Short but Informative Article: Learn about the religion in Seychelles, differences from neighboring countries, and how the country’s history has influenced its religious landscape. This information will enhance your understanding of the local population, their traditions, and how these aspects reflect in everyday life. Hopefully, you’ll discover many new insights.

Religion in Seychelles: General Information

Interesting to Know:

Officially, Seychelles is a secular country with no official state religion

The current religious landscape in Seychelles is a result of European colonization over the past 300 years. To delve into the history of Seychelles and what remains of French and English influences today, you can read more. Now, let’s focus on the discussion of religion.

Here are key events and historical facts that shaped religion in Seychelles:

  • Before European discovery in the early 16th century, the Seychelles archipelago was uninhabited, devoid of indigenous people with their own religion, traditions, and customs.
  • French colonization and settlement of the islands began in the late 17th century, followed by English control. All major religious denominations in the islands were brought in from Europe.
religion in seychelles
Anglican Church in Victoria. Anglicanism, a Protestant denomination, is one of the main religions in Seychelles, along with Catholicism.

Interesting note:

Despite the importation of slaves from Africa and the arrival of labor migrants from India, Arab traders, and neighboring countries being influenced by Hinduism or Islam, Seychelles somehow remained predominantly Christian.

Main religions in Seychelles today (official statistics, though numbers may vary in different sources):

  • Christianity (90%):
    • Catholicism – approximately 76%
    • Protestantism (Anglicanism) ~8%, introduced by the English.
    • Orthodoxy – less than 0.5%
  • Hinduism ~3%. There’s a slight discrepancy here as the Tamil population (from India) in Seychelles is statistically 10%, and Tamils universally adhere to Hinduism. However, the reported Hinduism percentage is only 3%. Let’s leave this to the statistical department’s conscience 🙂 Personally, I don’t know any Indian Catholics in Seychelles.
  • Islam – 1.5%


To grasp the scale of religious communities in Seychelles: The entire population of the country is 95 thousand people. 1.5% practicing Islam means less than 1.5 thousand people in the entire country. All about the population on the islands, people, safety, and attitudes towards tourists.

Interesting Facts about Religion in Seychelles

Here are some facts to better understand the local population:

  • There is only one mosque in the country, located in the capital. This means there’s no early morning call to prayer echoing across the entire island at 5 am, unlike the Maldives. You can choose accommodation without considering mosque proximity.
  • The main Hindu temple is also in the capital, Victoria. It’s recommended to visit for its beauty, fragrances, and fresh flowers. More details about this place can be found in the article: Victoria overview, what to see.
seychelles religion
Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple – the main Hindu temple in the country. Remember two things before visiting: shoes off at the entrance, only barefoot, and don’t go on Indian holidays; all the island’s Indians will be there. Visit on any other day.
  • The main Anglican church in Seychelles is located in the center of the capital, near the market. It’s a popular tourist spot (the market). If you stroll around Victoria on weekends, you’ll often see a crowd of people in all white near the church. Anglicans wear white for mourning. Visit at another time; the church is open to everyone.

Interesting to Know:

The main religious holiday in the islands is Christmas on December 25, which is more significant than New Year’s. Stores, restaurants, almost everything closes on Christmas. Locals gather in large families for dinner. New Year is celebrated only for tourists and lacks the grand festivities on December 31.

All about Christmas and New Year in Seychelles, what to expect, tips.

Travel Tips

Here are a few general points to complete the discussion on religion in Seychelles:

  • As the vast majority of the population is Christian, there are no dietary restrictions in Seychelles. All meats—pork, beef, lamb, chicken, rabbits—are consumed. Even pigeons and guinea pigs are delicacies here. If you’re curious, here’s an article on Seychellois cuisine or what a tourist should try.
  • There are no religious biases regarding women’s bodies, bikinis on the beach, etc. This is not the Maldives, where tourists can only sunbathe on bikini beaches. There are no such restrictions here.
  • A general article on vacation in Seychelles and current travel trends. Learn what to expect from a vacation on these paradise islands.

In Conclusion: Religion in Seychelles has absolutely no impact on tourism. There are no restrictions on cuisine, on the beach, or in social behavior. Despite most of the Indian Ocean region practicing Islam or Hinduism, Seychellois are over 90% Christians. Therefore, tourists feel maximally comfortable here, and the religious life of the local population goes unnoticed.

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