Article for independent travelers who want to understand the cost of Seychelles vacation for two, the travel budget, and how much money to bring to the Seychelles. I will break down all the expenses, providing information on where to save and how to spend more. By the end, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the cost of Seychelles vacation.

The Cost of Seychelles Vacation: General Information

This article is solely about money – not the pros and cons of the Seychelles; you can find that detailed information here.

Useful to know:

In general, this information will be more beneficial to independent travelers. If you want to come here with an all-inclusive tour package, your entire budget will consist of the tour package cost plus approximately 500 – 1000 euros for small expenses, souvenirs, excursions, and so on. Prices for tour packages can be conveniently viewed here. Spoiler alert: today, a package from London for two, all-inclusive for 7-9 days in a good hotel, will cost around 4000-4500 euros. However, there are options for 2000 euros with breakfast. So, under certain conditions, a tour package may be even cheaper than independent travel.

Answering the most common question right away: why are the Seychelles so expensive, especially in the tourism sector? It’s simple – it’s a government program.

It goes something like this: We don’t need tourists who want to travel on $5-10 a day. If it’s expensive for you here (in Seychelles), go to Asia, India, or Thailand. We want to preserve our nature and culture, and hordes of tourists will only bring litter and noise. Therefore, high prices will ensure high income in the tourism sector and act as a barrier for budget travelers.

cost of Seychelles vacation
A Seychelles vacation is primarily about wild, deserted beaches with lots of greenery.

Cost of Seychelles Vacation for Two: Expense Categories

Next, I will outline the average amounts you will spend on accommodation, restaurants, car rentals, and so on. Each expense category will have a link to a detailed article where you can find more information.

Useful tip:

All expenses are listed in euros. These figures are stable and do not change much.
  • Flights to the Seychelles: 1500 euros for two (Istanbul – Seychelles – Istanbul). Today, there are 16 direct flights from 14 countries to Seychelles, taking 3-8 hours. The standard price for this route is almost always around 1500 euros. If you catch a juicy promotion, you might get tickets for less than 1000 euros. Everything about these tickets, where to look, and how to catch a deal is covered in the article: Direct flights to Seychelles.
  • Accommodation: 80-100 euros per day for a couple. Whether you want to stay in a hotel or apartment, anything cheaper than 50-70 euros in the Seychelles is practically non-existent. It’s crucial to understand that even 100 euros per day may not get you a beachfront location; you might still need to commute to the beach. Everything about accommodation in the Seychelles, the types available, the presence of a kitchen, where to look, how to pay, and tourist tax is covered in the article.
    • Total for 10 nights: 1000 euros
seychelles travel budget
A room in a beachfront complex typically costs from 150 euros per night with breakfast. Meanwhile, a similar room 1 km away from the beach might cost 100 euros per night. If it’s 2-3 km from the beach, you might find something for 70-80 euros. Anything cheaper is unlikely.

An essential point for those looking to save:

Most tourists face the choice of renting accommodation on the beach for 150 euros per day or 1-2 km away for 100 euros. With the money saved, you can rent a car, giving you access to all the island’s beaches. Think about it 🙂
  • In short, buses won’t take you far; a car in the Seychelles is essential for active travelers. If you’re staying in a beachfront all-inclusive hotel and you don’t plan to explore much, then a car may not be necessary. For everyone else, it’s a must. Detailed information about car rentals in the Seychelles, all the ins and outs, and pitfalls can be found.
    • On average, one day of economy car rental costs 50 euros, even including fuel. Distances are short, and one tank can easily last a 10-day vacation. Total cost for 10 days of car rental: 500 euros.
how much money to take to seychelles
A car is a significant expense item. Without it, it’s challenging, and it significantly increases the budget for a Seychelles vacation.
  • Dining. One of the most complex and ambiguous expense categories. Here you can save or spend a lot. Detailed information with prices and menus can be found in the article: Dining and restaurants in the Seychelles. But to sum it up:
    • Dinner for two in any restaurant: around 100 euros
    • Dinner in any local take-away stand: around 10 – 13 euros for two.
    • Additionally, you need to account for snacks during the day, breakfasts in the morning, ice cream, and fruits. All of this easily adds up to 20-30 euros per day.
    • Total food cost for a 10-day vacation: approximately 800 euros for a couple.
seychelles travel budget for two
Tourists are often surprised by restaurant prices. Restaurants can significantly increase the cost of a vacation for two in the Seychelles, especially for those who enjoy dining out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A single hot meal, salad, and beer can easily cost 50-70 euros.
  • If you plan to visit other islands such as Praslin and La Digue, ferry tickets for two on the route: Mahe – Praslin – La Digue and back will cost you around 280 euros. Everything about ferries between islands can be found here.
  • The choice of excursions is vast; you can explore the botanical garden for 10 euros or go on a tour of uninhabited islands with turtles for 120 euros. The options are extensive. A detailed article on the best excursions in the Seychelles can be found here. On average, tourists buy 2-3 excursions during their vacation and independently visit a couple of attractions with entrance fees. The total expense for a couple in this category is approximately 400 euros.
  • Souvenirs: Although it’s easy to spend up to 1000 euros here, we’ll allocate a budget of 100 euros. Souvenirs and gifts from the Seychelles for friends, colleagues, or yourself.
  • Additional Expenses: Sunscreen, SIM card with Internet – another 100 euros. Useful Article: What to Bring to the Seychelles, may help you save on buying basic items that you can bring from home. Since everything on the islands is not exactly cheap.

Total Budget for a Seychelles Vacation for a Couple

And now, let’s sum up all the expenses, and you’ll find out how much a vacation for a couple in the Seychelles costs. All figures are approximate and individual for each tourist, depending on your needs and desires to save, but you’ll get the idea of the order of magnitude.

  • Total budget for a Seychelles vacation for two for 10 days is around: 3500-4500 euros.
  • If you’ve bought the tickets, booked and paid for accommodation, then bringing around 2000 – 2500 euros to the Seychelles should be sufficient, but it’s better to have more with a buffer.
vacation cost in seychelles
How much does a vacation in the Seychelles cost? With such beaches around every corner on the islands, if your budget allows for 4000 euros for two, you can start planning your ten-day dream trip. It’s possible to relax here for significantly less, but that’s a topic for another article 🙂

Important tip:

According to Seychellois laws upon entry into the country, you may be asked to prove your financial means. You must have an amount calculated at 150 USD per adult per day, even if your accommodation is already paid. For a couple for 10 days, this amounts to 3000 USD. Details on this, how they check it, whether you can show your bank statement on your phone, can be found in the article: Visa for Seychelles.

In conclusion: I hope you got the answer to the main question. How much does a vacation for a couple in the Seychelles cost, and what is the travel budget? The ballpark figure is 4000 euros all-inclusive, without excessive frugality, but also without extravagant splurges. If you’re interested in ways to save, you can read about it in the article: Seychelles on a budget.

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