach thousands of euros.

For comprehensive price information, check the article link. It covers costs of various goods and services for tourists, explaining why everything is expensive in the Seychelles.

travel insurance for Seychelles ambulance
Emergency Contact Numbers in the Seychelles: Emergency services can be reached at 151 or 999. The latter is a unified number for any emergency situation.

Types of Insurance and Differences

Broadly, there are two types of travel insurances:

  • Basic or standard insurance, like the one required for a Schengen visa, costing around 10-15 euros for a year.
  • An comprehensive medical insurance specific to a country or region, three to five times pricier but covering more scenarios than the basic one.

Key Information:

Any insurance will suffice for the Seychelles. If you only need it for border crossing, opt for the cheapest one and travel stress-free. Packages often include basic insurance—confirm this with your tour operator. All about packages to the Seychelles.
insurance for Seychelles for children
I’ve witnessed numerous tourists sunburnt on their first day and spending the rest of the week with a fever. Remember, the equator boasts the most intense sun globally.

Below is a concise comparison between basic and comprehensive insurance for the Seychelles, not just in terms of price.

  • Sunburns: In basic insurance, this isn’t covered, assuming adults regulate their sun exposure. However, for children under 8, basic insurance works in this case. Read the article about Seychelles dangers for details on UV indexes and the dangers of the equatorial sun.
  • Any complications during pregnancy aren’t covered in basic insurance.
  • Active pursuits (hiking, water sports, snorkeling, diving, etc.)
  • Driving a car, scooter, or bicycle
  • Flight delays
  • Lost luggage
  • Expenses for phone calls, taxis, etc., during a covered event
  • And several other aspects covered in extended but not basic insurance. Below are links to comprehensive insurances for Seychelles; read what they include.
insurance for Seychelles prices where to buy
Comprehensive insurance for Seychelles covers numerous unforeseen events. For instance, stepping on a stingray buried in the sand—a common occurrence during sunset. These creatures have venomous spikes on their tails. It won’t be fatal, but you might end up spending more time lying down than walking. The same goes for sea urchins. I captured a photo of this on Praslin, one of the most popular beaches among tourists.

Where to Buy Insurance for Seychelles

There are no issues here at all. You can purchase it from any travel agent at home, at an insurance company where you insure your apartment or car. You can search on Google; today, online travel insurance is offered by hundreds of companies.

  • Tip: It’s the 21st century; online insurance is simpler and more convenient—no need to go anywhere. You can buy it from your phone on the way to the airport. A voucher arrives in your email from all companies; that’s all you need.


It’s mandatory to buy insurance for Seychelles before your trip. If you’ve already arrived for your vacation, the insurance will only start working on the 6th or 7th day after purchase. Therefore, buy it in advance while still at home. As for finding tickets to the Seychelles, including direct flights, read through the link.

Next, I’ll talk about one unique product in the world of travel insurance, it works in the Seychelles, personally checked, unfortunately: you won’t find such insurances among hundreds of competitors.

Insurance for Alcohol Enthusiasts

This is cool product on the market for those aged 18+, who don’t mind having a beer or rum, like me.


I hope everyone understands that if you sustain an injury while under the influence of alcohol, no insurance in the world will cover it. Whether it’s comprehensive or basic. This applies to all insurances for Seychelles.

There’s one insurance company that managed to cleverly bypass this issue. Here’s what you need to know:

  • EKTA Insurance Company. Official website, where you can check prices for insurance for Seychelles.
  • Insures to any country in the world.
  • There are three types of tariffs: Start, Gold, Max+.
  • If you explore each tariff, you’ll see their differences and what’s included.
  • In the Gold and Max+ tariffs, alcohol in the blood in the event of an insurance case is not tracked.
seychelles travel insurance
An excellent comprehensive insurance for Seychelles and other countries worldwide. I’ve highlighted the alcohol section with a green rectangle—see if it applies to you. Only choose the Gold or Max+ tariff.

There are many more products in the travel insurance market. However, this is perhaps the most interesting insurance for Seychelles, worthy of your attention.

Author’s Advice (Mine):

Always try to buy comprehensive insurance. Fell off a scooter, swam with a mask and got scratched by a wave on a coral reef? If the insurance isn’t basic, these injuries won’t be covered. In every insurance policy, there’s always a clause stating whether active sports are covered or not.

And if you plan to rent a scooter on the islands instead of a car, insurance is absolutely necessary for you. There’s a lengthy article about renting scooters in the Seychelles, roads, traffic rules, where to find. It’s not as simple as in Asia; I recommend reading it.

In conclusion: Insurance for Seychelles is mandatory for every tourist, as per the Seychelles Ministry of Tourism. Where and how you buy insurance is up to you. Any insurance, even the simplest one, will suffice for entry into the country. But for those traveling with children, I recommend opting for comprehensive insurance.

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